Saturday, December 01, 2007

New Things

its been a while since i've gone shopping with the boys. today's the first time hubby and i took up the challange of taking our 3 heroes to the mall (dr azizi would not be pleased...). we had to carefully think who would take which boy, which boy would use which item, where to go, what to buy and when to enter & when to leave. this time around, we opted for subang parade instead of our usual hangout of 1utama. we decided to push amir and asyraf in their strollers and hubby would carry ariff in his carrier.

our first priority was to visit toys r us. someone did not bother to measure our stairs before purchasing a security gate, so we had to exchange the gate extension we bought for a smaller one.

while there, we used the vouchers we obtained on thursday. we went on thursday to get a swing set for asyraf for his birthday (courtesy of tssc) but they were out of stock so we got him a slide instead. combined with the security gate, we got a $50 voucher which can only be used today onwards.

we used the vouchers to get backpacks for amir & asyraf. we also bought nadzim's birthday present.

after going in to parkson to get hubby's belt, we had lunch at mcdonalds. we reached home before 12:30pm. we managed to beat the lunchtime crowd, no one cried or threw a tantrum and we only made susu in the car on the way home. all in all, hubby and i were pretty proud that we managed to handle 3 boys under 3 all by ourselves.

on thursday i collected the pictures of asyraf's birthday party from ms mock. she surprised me with a beautiful framed photo of asyraf. i almost cried...i absolutely love it!


princess kittie said...

1. finally the security gate for the stairs..some ppl were too busy re-doing the lawn..hmph!

2. am waiting for the bucu covers and d drawer child-locks thingie

3. slide too small for me & tiza..a$$ wont time get bigger so we can play too

4. amir so big! amir get small again..!

5. pls decide on next date for dinner @ vic st. otherwise, jake's. otherwise, roma's. i have a sudden craving for spare ribs

6. fist to post! muahahahahahaha....u lose tiza! u lose!!!

7. y no photos of me from burfday? i was there too u know!

8. exclamation marks can be fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aidan's Mommy said...

2day was our 1st time 2 goin out just da 4 of us. We also went 2 sbg parade. It was hard! I salute u. If la ada phil&ted kan best. Huhu

tiza said...

fist to post but take reti spelling pun no point...hahaha...
ur fist tak sakit ke kena post?
goal post isit?
eh, u want 2 eat fist n drink later or drink fist?
amir dapat fist in class tak?
pappy is the fist born kan?

dots can be fun too..........

mock said...

"take" reti spelling??!!

pot: hello kettle, you're black...

aleeyazafira said...

cute gambar asyraf dalam frame tu.. ;)

hey, kalau i gi subang parade sabtu lepas sure dpt jumpa ur boys hehe.. wanted to buy smtg for my boy at toys r us gak.. tp penat sgt aritu..

kombat said...

besarnye beg amir :P

princess kittie said...

hahahahaha...betul tue mock.

tiza padan muka...
kah kah..
i'm still cute in all d photos!!


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