Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Snips And Snails And Puppy Dogs Tails

are those what boys are made of? children should be made of tougher stuff seeing they always get into accident.

on sunday, amir fell off the chair while eating at the balcony. he now eats outside because of his ants followers. but the chairs at the balcony has a "bare" back. as usual amir cant sit still. one minute he was laughing on the chair, the next he was on the cement floor, crying. he got a big bump on his head and it was bleeding. i quickly took the cold compress and we zapped it on his head. then we gave him paracetamol, in case he'd get a headache. the cold compress took the pain away and he was happily showing asyraf what was on his head.

yesterday asyraf fell in the kitchen. he was walking, munching his cookie and didnt notice the floor had 2 levels. he twisted his leg slightly and had trouble walking after that. i checked for swelling and discomfort but he was ok. he was still active, in fact. even when we were at the clinic, he wouldnt sit still. he wanted to walk everywhere. hubby and i were a bit worried about letting him walk, scared that he'll aggrevate the injury but the doctor wanted us to let him use his legs so that he wont have a phobia of walking. hubby was worried asyraf would be injury prone, he's put so much hope in asyraf being a footballer (heh...not just him, asyraf's mummy too)

the accidents made me think of all the times the boys gave hubby & i scares.

amir usually fall from high places - the bed, the high chair in our kitchen, the normal height chairs in the living room and our family area. while asyraf usually falls when walking (except for that one time he fell from the bed). funny how once they fall one way or from one place, they will always fall the same way and from the same place.

if i remember correctly, amir fell 3 times from the bed while asyraf fell once. amir fell 4 times from the chair too. asyraf fell 3 times in 2 weeks while walking. his lips were swollen and his mouth was full of blood he almost choked on his blood. amir once fell while walking that he hit the edge of the door and was left with a swollen eye. amir also fell in his tub full of water and asyraf once fell from his bathtub onto the bathroom floor. i clearly remember asyraf falling next to hubby who was praying. i think i took this photo by accident as i was looking at the camera.

alhamdulillah none of the falls require visits to the a&e and alhamdulillah hubby & i are usually calm when handling accidents. key word here is usually...there were times when i would cry before the boys cry (particularly during my early years as a parent) and there were times when the boys' pead would give us a long lecture on how to react when there's an accident (ie not to use warm towel to contain a bump, but to use a cold compress - contrary to what the orang-orang tua told us).


Being Normal said...

alhamdulilah, he is ok...worried gak when I got your sms last nite, boys will be boys. I have only one pun dah pening, imagine to have 3...

rafiqaheliza said...

Jatuh, berdarah tu dah jadi perkara biasa. When I'm new to parenting, just like u, I was very panic when there's an accident. Lama2 jadi immune and know when to judge when we shld bring him to paed and when not to. I believe it makes them stronger. Tak syoklah kalau boys kaki licin je...mesti kena ada parut2 sket.

Liasari said...

oh my... ngeri dgr bab jatuh2 ni esp. klu luka.
my boy is so clumsy, selalu juga mencederakan diri sendiri... kadang2 geram... siap 'nasi tambah'.

Nae said...

Heheh...nowadays even my smallest handbag had at least a couple of handiplast in it. And my mom had a gleeful time saying "I told you'd be better off taking up medic than accountancy.."


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