Thursday, September 13, 2007

Last Minute Dash

i consider this really last minute. i was well-prepared for amir's and asyraf's arrival but i havent prepared anything for baby no 3. the most i did was transfer asyraf's clothes to the chest of drawers in his room and taking out the baby clothes to be washed. i did 2 loads so far, waiting to do the last load while i'm on medical leave.

we went to giant after the boys' check up yesterday and i managed to pick up some things for the baby and me. since i'm on leave again today & tomorrow, i was thinking of going to 1 "everything under 1 roof" utama to grab some more things.

storage box for the baby's mittens & botties, container for his sterilised bottles for daycare (the handle comes in handy), his laundry basket (i regret i didnt get a more macho colour), sterilising tablets for the bottles, bottle brush and packs of wet tissues.

i also plan to buy some new clothes (kesian dia takde baju baru) at brands outlet at ikano power centre. that needs to be done pretty early as well as i have to wash the clothes first.

not to be ignored, i bought amir & asyraf new conforter sets for their bed (asyraf's bed is still in the "to buy" list...)

asyraf's new comforter set and his 4 new towels (2 for home, 2 for daycare)

a little bit of things for asyraf's party favours...

all that's left are the baby's toileteries (i use sebamed for both boys til they turn 6 months), diapers and formula (i dont plan to fully breastfeed the baby - my own personal decision with approval from hubby, so please do not comment on the matter, thanks). but i'm not too worried about these items. i plan to get the toileteries on monday while i wait for hubby to pick me up from work. the diapers and formula hubby is well-versed with so he can pick them up nearer to the date, if i dont have the energy.

oh, plus the bottles. i hinted to my colleagues that i really, really, reallllyyyyyy want bottles as presents when i deliver. ehhh zu, being normal, s.o.g.l, fadz, anyone from work...nak yang ni ye...

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Liasari said...

ehhh boleh tahan banyak shopping.. uh pejam celik dah nak deliver ye. nice comforter for amir. bought 2 sets for fahmi & yaya too recently... with tweety character but different colour scheme.


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