Sunday, December 09, 2007

Relaxing Weekend

my last weekend before the chaos.

we had a quiet saturday morning at home. after lunch we went to rafiqah's house for a double birthday celebration for her two boys, ashraff & aliff. she said asyraf's party was big but hers was huge. she spent hours planning it, i bet. the favours were wondeful. the woman is so talented.

amir, ariff & mummy relaxing on saturday morning. asyraf was having his morning nap. he had a rough time the night before. his flu was so bad he woke up with blocked nose every 2 hours.

on sunday, i was feeling anxious to the max. god, its like i've got the "first day of school" syndrome. i started packing the boys clothes on saturday, afraid i'd miss some things out. which is weird because amir & asyraf's have been going to school all the while, so its just ariff's things i've got to add. i just wanted to avoid being all kelam kabut on sunday night so i prepared everything in good time. i brought down ariff's bottles for school and a box of the sterilising tablets. to make things easier, i segregated asyraf & ariff's bottles for school and for home. leave the school ones downstairs and the home ones upstairs.

bought ariff's toiletteries for school on sunday at centrepoint. hubby wanted to have lunch at pizza uno. he said it's been ages. but we got there too early (we're always out of the house early nowadays) and they only offer breakfast before 11:30am. hubby was disappointed, he wanted a big lunch plus his pizza. bought 3 boxes of milk as well, we predict the teacher will say asyraf's milk supply has depleted by tuesday, at most. bought asyraf his first toothbrush and toothpaste...its about time we start brushing his teeth.

the boys (including hubby) slept the afternoon through. i cant sleep during the day, regardless how tired i am. when they woke up hubby brought out the wading pool and filled it up with water as a weekend treat for the boys. they loved it and refused to come out, even when it started to rain. asyraf started wheezing so i gave him ventolin syrup after dinner.

we wanted to have dinner at the new secret recipe outlet in front of our house but then we decided on rice. amir would be famished after his dip in the pool. i cooked rice at home and hubby went to get lauk at the nearby restaurant.

all packed and ready for school, the boys' bags (bagpacks are so much easier...i owe ariff his) & ariff's bottles (in a 'much more easy to carry around' container)...

having fun in the pool. a nice way to end the weekend. asyraf couldnt get enough of the water, he continued in the bathroom...

then they both begged for cookies after their bath...


Liasari said...

your asyraf is so energetic...bila teringat yg dia selalu sakit2 dulu mcm tak percaya tgk keletah dia. with 3 boys, lokks like ur gonna have a full house when they grow up

Aidan's Mommy said...

OOO bestnyer main slide... i need to get one soon. I still have the vouchers.

I womder if the slides that we wanted to dah ade stock

nice meeting u all again at the party.. will be contacting you to ask futher abt our "secret trip"

bzeebee said...

hee..hee...beratur bag mcm kat rumah saya. Kalau dah masuk sekolah kena tambah lagi 2 each...make mental note I must be a SAHM before Sarah starts school.

Comel hero-hero you.


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