Thursday, October 11, 2007

Our Number Three... finally here. it was a unexpected conception, a very quick 9 months and a surprisingly fast delivery.

even now, 3 days has passed, i still cant believe i was actually pregnant and i have delivered. personally i feel that Allah is fair. after the turbulent year with asryaf (from difficulty in conceiving, then the stress i faced during pregnancy, the difficult labour and even more difficult after labour), Allah made it easier for us with our thirdborn. i donno...that's how i like to look at it.

surprisingly, labour did really come on the 8th. i wanted to induce but my gynae was not too keen as the baby was small when weighed from inside. but during my last check up i was already dialated, so my gynae said to target the 8th as she'll still be around to check up on me post delivery. so that's what we did - target the 8th. i was happy enough with the date. for one, i could still run some errands. it was also the same date as amir's birthday. and it was far enough from saturday that i would be able to go home before raya.

prior to the date, i did not have any signs of labour - apart from my ever-increasing contractions. but come morning of the 8th (around 3:30am to be exact) i started getting unusually painful contractions. its actually my first time having contractions this painful. for amir, it was virtually contraction-less. for asyraf, i was epidural-ed before i felt any pain. so i was not used to the pain. it was tolerable still, but it was all new to me. i stayed in bed throughout the wave of pain. we wouldnt be able to get to the hospital anytime soon anyway as we had to send the boys to daycare first. so i just laid on the bed.

at 5am hubby woke up for sahur. i told him i wasnt feeling well. he asked if i wanted to go to the hospital now. i said, lets stick to our plans. so he went down to have his sahur. i sat outside and tried to calm myself down. after he had his sahur hubby sat with me and we talked for a bit. then i told him...i dont think i can handle the pain. so i went to take a bath and performed subuh and hajat prayers. hubby showered after that and i slowly went downstairs taking whatever luggage i could carry. we had quite a few things to carry - the hospital bags, the boys' bags, laundry, garbage, amir's food and of course...the boys.

we left the house at 7:15am. went to subang to send the boys. amir wanted to talk throughout the journey but i was not in the mood to answer him. or hubby for that matter - it was all "talk to my hand" replies from me. i cried when the boys walked into the daycare. i hope they'll be alright. then it was off to the hospital. roads were pretty clear. we made it to the hospital by 8am.

everything was prepared beforehand - my GL, the admission form, the room, my file. so the admission process was fast. they also saw my very "sarat" face and did everything they could to make the process fast. i was then wheeled to my room on level 2. i had time to unpack before 2 nurses came to check my blood pressure, temperature and hook me up to the ctg machine. i had 2 massive contractions so they said...lets just go to the labour ward. i had more contractions on the way. it was all speed from then on. i changed my clothes, was given something so that i would pass motion and was checked to see how much i've dilated. this time it was 4cm. i quickly!!

the anesthetist came and relieved me of my pain...thank god! then i was able to relax. spoke to hubby about our plans to change our cars before my gynae came in at 10am. she was all ready to break my waterbag and said, not bad...4cm already. she checked me once again but this time she had this weird look on her face. i'm already thoughts went back to a 11 months ago when i was delivering asryaf and all the complications we faced. i asked her what was wrong. she said (in a very surprised manner) you're 7cm dialated, not 4cm! hubby jumped from the chair. the nurses were shocked and went straight into preparing the baby's things. my gynae went back to her clinic but told the nurses to monitor and keep her informed of any developments.

about an hour after that, the nurses asked me to practise pushing. i said, as far as i know, if we practise pushing means it could be anytime now. the nurse agreed, so we pushed. 1 pushed and the nurse asked me to stop. ok...the head's already crowning. dont push till the doctor gets here. she even asked hubby if he wanted to see. we both screamed...NO!!

my gynae came panting in. she took the stairs this time around. within 10 minutes and with 4 pushes, out came my little baby boy. i was still in shock. i didnt know what i was pushing, i didnt realise it would be so fast and i didnt know it could be over so soon. the baby didnt cry...he just whimpered. he was cleaned, given his vitamin k injection, weighed and measured. from a 2.6kg baby 5 days before, he was now a healthy 3.05kg baby. he's the same as my boys - amir was 3.08kg and asyraf was 3.07kg.

the nurse passed him to hubby to azan him. i was not cleared by my gynae yet. the deliver was easy...but post delivery wasnt. my placenta was stuck in me and the doctor could not get it out. she said it was stuck where i had a cut after i delivered asyraf. she took a while to get it out and when it did come out it came out in pieces. thank Allah for putting epidural on the face of this earth!

alhamdulillah, so far my baby's been very quiet. he doesnt cry so much, he doesnt fuss so much and he doesnt stress us out so much. hubby and i managed to get good sleep the 2 nights we were at the hospital. the first we woke up a few times. me as i had after labour pains, hubby because he was not comfortable and was looking for his sahur.

we're now back at home. the first night home was alright for us. my sis took amir out so we were at home with asyraf and the baby. hubby had his hands full with asyraf, who's still so very clingy and i was busy feeding the baby.

even now, he's still sleeping soundly and wakes up only a few times for his feed. other than that, he's been such a good baby and i thank God for that.


kombat said...

picture profile tu, akan ditukarla eh? hehehe.

congrats to eiseai!!

how about abg long & abg asyraf? suma ok ka?

Nae said...


Meriahnyer your aidilfitri this year

trueblue said...

Congrats dear..

and Happy Birthday. I'm sure its the best birthay present for this year :)

Take care.

Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin..

Lazydaisy said...

seronoknye beraya dengan baby baru
just mommy has to pantang from makan rendang, lemang sume la

tahniah to you and family again :)

nzh1979 said...

congrats for eai no 3..ehehe
ariff haa...comelnya..
anyway to js n family selamat hari raya..cemburu la tgk you can fit in baju kebaya tuuu..caya lah..ehehe


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