Thursday, November 08, 2007


november is a big month for us, two of our boys will be turning 1. ickle ariff is 1 month today, while mok mok asyraf will be 1 year old in less than 2 weeks.

for me, both are significant turn of events. ariff turning 1 month old would mean no more bedung-ing (although we have stopped the bedung bit earlier on), sleeping in his cot, drinking more milk at one time, which would mean longer interval between each feed. not only that, 1 month would mean mummy can give ariff his bath (before this hubby's been bathing him...daddy handles small babies, mummy is too scared).

asyraf turning 1 is a big (if not huge) moment in hubby's and my life as parents. to be able to say we survived 1 year of taking care of our no 2 is amazing. no one would ever understand and comprehend how difficult it was taking care of him but more on that in 2 weeks time - asyraf's coming of age needs an entry all by itself.

today is ariff's day. ariff - our little quiet baby, our baby who has never given us a moment of trouble, our baby who has been so easy form conception, to the time he was in my tummy, to his birth day, to his first month with us.

over the past month, he has been -
1. able to sleep by himself in his cot (other than his cot, he wouldnt sleep so soundly - he would just lie down looking at the ceiling or the mobile);
2. drinking around 3oz at a time;
3. putting on a bit of weight, especially around his cheeks and thigh - how much he weighs now, we're not sure, that would have to wait until next week;
4. sleeping longer hours - around 4 hours at a time;
5. very organised and on schedule - from his sleeping time, feeding time and diaper change right down to when he doo doos every day (every morning without fail);
6. lifting his head when we put him over our shoulders to be burped (we used to burp him over our laps);
7. able to follow objects with his eyes;
8. able to adjust himself to his car seat (which asyraf only managed to do in his 7th month!);
9. able to lessen his night feeding to only once a night (this is a major point - hubby & i are able to get a good 4 hours sleep even at ariff's young age);
10. able to fit his feet to the bottom part of his pajamas - no more folded pajama feet for him;
11. doing his laundry on mondays (okay, so that bit i organised for him).

ariff today, sleeping peacefully, bedung-less in his cot...


suzi_khai said...

heheh... lain benar ariff ni ye. Muka dia nampak mature mcm baby dah abis hari gitu. Comel sesangat... ariff ni aunty nak tanya ni... ariff ni wangi tak? kekeke...

mommamia said...

Nov is a BIG month for me too!and my birthday is in Nov jugak,maybe a couple of days diff from asyraf,if i could join the birthday party,boleh lah kita celebrate sama2 kan asyraf hihi(auntie mar muka tak malu ank tumpang birthday ;p)!i sama zodiak ng asyraf la kalu camtu kan ,five sket asyraf hihi!

Being Normal said...

We miss you too here, anyway, thanks for the invite, but you know it clashes with the annual dinner. You tak gi ker? Anyway, I know what to buy for birthday boy oredi :)

Faith said...

ngeeeee, dah besar anak anak itu. muka nakal je si abg long. hahaha.

tp sorry jugaaaak, takleh nak p. clash ngan dinner. huhuhu. tak pegi la tuuu. sorry bangat ye.


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