Thursday, August 09, 2007

my no1 vs my no2

before i get all mummies out there gasping, this is not a comparison entry. yes, i do agree we shouldnt compare our children but we should notice their differences. by noting differences we are able to treat them differently and encourage their individuality, which i think is important for their growth.

amir is my little cheeky monkey. he smiles in a cheeky way, laughs in a cheeky way, talks in a cheeky way, plays in a cheeky way. he loves the camera and loves to watch himself in the camera. he would scream out "smaiiilllllll" when a camera is directed to him.

asyraf on the other hand is our 'mat kerut'. he frowns. he frowns at everything and everybody. he would frown at amir, before laughing. only amir can make him laugh. besides mummy and daddy. but when he smiles...oh how he melts me heart!

asyraf is the sensitive one between the two. because of this, we cant scold asyraf the same way as we scold. for amir, we can whack him (oh yes we do), we can put him in the empty room and after getting scolding he would come running to make us smile. but with asyraf, we cant. he's so quiet and sensitive i'm afraid of the effect that kind of treatment would have on him.

in terms of development, i see asyraf is ahead of amir. he rolled over earlier, he stood up earlier, he crawls earlier (amir actually never did crawl 'properly'), he even holds his bottle earlier than amir (amir is a super duper lazy bum when it comes to holding his bottle). maybe its because of amir, that he does all these earlier. he's always trying to catch abang long, trying to stand up next to him.

but asyraf's 'internal' development isnt as fast as amir. he was more difficult when it comes to food intake. his choice of food was so limited, if he ate something wrong, he would get diarrhea, he would get spots and rashes. his teacher also informed us that he would throw up his porridge and can only take plain nestum. amir at the same age could eat anything but he just chose not to. he didnt have any adverse side effects from the different kinds of food we gave to him. not only that, asyraf had a bad case of throwing up everything he consumed if not burped. he had to be burped until his 8th month. amir could go to sleep without burping at 3 months old and nothing would happen to him.

but now, asyraf can finally eat. and eat he does. one night this week, he ate half a bowl of heinz multigrain, a full bowl of porridge and 12oz of milk. amir at this stage couldnt even finish 1oz of milk. he was too busy playing and running around.

another development which asyraf falls behind, and this is wayyyy behind, is the cut of first tooth. amir was born with one tooth, with another closely behind in his 3rd week. asyraf had both teeth in his 7th month.

despite all the differences, they are so alike. they crawl the same way, we thought only amir crawls using one leg but when we saw asyraf crawling the same way, we must be in the genes.

they are almost the same size now that we are always asked if they are twins. they love taking baths together and amir is so geram of his brother than he would kiss and hug his brother like there's no tomorrow.

i'm happy they are close and they love each other. i just hope the arrival of baby no3 will make the three of them close rather than make them take sides.


Aidan's Mommy said...

Wow, i just hope aidan and his new little bro will be just like ur boys. So loving towards each other and they get along fine.

So ready for no 3 to arrive?

mommamia said...

your kids are very adorable!love to see the pic of brother amir kissing his lil bro asyraf,so brotherly!-u must already expert in parenting job rite,with 2 lovely boys come with 2 different characters,u must have know n learnt how to handle the kids,and the 3rd one is coming,so i believe u mesti dah terer punya lah!hihi-amir was born with one tooth?wah,so advanced!ni mesti kes terlebih kalsium ni hihi

Liasari said...

they're so affectionate with each other... sooo cute
my kids would tarik rambut and cubit each other! maybe if they were born like 2yrs apart fahmi wud treat his sister differently. i can sense that he still harbors jealousy against his sister. it's my fault!

eiseai said...

dot - when i was pregnant with asyraf my biggest worry was how would amir react when asyraf is finally here. now i'm worried about how the boys would be like when no 3 arrives. ready for no 3? am i ever...rasa macam...get here now, will ya?!

mommamia - terrer? heh...mana ada. still learning. when dah sedar tak terrer tu, either menangis or menjerit je lah. tu lah...everyone says terlebih calcium. 4 boxes of milk a day. now i cant stand the sight of milk...well, once a day still ok :)

lia...affectionate when the camera comes out. amir can have the tarik kaki & cubit moments. just that asyraf donno how to retaliate yet. wait another year...memang blue black i think the both of them. its not ur fault...dont say that. asyraf & no3 pun a year apart. takut jugak he feels that jealous bit towards no3 nanti...


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