Wednesday, October 31, 2007

All Three

he had his final exams yesterday. of course we didnt know about it until an hour before the exam. when hubby wished him good luck, he just replied with "i la u, daddy." was i scared? i was a nervous wreck! i kept looking at the clock and thinking...he should be done by now, he should be done by now. when he came home, i was literally screaming out "how was your exam?" amir's reply...amir shem kat school. okayyyyy...i guess i wont be getting anymore information from him, then.

amir actually has 2 personalities. on 1 hand, he's the nicest abang long...saying bye and kissing ariff when he's about to leave for school, saying me'kom and kissing ariff once he comes home from school, saying "jom asyraf" every morning before getting in the car, taking both his brothers' bottles come susu time, comforting his brothers with "dah...dah...dah" when they cry. but he could also be the nastiest brother...pinching asyraf when he thinks hubby and i are not looking, grabbing toys from asyraf, poking ariff in the eye, pushing asyraf when asyraf gets in his way.

he also has a wild imagination and the memory of an elephant. he could make trains out of our sliding door, remember every single landmark and billboard on nkve from the shah alam exit to the damansara exit, he would sing to ariff in the same tone as i would, he's scared of the balcony as he think voldermort is there.

he's also getting naughtier..."no" is not something he responds to, neither is "stop". he's very determined and currently he's hell-bent on dressing and undressing himself. it doesnt matter if his pants is back to front or if he only manage to get one arm out of his t-shirt (making him look like tarzan). its another step to being independent, i know, so i really shouldnt complain.

he's starting to imitate hubby to perform full prayers. it used to be just sujud or rukuk, but now it can be the full solat. he would even conquer the prayer mat and hubby has to pray next to him. i think i should find his own sejadah and kain for him.

my wish - that he will be toilet trained soon.

after 2 weeks of ignoring his younger brother, asyraf has finally softened to ariff's presence. he likes kissing ariff and touching his hand now. when i carry asyraf and put him near ariff, he would reach out and touch ariff's arm, hands and hair (no more than could be result in scarring!).

asyraf can also clap his hands now. he was watching hubby and i clap in front of him for the longest time but he just refuse to follow suit. until last saturday. and now, he's clapping and clapping and clapping.

he's also able to stand without support. he hasnt started walking yet but he's already pushing his body forward - although his feet has not caught up with his upper body yet. we think its just a matter of time.

he's also got 3 teeth which has just cut his upper gums. he will surely be wearing braces when he's older. his top teeth are showing signs of being crooked. (5 minutes after i took the photo of his teeth, he fell and cut his lips. thank god his teeth are still intact)

he loves watching the tv, especially when he hears songs he's familiar with. he doesnt watch the whole show, just the intro songs. and he'd watch from really up close and would tilt his head like so. asyraf is still his crying self...especially when he's sleepy. last night he was crying and whining until i gave him his bottle. one minute he was happily drinking and watching tom & jerry, the next...he was off to dreamland.

my wish - that he can walk before he turns one.

ariff seems more attentive the his 2 brothers at the same age. he cries less than them, preferring to lie down looking at his sorroundings. his eyes would follow the voices around him, especially when people call out his name. he can focus on the tv shows for a couple of minutes and loves watching his mobile. he's also reached out to tap abang long's face when amir lies down next to him.

i'm glad that he doesnt wake up so many times during the night. 2 nights ago, for example, he slept around 10pm and woke up at about 3am. his next feed was around 6am. that's good enough, especially when i start working again. it would mean i am able to get around 5 hours of sleep and then a couple more after his first feed. by 6am i'll already be up to get ready for work. maybe once he starts eating when he reaches 4 months, he can sleep through the night, like amir.

he doesnt require burping after his meal. as soon as i take the bottle out of his mouth, he burps. its so easy with him. i could even go through a couple hours of my urut+tungku session before he wakes up for his bottle. and all the while, the makcik urut and i were busy talking next to him.

after asyraf's birth, we'll plan for ariff's cukur jambul. hubby and i are thinking of having a small ceremony around after asar followed by a family bbq. maybe around christmas time or around new year.

my wish - that he stays this way


Being Normal said...

Hi dear,

Looks like you have settled down with your 3 heroes. Listening to stories about arff makes me wanna have one more. Gi tak the wedding on the 18th...

s2m3r said...

seronok je baca updates on the 3As...

tak sabar nak process anoter FA or FI

acik said...

siannya tengok asyraf jatuh tertonggeng tuh.. :(

amboi2 mamat nombor 3 tuh..baeekkkkkk punya posing tido...nampak tiak dia..hheheheh

Diana@Mama Adam Mukhriz said...

i really like this entry about 3 boys... suka bangat tgk amir solat ... comei sgt 2.... betul2 abg long contoh ...

eiseai said...

kak being normal...hehehe...i know u asked why i call u kak when we're the same age. the answer is...i donno...hahaha...yup, going to the wedding on the 18th

ila...cepat lah process kan no 2. nak tengok jugak camne kakak alieyah handle nanti :)

auntie acik...comel apa tiak tu :)

diana...itu abg long eksyen je solat tu. tengah jalan, stop tengok cartoon...

i'm momma too said...

i've been reading yr blog for a quite some time. b4 tis i'm only a silent reader. but after reading this entry it makes me feels like wanna leave some comment. hehe.

i'm really impressed on how u and yr hubby handle these 3 heroes..

all the best to u the super duper mommy.. :)

Syikeen Pfordten said...

Wah... if you are planning for cukur jambul during that time boleh la I menyibuk dtg tengok ur baby as we will be back for 2 weeks.Hehehehehe... tak malu ajak diri sendiri...

aleeyazafira said...

bagusnya perangai amir tu.. hehe..
geram la auntie!


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