Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Toddler - Adult Dictionary

ango - touch n go (also known as tit tit)

anjeri - the forever-fighting cat and mouse duo

bubble - bath time

balldaddy - arsenal

ballmummy - astro, celcom, man united (i have no idea why astro & celcom is ballmummy and not balldaddy when the mummy hardly watches footie matches nowadays)

bodider - can he fix it, yes he can

bulat - creepy crawlies

fok - 1. a type of utensil 2. animal that goes ribbit, ribbit

gers - those so-called "superheroes" that comes in green, pink, blue, white and whatever colour they come in

gooboi / geeboi - i'm a good boy, arent i?

mikut / cookie monter - snacks, biscuits, cookies

mots - what mikut attracts

nak - give me now, if not i'll repeat it till i'm blue in the face

pifit - penguin aka happy feet

poon - utensil used to eat rice with

finally...omigoddd - omigoddd (and he does say that!)


kombat said...

aha.. menarik dict ni :D kena bookmark ni! slps "cambridge dict online" :P

Being Normal said...

wah, so funny. I think I should keep track the cuties vocab as well...

s2m3r said...

need to compile this dictionary for my future reference..ha ha ha

mommamia said...

ala comel la pulak bodider tu,mmg shortform bob the builder hihi!omigod,itu budak kicik really says oh my god?wah i impress!

Diana@Mama Adam Mukhriz said...

kak js .. i dgr gaks .. part yg bubble tue .. so cute ler todler-adult dictionary nie .. tgu my turn plk yer ...

PuteriSatu said...

memang meriah ye...ada anak boys belaka nih...riuh rendah umah kan...js..kita sebaya kot eh...lahir tahun 75 kan?

Anonymous said...

Hi kak

Im a silent reader of urs. U are one tough lady i must say ! May I have ur email ?

azie said...

hehhehe..sonok dgr diorg ckp..:D


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