Monday, October 01, 2007

At Home

i'm finally off from work...thank God! dont think i can take another trip on the lrt plus the walk from level37 to the klcc station. had to double & triple confirm with my gynae that she would give me medical leave from today onwards. wasnt so easy as my last check up was on wednesday last week and the next is on wednesday this week. to give a medical leave during my last check up would be too soon and to wait for my next check up, i was afraid she'd forget that i wanted monday and tuesday off as well.

anyway, i planned to be on my toes but rest at the same time. my mornings would be filled with running errands and afternoons i would put my feet up. for now, this would be my plan for the week.

laundry - baby's remaining clothes
laundry - send clothes to be ironed
pack my maternity bag
i initially wanted to run some errands at 1utama but the car veto-ed my plans, so i'm putting up my feet at home...

wardrobe - to be installed in the boys' room
laundry - the boys' clothes
sort out clothes to be put in the wardrobe

laundry - casual clothes
check up
ikano - to get things for asyraf's birthday, look for the boys' shirt at FOS
the curve - paddington house of pancakes for lunch (need to put on the weight)

1 utama (old wing) - jaya jusco to get some containers, buy towels, buy songkok and sampin for the boys to complete their first day raya outfit

1 utama (new wing) - giant to get some groceries, to buy asyraf's balloons and masks, lunch at dome or chillis
victoria station - i have a craving for victoria steak
finishing asyraf's party favours

laundry - the boys' clothes
laundry - hubby's working clothes

i planned to make sure everything would be in order before i give birth, which would be anytime now. its frustrating not knowing when my edd is and the thought of my gynae being on 6-days raya leave is making me nervous. it has to be either before or after. i'm praying hard it would be on the 7th, rather than the 10th. at least come raya time i would already be at home...


ezrina said...

Amboi dah try baju raya dah nampaknya...
chewah...cantiknya baju melayu color maroon tu..
Asyraf sure happy coz 1st time berbaju melayu.....

s2m3r said...

leee...kata pakai kaler dah maroon plak puan akak salina

mrs hafiz said...

;) cute la theme maroon..
dah sibuk pakai baju raya budak 2 org tu.. hehe

eiseai said... auntie azie diorang yg beli kan. nak harap mummy dia ke jln tar tu mmg tak boleh lah. penat. last year pegi malam before raya, rasa nak pengsan bawak perut besar ni :)

cik adik ila...colour putih takde lah, kena resort to maroon.

mrs hafiz...mummy dia yg sibuk pakaikan. sbb nak tangkap gambar. amir sampai tak nak tukar balik to his pajamas. excited sbb first time pakai matching ngan adik dia

Liasari said...

hehe cutenyer asyraf nampak dia seronok dgn baju melayu cekak musang... mana tgn dia?
my kids will be wearing blue this year.


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