Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Made It!!

a couple of days after hubby started his new job, he was informed that he will be working late on wednesday for a buka puasa event.

that was a week ago, since then i have been mentally preparing myself for the day when i have to take care of 2 active boys all on my own...while fasting! hubby and i went through the drill (serious macam buat fire drill...) for days. what to do when i come home, where to put the boys, how to feed them, how to bathe them, how to put them to bed.

come the day, i was honestly very nervous. i was scared something would happen. first thing i did was limit the number of times i had to walk up and down the stairs to just twice, ie when we come back home and when i went down to get dinner (this was also already planned - mcd delivery, what else!)

after picking up the boys, i drove straight home. no pasar ramadhan today. we got home by 5:45pm. asyraf was asleep so i left him in the car for a bit while i bring amir and the bags inside. i quickly turned on the kettle for asyraf's flask and put milk in amir's tumbler and send him upstairs. went back to the car to take asyraf and then carried him, with the flask, a bottle of water for the upstairs fridge and a tupperware of coco pops for amir. when i reached the top most stairs, amir said...mummy, amir punat (yeah right...what about me, kid?!)

took them both to their room, switched on the dvd and prepared their clothes for bed and for today. gave asyraf his susu (which he didnt really drink) and went to my room to change my clothes and wash asyraf's bottles from the daycare (i make it a point to wash his bottles everyday, even though the teachers give them back clean).

then i called mcd for my dinner. went a bit overboard and ordered 2 burgers and fries for myself. thinking they would take at least 40 minutes, i gave the boys their bath. that was a bit stressful cos both wanted to main air instead of just mandi. asyraf is ok still...i can take him out of the water easily (kicking and screaming easily) but amir had to be given 2 bababs before he would come out, all pouting. 10 minutes not enough?

went to check on the delivery guy and found out that he came while i was giving the boys their bath. so i had to call them up and ask them to deliver my food again. they said they'll be around at 7:20pm. ok...berbuka with just water then. scared i'll miss him again this time, i took the boys to our room and let them watch dvd. amir was less active then usual, being still warm-ish and asyraf just wanted to follow me around, whining.

10 minutes after buka i was already shivering and feeling faint. i stood by the window macam tunggu boyfriend. finally the mcd delivery guy came. asked amir to wait in the room and put asyraf in his cot (again kicking and screaming). when i came back upstairs, asyraf had fallen asleep, so i took amir and had a quiet dinner with him.

8pm was my shower time (cum quiet time) though i know it wouldnt last long. amir wouldnt be able to leave asyraf in peace, seeing him sleeping in the cot like that. true enough, before too long i can hear asyraf crying. there goes my quiet time. went out, i saw amir hiding from me in asyraf's cot.

i ignored both and did my maghrib & isyak prayers. amir was still hiding from me. he's already up and about courtesy of the paracetamol i gave him after dinner. i looked at the clock...its only 8:30pm. the boys usually sleep at 10pm. god...this is going to be the longest 1 and 1/2 hours of my life. they wouldnt stay here and there, pick this and that up, pushing each other, pushing the remote off the table (asyraf lah ni), picking up the phone to call daddy (ni kerja amir).

before 10pm, i've had it. i made milk for asyraf and asked amir to go to bed. since he refused, i switched off all the lights and the tv. after a while of standing in the dark he said he wanted to sleep with me. 6oz wasnt enough for asyraf, so i made another 3oz. he started to doze off and rolled over once the bottle was clean. eh...senang pulak today.

then i turned to amir. i can see in the dark that his eyes were wide open. great...another one! i knew he wanted hubby cos hubby always sleep with him. he started to ask if adik's asleep. then he said...amir punat (he doesnt look penat at all). then he gave me his feet to play with and then his back and then...we both fell asleep halfway through singing "on top of spaghetti".

looking back, i wouldnt want to go through that again. taking care of a 2 year old and a one year old while being 9 months pregnant and fasting. it was tiring, it was stressful but hey...i made it!

hubby came home at 11pm. he said something to me, but i just brushed him off...mummy punat lah. and because we didnt visit the pasar ramadhan today, my sahur was just a quarter pounder that i didnt touch last night, plus pengat pisang that hubby remember i was craving for (thanks babe).

on a more serious note, dot (aka bumpylittlebaby) will be undergoing c-sect in the afternoon due to pregnancy complications. her baby is only 34 weeks old. please join me in praying for the health of both of them.


mommamia said...

congrats mummy!u made it!hihi,for me it's really a great victory; a 4 hrs survival with 2yrs old tot and 1 yr old baby both active and carrying 9mth baby inside tummy,whoaa!mmg mencabar-even i yg anak sorang ni pun and tak pregnant,kalau sorang2 lyn irina mmg rasa tak sabar2 nak tunggu dia tido,penatt!pandai u susun strategy awal2,mmg kena buat mcmtu pun,if not mesti kelam kabut nnti,but part turun naik tangga tu mmg penatkan?-i like the part amir nyuruk dr u behind asyraf's cot,haha!comel sgt!i bet he looked very cheeky during that time.

p/s:i just texted dotty,shocked to know that she needs to undergo c-sect,let's pray for both of them,thanks for the news,if not i tak tau

mrs hafiz said...

wow.. ;)

i sorang handle 1 baby pun dah nak nangis tau.. hehe

Diana@Mama Adam Mukhriz said...

kak js lokk-alike meter tu cam tipu jer..he..he.. i buat byk kali tp sumer ke muka hubby ... amir dah ok dah ..siannyer muka moody bila x sihat ... eh dot dah nk deliver yer ??? let'
s pray for her & her baby ya agar mommy n baby safe ..

kombat said...

dpt ku bayangkan betapa rushingnye saat itu. dina sorang ni pun, tekejar-kejar kami dua. huhu


Nae said...

Congratulation!!!!! But remember u're always welcomed to berbuka at my house. Just me, amri & bibik most of the time. The boys can watch tv with adam :)

butterflutter said...

Good Job :)

The magic word is 'routine'. Me with 3 tak sempat duduk till dengar azan. Hubby sampai ngam-ngam or after azan. The reason kena 'pencen' if hubby go back to audit work and balik 9-10pm daily :P

ummi said...

kagum.. kagum..
i have a 6yo girl and a 3yo boy, and i feel like pengsan already!

Aidan's Mommy said...

thanx nina..and you all for the doa and sych.. alhamdulllah baby is fine and now super growing.. hehe


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