Friday, December 21, 2007

Names & Plans

i think no one at my age makes new year resolutions anymore. when i was younger, my resolution was always to "not miss prayers". once i achieved that, there was nothing else to list down. "save more, spend less?" that's the last thing a mummy of 3 can do. so this year, i thought i'd look ahead and plan my year. if only i can do the same for work but its just not interesting.

jan - amir turns 3 on 8 jan. take leave on 11 jan. have amir's party at school;

feb - i think my appraisal is due in feb;

march - family retreat is in march (correct tak, being normal?). hubby's due for confirmation;

may - taking leave on 2 may. hopefully the ker-chings will be debited in may. planning to buy water heater and air-cond for the boys' room and settle my credit card bills. ikhwan hasri turns 1. his mummy wants some ideas for his party;

sept - more ker-ching comes in from work and from tssc (insyaallah);

oct - taking leave on 3 oct. little ariff turns 1 on 8 oct. planning his party on either the 18th or 25th. my birthday & hubby's will not be during ramadhan (like the past 2 years) so maybe we'll go out to celebrate with the boys;

nov - asyraf turns 2 on 20 nov. no party this year for him, just a small family occasion;

dec - our big holiday plan. we plan to go off to the UK for 2 weeks. if that plan doesnt materialise, i want to bring the children to disneyland (hong kong being the closest) and take them over to singapore to experience christmas there. all our ker-chings during the year will be saved for this.

hubby & i call amir "pot". i dont know how that name came about. it just suits him because he talks a lot and is so cheeky and loves to laugh. the year i had with him was fantastic because he made me laugh with his antics and we were the best of friends...

asyraf is our "bum bum". i call him bum bum because he's got the cutest behind, with that 1 blue dot. he loves to walk around in his diapers which makes him bum bum look even cuter...

although ariff looks like amir, he inherited asyraf's size. he's so big and round that we call him "mok mok". out of the three, he was the smallest at birth but he's the biggest at two months. he loves to pull his face back, emphasising his double chin...


watie said... tul dah plan tuk next year...n paling best plan bulan dec la....mmmm...u're motivate me to list down my plan next year gak la....mmmm nak kena pk nih...
btw..ariff mcm ichlas lah time kecik..bam bam mcm ichlas....

Anonymous said...

eh i rasakan, ariff mcm muka u tau..tapi amir mcm muka syam..hehhee..btw, i x jumpa prince william..angan2 jer lebih..x jumpa anyone pun ;(..tapi pelik tau mat salleh nie,kalau yg tau tu betul2 tau..kalau xtau, langsung xtau apa2.. malaysia pun xtau kat mana..indonesia dia tau plak sebab bali

Aidan & Adnans' Mommy said...

we have the same plan to go holiday to HK Disneyland.. my other plan is to go goldcoast..
but isnyaallah before August ie before Aidan turn 2

s2m3r said...

amir mmg darik ecik dah comel yek...cute bangat

bleh booking jadi menantu tak..ha ha ha


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