Thursday, August 16, 2007

Check Up And Work

not too sure which week i'm in, either 31st or 32nd. my gynae doesnt know either, she said lets just base on the size and the edd corresponding to the size. that too differs according to the angle. for now, my edd is between 13 - 15 oct. i informed her that that's raya time and she went...omigod, i just realised that. i told her, by hook or by crook, i'll push this baby out before then because i dont know what i'd do if she goes on leave.

size-wise he's slightly above the average line on the graph she showed me. i put on 2kgs over the past month, 1kg of which is the baby, who know weighs 1.8kg. another 3kg baby on the way. he is in a head-down position but still pretty high, not engaged yet. i've been feeling contraction every now and then, especially after a long walk (ie from the lrt to the office and back, from the office to the food court and back). other than that, i'm healthy and so is the baby, alhamdulillah.

speaking of work...i've never actually talk about work on my blog, have i? apart from the distance and the fact that its right smack in the city centre (hence the name klcc), i like my place of work. i've worked at 3 other places so far.

my first job after graduation was in a merchant bank. it wasnt a good place to be in during that time. it was during the currency crisis and banks suffered a lot. i was in a boring department as well...accounts. doing debits and credits of non-moving accounts day after day, month after month was just so, so boring. i left after a year. went back to the UK to do my masters. i loved that year. i realised i actually love doing essays and research (undergraduate courses dont really emphasise on researches, especially when you're doing accounting & finance).

when i came back, i was jobless for quite a while until tssc gave my cv out to his friends. i accepted an offer in one of the hotels in town. it was nice, but not a long term career prospect. my friend put my resume in one of the big-5 (now big-4) accounting firms and i joined their corporate finance department. i really liked what i did then. we did due diligence, share valuation, forecast, business review and a bit of audit (which is boring but really makes you organised). i was there for almost 5 years. met hubby there too. but i worked long hours. there were times i came back at 10pm, 11pm even at 1am. when i gave birth to amir, i thought, i waited for a baby for almost 30 years and now to go back to burning the midnight was something i couldnt face. i resigned after my maternity leave and stayed home for a year. i had enough savings that i didnt have to disturb hubby for my personal spending.

but after a year, my savings were almost dry. lady luck was on my side...her name was angela. hahaha. she offered me a job in the company she was working in. it was a totally administrative job - faxing, filing, photocopying - and i took up the offer there and then. i didnt even have to go in for an interview. but i did take a paycut, a huge paycut. but we survived...and its not a decision i regret. i get to go home at 5:30pm; provided i finished my work for the day and that the team dont require my services (ie no events, meetings the next day) and the benefits offered by the company is way, way above excellent. should i mention the benefits...nah, i shouldnt but its seriously great! (hint - they pay the highest epf)

i've been with this company for a year and a half now. i love the place i work in, the department is good. not has its downside (recently a pretty big downside) but to be able to earn what i earn, while doing what i'm doing - and the fact that they actually pay me this much to do this - is wonderful. now, if only it would move to damansara, i'd be the happiest kid on the block...


butterflutter said...

Oooo...which firm was you in? Hubby is still in one of them, come feb genap 12 yrs. Tell me lah...all the tido 2-3am, board meetings memanjang...argh... After 10yrs of audit now he do advisory work proposals-meetings-reports.
I decided to join gov.

rafiqaheliza said...

Oh, I'm glad you love your job. Not everyone is lucky enough to find the job they love...


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