Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Changing Rooms

slowly but surely, the boys room is taking shape. we have started to bathe them there for over a month now. good thing they're ok with room temperature water. we used to bathe them with warm water but now they have gotten used to cooler water.

not only that, they have started taking their daytime naps in the room as well. asyraf started earlier on as he sleeps in his playpen during the day. but recently amir would climb on the bed whenever he's tired during the say, saying "amir punat". side note - its great that he can express how he feels now. the past 2 weekends, they've taken really long naps there - almost 3 hours.

today the wardrobe company came to install the boys' wardrobe, settling yet another house project i planned. it doesnt match their chest of drawers entirely but its close enough. not bad...they did it within 4 hours and they cleaned up afterwards.

we are now scouting for an air-conditioning unit so that either hubby and the boys, or me and baby no 3, can sleep there. we're trying to keep the boys apart from the baby especially at night. we dont want to disturb the boys' sleep as they need to get up early for school the next day. plus asyraf is a light sleeper and would wake up as well.

the past couple of days, we've brought asyraf down to amir's mattress at night. he's no longer sleeping in the cot (i was actually quite sad the first night - everything about asyraf has to be fast, due to the baby's arrival. amir slept in the cot till he was 18 months). i'm airing the mattress for the baby and washing the cot bumper set for his use. its great that i've got access to the floor on my side and i dont have to climb over amir's mattress.

i still have a few things to do to the boys room before i'm fully satisfied with it. firstly, i want to put up their names on the door, then i want to find some nice framed photos to put around the room, maybe of nursery rhymes or of pictures of football or fish and maybe a sign that says "reading area" to put above their bookshelf. i also want to change the headboard of the bed...if tiza remembers that i asked her to get a quote for that.

in a year's time we'll bring in the current changing table to that room to add more clothing space as baby no 3 will also be sleeping there. then i can finally do up our bedroom...


mommamia said...

the boys surely love their new room,look cosy and tak crowded-have u try to put them to sleep in that new room?bagus letak tv kt situ,u bentangkan tilam kt depan tv,they can watch their fav vcd's sampai tertido,this is what i do to irina, tgk vcd sampai tertido,kerja kita pun senang hihi

Nae said...

that is so cool....
now i feel like i want a built in wardrobe too :)

Being Normal said...

Love the new layout, maybe I should consider re-designing the cuties room :)

NadiahKhair said...

cantik la wardrobe tuh..i'm thinking off putting up the exact same color wardrobe for iman's room..mind giving me the number and the quotation? ;)

ninuk said...

kira cepat le tu. i can afford the wardrobe only after 8 yrs moving into the house.


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