Friday, September 21, 2007

Week 36

i drafted another entry before this but that entry is not quite finished yet, so i'll post this one first.

i am currently in my 36th week, coming up to 37 in a couple of days. so far i've fasted a week. the first few days went smoothly, i was energetic and on the go. come the 4th day, i could feel myself starting to get tired and lethargic. maybe because that day i started work again. the lrt journeys to and from work took a bit of a toll on me, i think.

i had my check up today. it was supposed to be yesterday, but my gynae had an emergency c-sect so it was postponed to today. i was at the hospital since 7:30am and finally got to see her at 10am. i went early because i wanted a good parking spot and wanted to have a good breakfast. oh ya...this is my second day of not fasting, since i didnt fast yesterday as well.

i was the first to see the doctor. my weight went up by a bit but it was nothing significant. the baby's put on only 100grams during the week. my gynae advised me to eat healthily. she didnt stop me from fasting but she said, i had to break my fast with something substantial, which is the opposite of what i've been eating - 2 kuih & a murtabak, or 2 kuih & a mihun soup. she also wanted me to compliment my food intake with lots of milk. what do i do with the carton of vanilla coke in the fridge?

while she was checking whether the baby is engaged (which he is not - according to her, subsequent to the first one, babies may not engage as fast...they'll engage during the actual labour), she said that my baby is just below the skin. she can tell where his elbow, his knees, his head is just by touching. she said if i had transparent skin, we can see the baby as it is. she said my stomach is unlike other people's that's why its so potruding. the baby pushes everything out of his way and he lies just under the stomach skin. its the same for all 3 pregnancies. they just lie down there...

anyway, i asked her if i can be induced on oct 1st. she said that would depend on if the baby is able to put on another 500grams to reach 3kg. if not, it would have to wait. so i continue fasting or dont i??


Nae said...

eiseai....forget about fasting okay..go ahead and drink cartons of milk and everything else the gynae advised.

eiseai said...

hehehhe...nae, no lah. still wanna fast. i'm going to make it to 15 days (which is this saturday) then i'll not fast.

milk...heh. i do drink but not as much as during amir. think i took too much milk at that time, that i have to drink a bit only this time around...


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