Tuesday, December 11, 2007


he likes to shoot the ball so he would be good as a crosser. he also is small built. he can do overlapping run and would suit a winger's position. i just hope he doesnt to a "ronaldo" with his feet...i don like fancy footworks, its so overrated.

he would suit a midfield position with his built and the fact that he likes to play box to box, like that certain someone (hubby told me not to mention any names in this post). he also grumbles a lot and is very garang...captain material?

post first day at work
apart from the traffic jam in and out of ldp (which prolonged the journey from hubby's office to the lrt station and then to the daycare), our first day of chaos wasnt too bad. got home at 7:30pm. i bathed amir & asyraf while hubby bathed ariff. while amir was in the tub, i took out their dirty clothes and put in the clean clothes.

then hubby gave asyraf & ariff their susu while i washed their bottles and prepared ariff's sterilised water. then amir said he wanted the new mickey mouse bagpack bought for ariff, so i had to remove all of ariff's clothes from the new bag and put amir's clothes in.

we had a 10-minute dinner (while standing) and then its off to watch thomas & friends. everyone slept by 9:30pm. all in all, it wasnt that bad.


mock said...

sapa certain someone tu? vieira ke? hehehe...

Aidan & Adnans' Mommy said...

What!?? Everyone slept at 9.30pm.
Even the babies.. Nina u r so lucky!!! Aidan slept around 11pm after some dodoing.. and Adnan slept for one hour than bangun then tido then bangun then tido.. u get what i meankan.. huwaaa!!!

thats it i'm sending my two boys to you for sleeping training.. huhuh

Hudhud said...


I bloghopped from Rafiqah's blog. I laughed reading the 'standing while dinner' part coz we go thru about the same thing. MIne is 3y4m, 23mths, 5mths. Believe me, i know how it is.. take care!


mommamia said...

semua tido 9.30pm?aduhh la sally,untung u, your boys sumer well behave n berdisplin-i sorang anak ni pun dah mcm seploh anak,believe me irina tido tiap2 mlm pukul 12.30 to 1 am,i tak tau mana dia dpt energy jaga sampi tgh mlm,i pun tak larat,tak tahan betul..i wish i boleh tido 9.30mlm,sekali pun jadik la huhu

inwengerwetrust said...

kalau bukan vieira, he surely cesc fabregas


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