Thursday, October 04, 2007

Yet Another Entry

omigod...i've been updating every this week. that's what happens when you've got so much time on your hands. i just hope no one gets bored.

week 38
i had my check up yesterday. the night before i couldnt sleep. i had massive contractions, it was about 5-10 minutes apart and then went away and came back (hence its not labour contractions). i was stressed from something that happened at work, not that i went to work but i was told about what had happened. which made me even more stressed seeing i wasnt there to defend myself. anyway, the stress brought about a lot of contractions and i finally fell asleep at 1am. but i had a feeling the contractions would help me dialate and i had real strong feelings that the baby would be coming out real soon.

yesterday morning i went to see my gynae. i didnt manage to put on any weight, despite not fasting and eating quite a bit. my gynae said, its've tried. this baby is just small then. she said it would be best if he came out soon so that he can be fed directly, rather than through the placenta. i told her about my contractions and she actually looked happy. she wanted to see if i've dialated. i told her that i was already expecting that. so she checked and happily went, you're already 2cm dialated. that means, it would be anyday now. she continued to tell me that if my labour doesnt come between today and this weekend, come in on monday and she'll break my waterbag for me at 8am. ok...i know i told hubby that the baby would be coming, but hearing my gynae said monday, gave me a shock. i mean...oh ok, it really is coming soon then?

i was on cloud nine after the check up. called hubby to tell him but he was in a meeting. i'm happy that at least now i can put a date to the delivery, instead of just an "edd based on size". i'm praying he would come out on monday, the 8th (his date would be the same as amir's 8th jan) but also because i have a few more things to do.

after the check up i planned to go to ikano. but since my gynae said it could be anytime, i chose to do my grocery shopping to stock up my kitchen cabinets. i had a few things on my list but i decided to just buy the dry goods this time. hubby can get the wet groceries when we get home after being discharged. i dont think i took a lot of things but the bill went up shockingly high. i think it was because of the ambipur fragrances i bought. must make the house nice-smelling in case we have visitors, kan? i finally found a white baju melayu for amir and a pair of matching sampin for the boys and also songkoks for them. i also stocked up on asyraf's milk, biscuits and toiletteries for daycare, the baby's diapers, a new tablecloth for raya, balloons and masks for asyraf's favours. tengok-tengok the bill hit $500.

i had time to have lunch at a teppanyaki restaurant. i got home after 3pm. managed to pray zohor and asar before hubby arrived home and we went to pick up the boys. amir was so excited about his songkok and sampin. especially when hubby also took out his songkok and i gave asyraf his. asyraf didnt like to have something on his head but amir wanted to sleep with it.

today's plans
since my initial plan was changed yesterday, i plan to go to ikano today to have my paddington pancakes. while there, i want to look for the boys' white shirt at either brands outlet or fos. this is for the afternoon of raya. and if i have time, i'll look for another outfit of maroon top and khaki pants for the boys to match our maroon b melayu and kebaya. and also to aussino to see if they have a nice curtain for the playroom downstairs. i saw a nice one yesterday but its just green and white...nice but not something for the playroom. maybe aussino would have a cheerful one.

hopefully i'll be back by lunchtime. i want to put my feet up this afternoon. tomorrow i plan to take it easy and double and triple check to see that all the baby's things are ready. and of course do some laundry so that there's no dirty clothes left lying around for tiza to clean up (yeah right, like she would!!). but since my craving for victoria steak has not been satisfied, i may take a drive to medan damansara for lunch. it wont be so nice eating without hubby though.

i'm also looking out for a part time maid. i need someone to come and thoroughly clean the upstairs before the baby arrives and even more thoroughly clean the downstairs in time for hari raya.


Being Normal said...

I got your kerepek order oredi. Ubi biasa takdelah you. For the rest, plan to send this to you tomorrow nite can ah?

mommamia said...

due anytime?ye la i pun rasa mcm u lama lg nak give birth,bila baca doc ckp anytime,i pun sama terkedu mcm u-wish u selamat bersalin dan selamat segalanya,baby sihat,u sihat,everything ok lah!..teringat that day dotty ckp u'll give birth dulu dr dia,but kuasa tuhan,dia pulak yg beranak mommy,u aktif2 dlm rumah je la,nnti kang kat shopping complex susah pulak ;p

Ckn 410 said...

Marvelous la u... Dah due anytime still have the energy to shop around. Anyway have a nice 'pantang' during raya k....

Liasari said...

giving birth dekat2 nak raya r u really going to pantang? heheh so soon eh... wish u all the best...
and the white baju melayu mmg padan dgn chequered samping

princess kittie said...

so its 2 burfdays in jan and 2 burfdays in october....

i'm so gonna b broke those 2 months .

next one in april please....


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