Monday, November 05, 2007

Days Away

i looked at the lilypie countdown for asyraf. eeecccckkk...his birthday is just 2 weeks away. that means his party is less than 3 weeks away.

*hyperventilating for a while*

what have i done...what havent i done? lets see...

1. invitation - sent out
2. rsvp - well, that's beyond my control, isnt it?
3. favours for adults - halfway there (this isnt as easy as i initially thought it would be...)
4. favours for children - almost done, just waiting for the last item to be sent a few days before the party
5. favours for babies - i'm wrapping them today
6. cake - i havent booked it yet. whatever happen to the angel cake house outlet in taman tun?
7. caterer - this major item has not been settled by the person-in-charge
8 decorations - i bought the balloons. getting my sister to bring over the banner soon. i'm planning to get a '1' candle some time this week
9. photographer - thank you to the person who volunteered (heh heh...)

i'm almost there, arent i? i'm so nervous but i dont know why.

think i should go wind down with some help from reefa and goodfellaz...


watie said...


i'm 50-50 to join asyraf's big day. mmg excited sgt nak gi but my training will start on 19/11 onwards. mmg x ada weekend tuk i but nak gakkkk gi....even our party i already stuck about the date...even byk brg i dah beli.

Ezalman said...

I hope we have a chance to attend one of your boy's besday party - sounds like fun je... or once we're back home, we'll organise one for both Erica and Ehsan and we can invite you to come, amacam?

rafiqaheliza said...

I'm panicky as well sebab asyraf's favour tak siap lagi!

Oh, *clearing my throat*, hi eiseai! It's been a while since I visited your blog. Baru je update my blog and now I nak qhatam other entries that I missed. I simply love the updates on your 3 boys. Now I wanna have 3 jugak, boleh? Can't wait to see u at Asyraf's party.

s2m3r said...

mmm..dun forget the map ye puan akak salina

eiseai said...

watie - takpe, kalau boleh tu try to come ye? when's ur 3-in-1 celebration going to be?

man - bet your e&e party would be a huge one. i would love to come if you're having one. u know how amir loves your lawn.

rafiqah - hehe...not to worry, i have complete faith in you :) u wanna have 3? yeay...i feel like having another one too.

cik adik ila - ye...i wont forget. slowly drawing the map...slowwwwllllyyyy...


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