Thursday, August 23, 2007

Birthday Planning

taking a break from my little asyraf's birthday planning and moving on to planning another birthday. tssc is celebrating his 66th birthday this year. we had a big poolside party at our old house for his 50th and had a small surprise (last minute planned) party for his 65th birthday.

but since we didnt have a proper one last year and missed his quite significant 60th, tiza thought we'd have a big do this year. 6 is his favourite number anyway, so 66 would be a good year to have a grand dinner for him.

we've thrown some ideas back and forth between the 3 of us. and i put down all the suggestions on an excel sheet for easy reference. for now, we've put together a small committee, obviously comprising the 4 of us, plus hubby and tssc's secretary.

tasks have been given to all for things such as venue, videography, photography, favours and invitation. i've not actually set a budget as i need to get a feel of how much the hotels would charge us. pengsan lah if they charge a bomb.

i'm currently looking at favours. i initially wanted to get "his & hers" gifts, seeing that most of the guests would be coming as a couple. but to buy 2 things would cost quite a lot. i was playing with the idea of men's and ladies' handkerchief, men's hendkerchief and ladies' brooch, lotion and chocolate, chocolate and candle...then i saw a box of jam and fruits. tisu said that would be nice. so i thought make it a couple's gift and give a few jars of jam and preservatives and maybe fresh fruit in a wooden box. so it will still be a gift for both, but without the mens and womens bit. more of a gift for both sex. now...where to find a gift like that. i found one on the net that costs around $65. maybe if we buy the stuff separate and put them together ourselves it would be cheaper.

so there...after one birthday, there's another to plan for.

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NadiahKhair said...

the idea of fruits and jams as gifts is nice-lah..but why not instead of wooden box which may cost a bomb..try a wire box..i'll email you the pics later.. i know where to get it cheaper provided you buy it at bulk size..and you can put nice plain wrapping papers at the bottom and place the fruits and jams on top..and letak dlm paper bag which has your father's pic..just my 2 cents lah..

but u mmg an amazing supermommy..semua boleh juggle..

sitilina said...

aii akak.

look like our EDD is about the same kan. mine 13th oct. sama2 la kita menghitung hari


tiza said...

blom tgk my juggling act lg...
but i'll keep that 2 myself...
probably only tisu knows...

Liasari said...

i know whr u can get nice PU box selling at cheap price. pernah dengar delinur? i'm not promoting but they came to the office with samples of handmade jewelry boxes and other multipurpose boxes. sayangnyer they are not on the net x leh nak show sample.

btw, ur idea not bad... tu permulaan lah tu nak jadi party planner... heyy success bukan dtg sekelip mata! way to go supermommy & co.

azie said...

nk contribute jugak idea..bleh..hehe..penah came accross satu company buat special choc utk special event mcm ni..melayu n halal baca dlm paper lah..the choc comes in variety of size and flavour..decorations simple guna cantikk


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