Friday, October 05, 2007

Its Friday

time certainly flies. its already friday!

looking back at my plans for the week, i'm happy to see that i managed to tick off everything that i listed down (except for hubby's working clothes - that would have to wait till tonight when he returns from work). i did all the laundry i planned to do, bought all the things i planned to buy, ate everything i planned to eat (except for victoria steak...grrrr...) and sorted everything i planned to sort. i even managed to slot in 2 extra loads of laundry (table cloth & kitchen towels and the baby's muslin wraps that i bought at aussino yesterday), wash my bathroom on monday and also got my hair cut at 1utama on wednesday.

glad to see everything is in order. i just need a cleaner to come and clean the house now. if i dont go into labour this weekend, i plan to wash the boys' bathroom on sunday and then prepare their clothes for the 3 days that i'll be admitted. amir will be with my sister, so his clothes need to be set aside (and labelled) so that tiza dont take the wrong clothes for the wrong day - amir has specific activities at school on specific days. asyraf will be with hubby and me at night and i've already packed his pajamas and towels in my maternity bag. i just hope baby no 3 will not be admitted for jaundice, then we'll be even longer in the hospital and i'm not comfortable about being away from the boys for too long.

anyway, these are the things i bought on my 2 day shopping sessions at 1utama and ikano. finally got matching shirts for the boys to wear on raya day afternoon (not white though as i initially planned, but they're really nice and they match the pants we bought last month). i also got a maroon/redish top to match our maroon baju melayu & baju kurung, should we decide to wear them.

and even though i said no more, i couldnt help grabbing a couple of onesies for baby no 3. he has to wear white on raya day too, doesnt he? and i couldnt believe that this 8-piece muslin wrap only cost $10 at aussino. i like the soft material (not too binding for the baby) and i just love the colours...


Being Normal said...

I too can't resist to buy clothes for my kids. Though they have grown up, my habit is still stuck with me. Guess mothers are just like that in nature!

okinokiyo said...

kak sally, i bought the same osh kosh red thsirt for my friend's son too! lawa kan?

NadiahKhair said...

Haiyooo makcik..dah le tuh..
i pulak yg rase nak go into labour dgr your planning..hehe..
all the best to you babe. take care.

kombat said...

smartlah baju blang-blang tu. tak saba nak tgk double A tu pakai :D


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