Thursday, November 15, 2007

Memory Lane

not listing today (mock & tiza...u hear that, i'm not listing today :-P )

i was surfing youtube. looking for songs rather than episode updates on grey's anatomy and heroes.

one song led to another and soon i was taking a walk down memory lane. nothing beats 90s hip hop/rnb...those were the days.

got to hear -
bobby brown - dont be cruel
new edition - cool it now
ralph tresvant - sensitivity (this deserves my "omigoddddd" award)
bell biv devoe - poison
goodfellaz - sugar honey ice tea (this was on repeat)
r kelly - bump and grind
boyz II men - motownphilly
after 7 - ready or not (i clearly remember zets...she loved this song)

and a tribute to my dear mock...
bros - when will i be famous (this is sooo not hip hop rnb but i remember the raya card where u wrote 'bros 4ever')

p/s i've got a mental picture of trueblue singing with me at the back of the class...


mommamia said...

wah,stroll back memorylane nih-i used to listen to papabear masa tu dia popular thn 1998 tak silap,i like his version of 'cherish' song,and satu lg 'when the rain begins to fall'-tak tau gi mana mamat nih skang

nkarim said...

OMG indeed!!!
they don't make those songs like that anymore huh!

thank goodness you didn't have MLTR in the list or else I'll just die!

I love BROS! When will I, will I be famous....


No??? Come on!!!


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