Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Precious One

before ariff's arrival hubby and i were always anxious and nervous thinking how are we going to handle 3 babies under 3 years old. there were days when i didnt want to face labour for fear of the baby being like asyraf...a bit difficult (a bit?? that's an understatement)

but when ariff was finally here, he truly amazed us. even when he was born he didnt cry outloud. hubby called his cries "menangis sopan". he didnt disturb us during the 2 nights at the hospital. he didnt disturb me when hubby was out running errands on the 2nd day. he didnt make a fuss at night. he was just quiet and he just wanted to sleep.

towards the end of the first week, i cried. i was worried...why is he not crying...why is he always sleeping. its never right, is it? we worry when they cry a lot, we worry when they dont cry enough. he was quiet while i was already on my feet, doing various house chores. i rested enough for a week, now i want to fuss over my baby.

this is by far the best confinement i ever had. during amir's time, although he wasnt a difficult baby to look after, but it was my first time and i didnt know how to handle it. during asyraf's time...well, we all know how asyraf was like as a baby.

now with ariff...he's just so easy, alhamdulillah. he had no jaundice (or not yet...shouldnt speak too soon), he wakes up right on the clock for night feeding (only twice, mind 1am and 5am every night), he's easy to bathe, he's easy to put to bed, he's easy to change, he's easy to handle in every sense. at times it doesnt feel like anything has changed. we still take care of the two boys with no disturbance from ariff. we can enjoy our dinner with no disturbance from ariff.

yesterday, i laid down next to him to take my afternoon nap. he didnt stir at all and continued sleeping. and then i cried...i cried thanking him for being so good, i cried thanking God for making it easy for us to handle all our 3 babies. i'm so grateful for my 3 boys. they are all special in their own way.

amir loves baby ariff. he's always climbing up the bed, saying he wants to "tengop baby ariff"...he would say "amir tengop dulu ye?" or "amir pegang dulu ye?" while holding ariff's bottle. asyraf refuse to acknowledge ariff is around. he would frown when he hear ariff cries, as if thinking "i thought i was the only one who makes that sound in this house."

its ariff's 10th day today. he cord stump dropped off last week, his circumcision has healed nicely, he's drinking more often and sleeping longer, he's starting to look around and can follow sounds (especially the sound of abang long's voice), he's starting to break free from his swaddle, he's slowly putting on the fat and its so nice to hold him.

because ariff is so easy, i cant help but feel...i want another boy next year.


azie said...

selalunyer mmg camtu kan..sorang senyap..sorang bising..they are unique in their own way..:).saya pun nk jugak baby next year...waaa..x tahan tgk baby comel2 ni..
ariff wait till auntie come n visit..uhhh geramnye baby...

Acik said...

eh, kenapa saya plak yang sayu bila baca entry akak kali nih...hmm..good boy la ariff...mcm tau2 je mommmy dia ada baby lagi sorang yg nak kena handle...asyraf la tuh..hehehe :-)

okinokiyo said...

akak..hope its not too late to wish u congrats of ariff arrival and selamat hari raya.sama mcm acik,sy pun terharu.Tuham permudahkan semua utk akak membuatkan saya nak baby tahun depannn.. hehe..cptnya ariff menggebu...

s2m3r said...

tak tahan ngan nota kaki puan akak salina..jom jom...kite sesama berjuang tuk next generation

Anonymous said...

ooo..itu ler yg sms i ckp nak baby tu yer..patut lah..

bagus lah..anak ramai2 ni ok aper..pembawa rezeki..takpe, agak2 tak larat nak jaga, leh pos kat rumah i..hehe


Fadz said...

Ngeeeeee congratssss!! Oi cukup la tu. Tak nak rehat ke tahun depan. Hahaha.

mrs hafiz said...

:) schweet la ariff ni..
baiknye dia.


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