Sunday, November 11, 2007

This Weekend

been a pretty quiet weekend. i'm itching to go out but hubby doesnt want to (he's got a million excuses) so i'm stuck at home. not that bad, read "deathly hallows" yet again. i finished the book overnight and i'm definately sure i missed some bits out.

everyone's down with the sniffles, everyone from hubby & me right down to my itty bitty ariff. not full blown flu or anything, just sniffles. amir and asyraf's been having runny nose for a couple of days, though it goes on and off. i got it after them. mine's not so attacks at night when i'm feeding ariff and early mornings but after my coffee, it goes away (yeah...weird!). hubby got it yesterday and he's been taking piriton which makes him drowsy (and increases the volume of his snoring at night...sob sob...poor me!). i'm alright with the 4 of us having it but when it gets to ariff...i cant handle that. my baby's been having blocked nose for a couple of nights now...the night attacks are usually the worse. we lay him down a bit higher and not fully flat on his back so that his airway gets cleared. gave him the decongestant spray but not too much. the darnest thing is that the nasal suction thingy is nowhere to be found at this crucial moment...great! we've got an appointment with the boys' pediatrician on tuesday so until then, its 2 nights of getting up every 2 hours for me.

i noticed a few things about ariff's preferences. he absolutely hates wet diapers...he would toss and turn and kick to show its time for a diaper change. i usually change his diapers once in 2-3 hours and they're usually fully soaked. not too fond of the current diaper brand we're using (its as bad as the first one we bought) but the shop nearby dont sell S-size huggies. ariff also loves warm (almost hot) water, either for his bath or his milk. his bathwater temperature is usually either 38c or 39c. that's the same temperature as mine. the boy must have thick skin.

amir fell down from the island stool friday night. the thing about amir is he never sit still. he wants to pick this up, put this thing there, turn here, look there. he doesnt realise that the stool is high. last friday he leaned back to look at ariff who was whimpering in the room next to the kitchen and i dont know how it happen (i had my back turned), suddenly i heard a loud thud and he was on the floor. he got a big bump on his head to show for it. of course when asked "sapa buat.." he would have a thousand and one names preceeding "...buat" as his answer. it ranges from "azib buat" to "tiza buat" to "asyraf buat", the answer changes everytime the question is asked.

i finally made the bread pudding i was craving for since i saw it on syerah's fotopages. it looked quite nice but it was a bit soggy. shouldnt have poured too much milk to begin with.

the cleaner did not turn up as promised on friday. i badly need my bathroom and the boys' bathroom to be thoroughly washed. i hope they come next week. i've got a few things for them to do. the next visit (the friday before the party) i'll get them to fully focus on the ground floor. the grass needs to be trimmed, as well.

i hope the writers strike will end soon. all writers are on strike and taping of my favourite shows (grey's anatomy and heroes) have stopped. nothing's been written for future episodes and if the strike doesnt end soon, the current season will end just like that. no more more peter petrelli...(currently my scale is tipping slightly towards peter petrelli...)

countdown -
  • 6 days to amir's big event
  • 9 days to asyraf's step into toddlerhood
  • 13 days to the party


mommamia said...

same like irina,tak suka susu sejuk,mesti nak suam so bila jln2 thermos mesti kena bwk,leceh-i envy tgk some parent buat susu anak pakai air sejuk jer,like my fren beli air mineral kt 7-e terus bancuh susu anak,senang jer!-eh amir ada big event gak?ingat asyraf jer

Aidan's Mommy said...

aidan sama ngan irina..sejuk jer buang.. tapi nie semua ade stage. masa dulu ok, now jer demanding.

Still looking for Asyraf's pressie.. wonder what he likes?

aleeyazafira said...

my baby takmo susu sejuk ke panas ke, dia nak susu mummy dia jugak. kalau susu mummy dia takde nanti camne?? hmm geram tul..

tak sabar tgu those events.. mesti happening.. ;)


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