Tuesday, September 25, 2007


he gets very moody when he's not well. on sunday afternoon his temperature shot up to 39.7c. we were surprised. just earlier during the day he was fine and playing with asyraf. he gave him voltaren around 3pm and let him sleep (thank god asyraf was also in the mood to sleep - he slept from 1pm to 4pm!) then he was fine and asked for food.

that night his temperature went back up to 40c. another voltaren for him, and he slept restlessly the whole night. he wanted to sleep with daddy and i slept on his mattress. when we gave him the volteron, he cried out loud. it woke asyraf up and we had another difficult task of getting him to sleep. he wouldnt sleep until after a full 9oz bottle of milk. ish...asyik minum je mamat ni.

we still sent him to school on monday. i cant afford to take leave anymore now. i'm crossing my fingers for a week (and then some) of medical leave so i've got to settle all my outstanding work before then. he came back from school still a bit under the weather but not too bad. after his little bit of dinner, eating while laying his head of the table, hubby gave him paracetamol and he feel asleep in front of the tv.

after his shower, he was all well again and was playing non-stop with asyraf. this morning, we're still administering the paracatemol and gave instructions to the teacher to not stop, even if he feels better. hoping we'll be up and about soon.

hmm...big reason to put the two boys in their room as soon as possible. dont want them to spread germs to eai#3.


kombat said...

siannya amir :(

Nae said...

oh dear...hope Amir gets well soon

mommamia said...

sian amir..samala ng irina slalu tak sihat,asik flu,batuk..tu jer kitaran dia tk long as tak serious takpe la-better to have all the medicine standby dlm fridge,i kalau irina dah sihat pun takkan buang terus ubat tu,i simpan in case nnti sakit lg,i'll throw it away after 3mth..get well soon amir

Liasari said...

tiap kali ramadhan dtg i mesti risaukan yaya. dah 2 ramadhan berturut2 dia demam panas, alhamdulillah ramadhan ke 3 sejak dia lahir ni belum lg demam panas. hope amir get well soon! cian mummy dia penat

trueblue said...

it worries me that your kids selalu sakit..

eiseai said...

kombat / nae - amir's already on the mend. one thing about amir being sick is that, it doesnt last and its on and off. tak teruk like asyraf.

mar - same like me lah. dlm cabinet tu berlambak ubat. plus bila ada 2 ni, share2 je ubat so we only open 1.

lia...alhamdulillah yaya still ok. still remember masa birthday birthday yaya. both amir & yaya demam kan?

trueblue...its ok. mummy dia pun not worried sangat. budak-budak, normal lah sakit. maybe cos i always blog about it that rasa often. but amir hardly falls sick.


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