Thursday, December 27, 2007

Packing For School

i love packing the boys clothes for school. this bit is like a subset of making lists...that's why i love it.

on sundays i usually prepare their clothes early in the day but for the rest of the week, i put their clothes together when the boys are taking their bath.

amir's bag is pretty easy. during school term, he has to wear his uniform on mondays and wednesdays, his sports attire on tuesdays and thursdays and baju melayu on fridays. i put another set of top and shorts to wear after his afternoon nap. during school holidays, i put a set of matching top and bottom and a t-shirt and shorts for him. since his teachers are toilet-training them and they dont put on their diapers in the morning, i put amir's underwear in his bag. i dont like boys who go around without diapers or underwear. so geli. i still put 3 diapers in his bag, just in case. amir uses probably 2 diapers at most, sometimes just 1 a day, so there are days when i dont need to replenish the stock. amir takes his tumbler of plain water and a tupperware of cookies for him to munch before breakfast. i also put amir's toothbrush and toothpaste starting this month. he usually just brushes his teeth at home but he should start brushing at school too. a towel is included in everyone's bags on mondays and are returned to us to be washed every friday.

asyraf's bag contains slightly more things. usually i put 2 onesies, a set of top and bottom and another t-shirt and shorts, 4 outfits altogether. i put 5 diapers but i noticed that the teacher uses only 3 or 4 now. i think now that he's moved up 1 level in school he doesnt require his diapers to be changed as often. plus he doesnt get diarrhea much now, so not all of his diapers are used. asyraf's bag also comes with 2 milk bottles that i put in the right and left pockets. currently, i'm in a matching phase. amir and asyraf's clothes must match, at least for 1 pair. it doesnt matter if they match in terms of colour or picture or even the place i bought them. whatever it is, they must match.

ariff' has more things in his bag. he has 5 top and bottom sets, 6 diapers, a cloth for swaddling, 2 small towels, his baby lotion, nappy cream and a container for his bottles complete with sterilised water. i'm still putting mittens and botties in his bag, but since i dont put them on him when he's at home, i'll slowly ask the teacher to do the same. ariff's baby bath was given to his school on his first day and i'll continue providing his baby bath during the first year, since they bathe in their own room.

i noticed that the boys dont use as much diapers as they used to. amir is being toilet trained at school so he only uses a maximum of 2 diapers there. plus the 1 he uses at home (if no accidents happen) he uses 3 a day. asyraf is also using less (he was the one using the most, actually) now that he doesnt have diarrhea often. at school he uses around 4, then we change once after his bath and another before he sleeps. in total he uses about 6 a day. ariff use the same amount as asyraf. at school he changes around 4 times, then 1 after his bath and 1 before he goes to sleep.

speaking of sleep, all my boys sleep through the night now, alhamdulillah. amir is no longer taking daily naps. he sleeps quite early and would wake up the last. if asyraf makes a lot of noise when amir is still asleep, he would get up all grumpy. asyraf sleeps early too but he wakes up early. he's usually the first to wake up. during the day he takes either 2 long naps or 3 short naps. ariff, that good little chubby mok mok baby of mine, sleeps from 9pm to 7am. sometimes when we're about to leave the house, he's still sleeping. he doesnt wake up for a night feed anymore too. such a beautiful boy.


kombat said...

sume beg warna biru. hehehe.. kebetulan kot :lol:

Being Normal said...

at least somebody loves packing...packing is something that I don't like to do..unpacking lagi ler tak suka

~LoVeLyZz CoRnErZz~ said...

wah..wah..wah..leh la pinjam tuk afif atu nih..cantekk2 begnyerr

Maya Nizwa said...

hehehe.. entah kenapa nampak jer beg elmo tu teringat tarian elmo u kat ofis dulu.. hehehe.. waktu break kita kul 3.30pm tu..

Aidan & Adnans' Mommy said...

eh jeles laa i, i cant wait to send Aidan to school.. i love packing stuff..huhuh

Happy for you that all ur boys dah sleep thru out the nite.. Can you see my black eye pea? huhuh Both boys still drink milk 3x a nite..


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