Friday, October 26, 2007

Amir's Twin

we saw how ariff would look like sometime in my 27th week of pregnancy. we did the 3D scan and saw his features clearly (the earlier scan was clearer but its lost somewhere in 1utama). hubby and i immediately said...he look exactly like amir. i added...with a flat nose.

after ariff was azan-ed, hubby said he couldnt find a feature on him that doesnt look like amir. so we dubbed him "amir's twin".

so which is amir and which is ariff (the dates on the photos are giveaways, arent they?)


mrshafiz said...

baby pasni muka cam asyraf lak eh? :)

mommamia said...

they look exactly the same lah masa baby!if there's no date printed,cannot tell which one is amir and which one is aliff,gaya posing pun sama jer!

Diana@Mama Adam Mukhriz said...

betul2 .. muka cam amir ... and ariff very good boy kan ... sebijik sama mcm scan 4D tue ..

Liasari said...

yeah they look the same, except amir was sooo pink masa dia bb

kombat said...

sian pulak tgk baby kene bedung ni. hhehehe

eiseai said...

aleeya...insyaallah, kalau boleh mmg nak next one muka asyraf (as long as tak kuat merengek mcm asyraf :)) baru best ada 2 of each kan??

mar...gaya posing sama takpe. jgn getik sama sudah.

insyaallah diana...hope ariff ni good boy. nampak pun macam baik sangat.

auntie lia...sbb mummy amir kan pink comel2 jugak... sah2 tak bedung dina. hahaha...skarang pun mcm malas bedung ariff. konon nak bedung malam2 sebab sejuk. but tengah2 malam tu, mummy dia yang buang kan

acik said...

mmg twin amir lah ariff nih.....tapi rasa2nya getik amir tu takde sapa leh ganti...heheheh...


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