Saturday, September 22, 2007

Updating Some

after a month of working in god-forsaken sentul, hubby has accepted a job offer in shah alam. he really liked his previous job, depsite working saturdays. he got alone well with his colleagues and bosses and he could see potential of growth in the company, so he was not too happy about leaving. i think he felt that i pressured him into leaving. honestly speaking, i wasnt too happy he took up the offer last month. i especially hated the fact that his saturdays had to spent in the office rather than at home. with a young family, i felt he should be at home as our boys needed both parents to be around. i didnt want him missing precious moments with the boys and i didnt want the boys missing us.

there were times when we picked the boys up at 8pm (sometimes after that even). with that, plus the mileage, the kl jam and toll charges he had to face daily, i think i did do a little bit of pushing for him to leave old place.

anyway, he started his new job on tuesday. i called him up around mid-morning to ask how the new place was. he said the benefits seem pretty good. so i you like it there? all he answered was...its too soon to tell. then he said, his boss seems very laidback and open. so i you think that's good? again, all he said was...its too soon to tell. then he said that the work seem good (he gets to deal with media and participate in sports and other events the company sponsors). knowing at least he would like that, i asked...that's nice right? the answer i got was...its too soon to tell. then he went on about how the place is sort of like in e&y, where everyone is quite open, professionals and uses lotus notes. so i asked...arent you happy you are back in the same kind of environment? again...its too soon to tell.

jeez man...i know he feels i pressured him into taking this new job but cant he at least give into his excitement just a little bit? i dont know if pressure was the right word to use about my role in him taking up the new job offer. i know i didnt like the distance, the time away from the boys, the working saturdays, but i couldnt compare what he did then and what he would do now. but i am now happier with the distance of his office from home and i was particularly happy when i knew he would be getting these every month...

i'm just counting the days till my no 3 pops out. asyraf is very clingy and wants to be held all the time. my back hurts and my arms hurt. i have to carry him in a certain way in order to stop him from putting all his weight on my tummy. i went for my check up on friday. i told the doctor i want to be induced come first week of october. let me finish at least 15 days of fasting first, then i'm all for inducing.

i dont really have cravings during all my pregnancies. not those cravings that i just have to have this food or else and those cravings that i would get hubby to go and get at 3am because i wanted a taste. i do get these "i feel like having..." moments but nothing too major. if i dont get, its ok and i dont go out of my way to get them. recently i had a bit of a craving for pizza hut and cornetto ice cream (both of which i got tonight) and pengat pisang (god...where can i get that?!)

my cheeky boy is showing his new skill of playing pretend. every now and then he'd get into character and calls himself "harry potter". when he's in the hp mood, he would say daddy is "ron" (yon in his language), mummy is "hermione" and asyraf is "voldermort" (the kepala botak and all). other times he would be "mickey mouse", hubby is "donald duck", i am "daisy duck" and asyraf is "goofy". he really would use the character and say...ron, harry potter nak water. the amazing thing is that he knows when he's in character and when he's not, and even which group of character we are all in.

what i dont like is now he's getting a bit rough with asyraf. he starting to grab asyraf, grab toys from asyraf and even kick asyraf when he's crawling. i know he just wants to play but there are times when he plays a bit too rough. maybe its only starting to show recently because asyraf has started to respond to amir's playfulness. sensing asyraf wants to play too, amir gets a little too excited but he cant comprehend that asyraf is still very small and unable to protect himself.

after being discharged from the hospital a couple of weeks ago, asyraf has been putting on the pounds. he eats 3 bowls of nestum a day and drinks endless bottles of milk. before going to bed, he would drink 6oz of milk...twice. then he would wake up again at around 6am to drink another 6oz before going back to bed. his face is so round and his tummy is so bloated. even his teachers commented that he's so montel and gemuk now.

i can see that we'll have a bit of a problem getting him off his milk in a few months time. i'm hoping he'd stop milk by the time he reaches 18 months old, insyaallah. after that it will be full cream milk for him, just like amir.

baby no 3
from having no preparation at all for his arrival, i've ticked almost all of the things in my "to do" and "to buy" lists. having extra energy the couple of weeks before ramadhan, i managed to wash the baby clothes and store them (in order, of course) in the chest of drawers cum changing table in our room. asyraf's clothes have been moved to his room. i bought a few things on my day off last week and managed to grab a few more things this week.

i bought his toiletteries on monday and some new clothes on tuesday (i felt he needed some new clothes, not too much as his drawers are already packed to the brim due to my over-excitedness while pregnant with amir and my discovery of the bundle rack in fos during my pregnancy with asyraf). i also bought a new towel, since i bought a new one for each baby, and a new bathtub, since the one previously used have been hijacked by two certain water babies. all that's left are his diapers and formula. both of which hubby assured me he would get nearer to the date or even when i'm in the hospital. well, i trust him to know which brand to get.

the clothes we bought in perth and the clothes i bought in marks & sparks...

the new tub and towel and the bathtub-hijackers...

another thing i need to do is to get a mattress for asyraf so that he would stop sleeping in the cot. i have to wash the cot bumper, the comforter, bedsheet, pillowcase and air the mattress before the baby's arrival. we're planning to get it tomorrow, if we have the energy.

my house projects are taking off nicely. hubby called the gardener (our monthly grass cutter, more like it) to change the grass last week. the grass that the developer put in our yard is of bad quality - more of lalangs, actually. we initially thought of putting carpet grass but it seems that carpet grass cant grow well in my area. i see my neighbours green grass slowly turning yellow and i didnt want to spend on something that would look like that. so we opted for normal cow grass but something of good quality and something that is inviting and something my boys can run around on. within 4 days, the gardener and his group managed to transform our hutan belantara to a soon-to-be nice garden. hubby's planning to buy a few trees to spruce up the back and to cover the tnb box in front of our house.

the boys' wardrobe has been booked. i called up the same company that did the wardrobe in our spare bedroom and they said it could be done within a week after measurement. of course, the time between my calling them and confirming what i wanted and the day of measurement was a bit too long for my liking. maybe its because i'm only doing up a 5-and-a-half-feet wardrobe instead of a brand new kitchen, that they are taking my order less seriously. anyway, the salesman came over to measure this morning and assured me they can put the wardrobe up latest by next saturday. i dont mind waiting till then, at least hubby will be around and i dont need to take an extra day off work. i can air the wardrobe the whole of saturday and start moving the boys' clothes, our luggage and amir's "cant use yet" toys on sunday.


Diana@Mama Adam Mukhriz said...

bestnya ... hubby dpt new tmpt keje .. i wish u all e best deliver nanti ..nk jgk 1 oct tu yer???he..he.. asyraf dah nmpk makin chubby part pipi tue cute .. wah projek umh makin cantik ..semangat raya nie ...

Mid November girl said...

oh my ... job hopping within a few months. i stayed with M0t0r0la for 13 yrs before moving to the a1rl1ne. i think there'll be another 10-12 yrs before i make another move or "pencen" je terus ... anyway ... bak mai le se-tin - dua.


Aidan's Mommy said...

Congrats to H on your new job..

I totally understand the part that back hurt everything pun hurt.. Me also suffering the same thing esp while trying to carry Aidan.

wow so many coke, is it for raya or for you during pantang..hahaha

Nae said... coke every week. congrats to EI then...senang je dia dpt job, murah rezeki.

mommamia said...

Congrats to yr hubs,hopefully he can adapt well in his new co,less time consumed on the road,good for u and the kids-ye la,asyraf dah chubby!and he looks glowing,alhamdullillah..sedapnya tgk coke dlm fridge tu!dah la tgh haus ni!hihi

azie said...

aiseh..cokes ni bleh jual balik ni..hehehe

Anonymous said...

where did you buy your new baby tub? appreciate if you could info. would save me a lot of time from searching aimlessly ;-)

~hopeless new mommy-to-be~

eiseai said...

diana...chubby dah kan si asyraf. kuat susu betul. makan tak sangat tapi.

ninuk...hehehe...the only way for hubby to naik is to job hop. alhamdulillah, 3 jobs and 3 years and he's doing ok.

dot...sakit kan belakang? hei...asyraf is too clingy skarang. the coke?? hehehe...we saving for asyraf's birthday. nanti nampak best skit with all the canned drinks (albeit free canned drinks) coke every month. pengsan lah kalau every week. tak terminum :)

mar...u haus sbb asyik dok pindah je kan?? kesian u. i ni masih bertahan lagi. waiting for my 15th day & raya day.

azie...rasa2 lepas setahun dua sure jual balik. skarang je bersemangat nak minum.

anonymous...we bought the tub at jaya jusco. seems pretty handy with 2 layers.

rafiqaheliza said...

Oh, I hope your hubby loves his new job. It takes time for him to adjust esp if he likes the previous post. Hey, its not wrong for us to 'push' him to change job. After all, family comes first. Same caselah ngan my hubby when he moves from the Shah-Alam company to Dayabumi company. Dia tak berapa setuju, but I yg insist him to do so...Shah Alam is too far from our house. Takkan nak sampai rumah 8pm everyday kan? And that Coke? Oh, that's the plus point:)

Babe, I love your garden!!

mrs hafiz said...

with his new job, hopefully more time can be spent with the boys ;)

unlimited coke supply...ahhh, syioknye.. my colleague tau ni.. sure dia nak keje kat fn gak.. ;)


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