Friday, August 31, 2007

Merdeka Weekend

its a long awaited 3-day weekend. hubby wouldnt have to work on saturday so i made plans to clean up the house.

on merdeka eve we went to 1utama. i wanted to have a big dinner (since my gynae said i havent been putting on enough weight - i've been losing actually, while the baby's gain more) and i wanted to go for the jusco midnight sale. the highway to damansara was a bit packed, we got to 1utama around 830pm. by the time we finished dinner it was almost 10pm. we walked for a bit towards the old wing, stopped by at fos. i got new pants for the boys, a couple of tops for amir and 2 onesies for asyraf. seriously...that shop is so cheap! hubby said he couldnt keep his eyes open, so we abandoned our plans for the jusco sale and went home.

i managed to catch a bit of the merdeka celebration before dozing off. much as i would like to watch the 50th anniversary celebration, i was just too tired. its a big deal and all but i just didnt understand why they had to have it at dataran merdeka, right smack in town and close off a lot of the major roads for over a week. i'm sure you dont need to have the celebration there to cultivate the spirit. wouldnt putrajaya be a better venue, at least it wouldnt disturb everyone else whose lives still goes on and would still need to go to work on time. anyway...

friday morning, we went to jusco. we went to dome for breakfast but they were not opened yet. they were nice enough to take our orders first though. while walking towards jusco, asyraf threw up. there goes his t-shirt and pants. we went to jusco and got some new clothes for the boys. i love their $10 t-shirt and short sets. not the best of quality but its good enough for the boys to wear at the daycare. i wouldnt scream as much if they spilled food and drinks. then off to dome for our breakfast and then to popular to find albums and cds. i wanted to go down to the home centre to get hangers and laundry basket for the boys' room but asyraf threw up yet again, so we decided to go home, clean him up and let him sleep.

hubby wanted to take amir for friday prayers but amir fell asleep in the car. while hubby was away, i managed to put all the pictures from our perth trip into the albums, something i've been putting off to do for weeks now. since it was a hot day (really hot day) i was able to do 3 loads of laundry. i was too tired and could only cook ayam goreng kicap and sup telur for dinner. my ever-supportive hubby just said...we dont need to have a table-ful of lauks to have a great dinner. heh...maybe i'll reward that statement with a mexican baked eggs or baked pasta one of these days.

on saturday we planned to go to giant, shah alam early in the morning. i preferred the 1utama giant instead but hubby didnt want to drive so far. i took a bit of time doing a bucketful of laundry, courtesy of asyraf's 3 throwing up sessions the night before. seeing me cleaning got hubby into the cleaning mood as well, i guess. he brought up the vacuum cleaner and a couple of towels and went about vacuuming our room and the computer room upstairs. i helped wipe the futniture in between bathing both boys, giving asyraf 2 bottles of milk and then cleaning up the 2 bottles he threw up and folding and separating the boys clothes.

after cleaning, hubby decided to take asyraf to the nearby clinic. we had breakfast first and went to see the doctor after that. asyraf had a stomach bug, probably due to the new nestum flavour i bought for him. why didnt i remember that his pead warned me to stay away from honey. so now we have to keep the 2 large tins of nestum i bought (1 for the house, 1 for the daycare) and get another flavour. heiii...asyraf ni, sensitive betul...

coming home, we gave asyraf the medicine and hubby brought up the tv from the kitchen to put in the boys' room. he said his football has been neglected since a certain someone is forever watching mickey mouse or elmo or bear or happy feet or donald duck or thomas the tank engine. so now, with the tv in his room, maybe amir will leave hubby to watch his footie in peace. since hubby looked a bit "in the mood" i hinted that the glow in the dark stars and seashells i bought would look nice at night. he got the hint and spent the rest of the hour putting them up all over the boys' room.

our plans to go to giant were pushed back to dinnertime. we managed to grab hangers for us and the boys (since baju pun bertambah after the pre, post and during perth trip), a portable dvd player for the boys' room and some groceries. hubby and i planned to have daging goreng kunyit and sup telur (again) for dinner but while dicsussing, we realised that gas habis, so we bought kfc for dinner instead. daging goreng kunyit will be our menu for lunch on sunday.

hubby also spoke to the guy who would be putting new grass to replace our "hutan belantara". after convincing him that i dont see a need for a carpet grass and just want a normal cow grass lawn, he said he can start as soon as possible. that's one of projects almost settled. we're still waiting for the wardrobe to be installed. i have to fax over the floor plan monday morning, they will then come to measure and need 5 days to put the things together before coming over to install - i'm hoping it will be done before the fasting month. once the wardrobe is installed, i can reorganise amir & asyraf's room and maybe start training them to sleep there.

daddy's little helper injured on tour of duty

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


first it was le king, then it was the sexy one...and now its the baby faced assassin.

he's been one of my favourite players since he came on in his first few games. since then he's always been a crowd favourite, everyone would have a smile on their face when they mention his name. he scores when he gets off the bench, the supersub...he scored the winning goal in the 1999 champions league final...he's our solskjaer, our ole solskjaer.

he will be terribly missed...

28/08/2007 11:55,
Report by Press Department
Ole confirms retirement
After much deliberation and with deep sadness, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer today announces his retirement from his playing career.The decision was reached after continuing problems with his knee injury. Ole will remain at the Club in a coaching capacity and will represent Manchester United as an official Ambassador.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said: "I would like to thank the Manager, the coaching and medical staff and most of all the supporters, who have supported me through my career. They have been fantastic and were a real inspiration to me when I was out injured. "The support the fans and the staff showed me during that time was the main motivation for me making my comeback. I feel proud to have represented Manchester United for 11 years and have some very special memories.”

Sir Alex Ferguson said: “Ending your playing career is a sad day for anyone, in the case of Ole, he has 11 fantastic years he can look back on. "Ole has achieved everything a player could ever wish to achieve. He has been a great servant to the Club and has always remained a model professional in his responsibility as a player, in his demeanour and his manners have always been exemplary. Ole will hopefully go on to be a good coach.”
David Gill said: “Ole has provided us all with some exceptional memories during his time here at the Club."Nobody will ever forget his dramatic winner in Barcelona, but much more than that his dedication and professionalism make him one of the great role models in football. Ole will be dearly missed as a player, but will go on to serve the Club as an Ambassador and a valuable coach.”

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tight Weekend

i had invitations from all over this weekend.

on saturday, dot invited us over to her house for aidan's first birthday. hehe, like me, dot have been planning her firstborn's birthday for ages. and let me tell you, it was certainly worth it. the turnout was huge, the theme was so cute, her favours was wonderful (amir loves the bubbles), her cuppies look great. i was a bit overwhelmed at first, meeting blogger & FP mummies that i've only "seen" on the cyber world. but everyone was so nice. i think everyone knew each other by either their blog name or by looking at their children. besides diana (whom i already know from pcm) and the host, i met for the first time, rafiqah, momma-mia, the kek...i know i saw lazydaisy from far (i recognised her daniel and adam). but everyone was so nice and it was though we've all met before.

as usual, asyraf was his mat kerut self. most of the mummies can only utter...will he ever smile? amir had a blast playing with momma mia's irina. they were running all over and amir was all sweaty and masam by the time we left. he didnt sleep a wink the whole day and was very moody come night time.

kudos to dot and her hubby for a great party and to dot for being able to be a gracious host despite being heavily pregnant (she's due a week or two after me, so i can imagine how tired she must have felt). next year another party eh dot...for baby no 2??

we came back all tired, hubby wanted to rest and watch his footie, since he was working the morning. i made a quick mihun soup for dinner, bathe the boys, gave asyraf about 3 bottles of milk and leaving him in his cot to sleep, before finally settling down for our dinner.

on sunday, i woke quite early. went around the house doing my normal weekend chores, then i bathed both boys, dressed them and gave asyraf his ubat and bottle. hubby left the house with amir to run a really ridiculous errant, which gave me time to bathe and eat in peace while asyraf slept.

first on our agenda is a committee meeting for tssc's birthday in december.

then off to gombak for dania's 3rd birthday party. i didnt print out the map to azie's house and was a bit scared we'd get lost.

coming back, i wanted to cook rice for dinner as i was craving for sup telur, but i was so tired. we went out for dinner nearby.

next weekend will be a long weekend. friday is a public holiday and hubby's not working on sautrday. i've got a few things all planned, like sorting out asyraf's clothes and the baby's clothes. i plan to transfer asyraf's clothes to his room as i want them to start using that room more and less of our room. i'm also getting hubby to move the tv up from the kitchen to their room so that amir can watch his mickey and thomas and pooh and monsters inc without disturbing us. maybe they'll fall asleep there too...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Birthday Planning

taking a break from my little asyraf's birthday planning and moving on to planning another birthday. tssc is celebrating his 66th birthday this year. we had a big poolside party at our old house for his 50th and had a small surprise (last minute planned) party for his 65th birthday.

but since we didnt have a proper one last year and missed his quite significant 60th, tiza thought we'd have a big do this year. 6 is his favourite number anyway, so 66 would be a good year to have a grand dinner for him.

we've thrown some ideas back and forth between the 3 of us. and i put down all the suggestions on an excel sheet for easy reference. for now, we've put together a small committee, obviously comprising the 4 of us, plus hubby and tssc's secretary.

tasks have been given to all for things such as venue, videography, photography, favours and invitation. i've not actually set a budget as i need to get a feel of how much the hotels would charge us. pengsan lah if they charge a bomb.

i'm currently looking at favours. i initially wanted to get "his & hers" gifts, seeing that most of the guests would be coming as a couple. but to buy 2 things would cost quite a lot. i was playing with the idea of men's and ladies' handkerchief, men's hendkerchief and ladies' brooch, lotion and chocolate, chocolate and candle...then i saw a box of jam and fruits. tisu said that would be nice. so i thought make it a couple's gift and give a few jars of jam and preservatives and maybe fresh fruit in a wooden box. so it will still be a gift for both, but without the mens and womens bit. more of a gift for both sex. now...where to find a gift like that. i found one on the net that costs around $65. maybe if we buy the stuff separate and put them together ourselves it would be cheaper.

so there...after one birthday, there's another to plan for.

lia, party

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

9 Months On...

and asyraf still gets the flu and runny nose at least twice a month. each time the bout would last about 2 weeks, so basically he gets the flu and sniffles almost throughout the month.

its been like that since he was born and i just pray it will end soon. i cant imagine waking up to tend to him every hour (like we're doing now) when baby no 3 is born. i think we'll go bezerk!!

this time around it started with fever. he has slightly high temperature for a couple of days. we gave the daycare instructions to give him paracetamol and not stop even though he cools down. it worked, within 2 days, he was no longer hot. then it came...the dreaded flu. flu comes hand-in-hand with phlegm, which brings cough, which welcomes throwing up sessions, be it during the day or at night. and of course, bucketsful of clothes, towels and bedsheets to wash. and yes...public enemy no 1...ants!

we took asyraf to the nearby clinic on saturday. he also had an eye infection. we think its due to him throwing up when he was sleeping the night before and it went all over his face. the infection may be contagious the doctor said and it moved from his left to right eye the next day. thank god it wasnt bad and its almost completely gone with the eye drop.

unfortunately after 3 days he was still throwing up and waking up every hour. so i took the day off to bring asyraf to his regular pediatrician. off went whatever medication the clinic doctor prescribed and on came new ones from dr azizi. many doctors, so many ubats. i dont care what medicine they gave as long as it makes the boy drowsy!

today he seems a wee bit better. i could have a nice lunch while he slept, i even managed to do some grocery shopping without interuptions. now he's having a short nap and i hope he'll be better in a day or two.

and 7 months & many, many mileages on...i'm getting swollen ankles and the occasional contraction attack (the worst was last night, i thought i would faint from the pain...)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Check Up And Work

not too sure which week i'm in, either 31st or 32nd. my gynae doesnt know either, she said lets just base on the size and the edd corresponding to the size. that too differs according to the angle. for now, my edd is between 13 - 15 oct. i informed her that that's raya time and she went...omigod, i just realised that. i told her, by hook or by crook, i'll push this baby out before then because i dont know what i'd do if she goes on leave.

size-wise he's slightly above the average line on the graph she showed me. i put on 2kgs over the past month, 1kg of which is the baby, who know weighs 1.8kg. another 3kg baby on the way. he is in a head-down position but still pretty high, not engaged yet. i've been feeling contraction every now and then, especially after a long walk (ie from the lrt to the office and back, from the office to the food court and back). other than that, i'm healthy and so is the baby, alhamdulillah.

speaking of work...i've never actually talk about work on my blog, have i? apart from the distance and the fact that its right smack in the city centre (hence the name klcc), i like my place of work. i've worked at 3 other places so far.

my first job after graduation was in a merchant bank. it wasnt a good place to be in during that time. it was during the currency crisis and banks suffered a lot. i was in a boring department as well...accounts. doing debits and credits of non-moving accounts day after day, month after month was just so, so boring. i left after a year. went back to the UK to do my masters. i loved that year. i realised i actually love doing essays and research (undergraduate courses dont really emphasise on researches, especially when you're doing accounting & finance).

when i came back, i was jobless for quite a while until tssc gave my cv out to his friends. i accepted an offer in one of the hotels in town. it was nice, but not a long term career prospect. my friend put my resume in one of the big-5 (now big-4) accounting firms and i joined their corporate finance department. i really liked what i did then. we did due diligence, share valuation, forecast, business review and a bit of audit (which is boring but really makes you organised). i was there for almost 5 years. met hubby there too. but i worked long hours. there were times i came back at 10pm, 11pm even at 1am. when i gave birth to amir, i thought, i waited for a baby for almost 30 years and now to go back to burning the midnight was something i couldnt face. i resigned after my maternity leave and stayed home for a year. i had enough savings that i didnt have to disturb hubby for my personal spending.

but after a year, my savings were almost dry. lady luck was on my side...her name was angela. hahaha. she offered me a job in the company she was working in. it was a totally administrative job - faxing, filing, photocopying - and i took up the offer there and then. i didnt even have to go in for an interview. but i did take a paycut, a huge paycut. but we survived...and its not a decision i regret. i get to go home at 5:30pm; provided i finished my work for the day and that the team dont require my services (ie no events, meetings the next day) and the benefits offered by the company is way, way above excellent. should i mention the benefits...nah, i shouldnt but its seriously great! (hint - they pay the highest epf)

i've been with this company for a year and a half now. i love the place i work in, the department is good. not has its downside (recently a pretty big downside) but to be able to earn what i earn, while doing what i'm doing - and the fact that they actually pay me this much to do this - is wonderful. now, if only it would move to damansara, i'd be the happiest kid on the block...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sundays sundays are a little different from saturdays.

hubby and i woke up before 7am to pray. while we were getting up, the boys woke up as well (dah biasa since we leave the house around this time on weekdays, i guess). i prayed first while hubby changes asyraf's diapers. then hubby prays and i gave asyraf his bottle. amir is, as usual, his menyibuk self, buzzing around asyraf's cot and our bed, asking for bear, barney, mickey, mikut and everything under the sun.

then i went back to sleep while hubby layan the boys. layan would mean switching on the dvd, putting them on amir's mattress and then off to see last night's footie scores on the net.

about an hour after that i get up to prepare another bottle for asyraf (god, he drinks a lot!) and prepare his bath water. get hubby to bathe him and i give amir his bath. asyraf takes his nap after his bath and hubby takes amir out for breakfast after his.

so here i am...getting ready for my shower and my breakfast (i prefer eggs and toast rather than roti canai or nasi lemak, which i consume daily before work) with no one to disturb me. this is nice, for a change...

mock - heh, i typed the last entry while giving asyraf his bottle. tekan je publish, and i carry him to his cot. ok lah tu...multitask :)

tiza...haiyoooo...what a long comment. you sure you dont want to open your own blog? monday - work, tuesday - work, wednesday - fight with halipas, thursday - refuse to go back to own room...

rafiqah - haha...mana ada supermummy. trying to take one day at a time. i'm guilty of falling asleep and waking up to find one boy crying on the floor while the other looks innocent too. nasib baik my boys both love the playpen, senang cerita. if not its the exersaucer. really gives me room to do work and go about my business. hubby i pun said asyraf is going to be tall. yesterday when he came back from work he said, omigod...he's so tall. macam lah bertahun tak jumpa, padahal baru a few hours. eh, i went to erin's daughter's birthday yesterday. she gave mugs as well...i like, i like :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007


our saturdays changed beginning today. hubby started work at a new place, and this place requires him to work saturdays. i think working saturdays is useless and is taking a step behind. you not only waste half of the day (and if you come back tired and would need a nap, then it would be a waste of a full day), but you also go to work doing almost nothing. i used to work saturdays about 10 years ago. we would go in, have a long breakfast, read emails, reply emails, surf a bit, start getting down to doing work, look at the watch...ah, another 30 minutes to closing time and we start packing up. work? nobody does anything on saturdays.

for me, handling 2 boys alone is not bad. handling 2 toddlers and a baby, now that's something i'm worried about. so far, the boys have been easy, especially at this age. today i managed to do everything rather quickly.

6:50am - hubby and i wake up, subuh, hubby showers and get ready for work
7:00am - i go down, boil the water for asyraf's flask, put clothes into the washing machine, open the curtains, switch off the lights
7:15am - prepare the boys clothes for the day
7:20am - as i'm walking around, the boys would get up
7:25am - brush amir's teeth, give him something to eat (biscuits or bread), give asyraf his bottle
7:30am - hubby leave the house, we watch from the balcony
7:40am - put asyraf in his playpen, bathe amir, start asyraf's water
8:00am - put on amir's dvd, bathe asyraf (very short bath cos i cant squat down for a long time)
8:10am - let the boys play while i make the beds
8:20am - put out the laundry, my turn to eat

there...i could do everything within 1 hour and a bit more. but with 2 toddlers and a baby, i'm sure it wont be as easy as this. i dont have any backup plan for the moment. get my sister to take amir? nah...saturdays are her busy day. plus then we would need to go and pick him up. if we wait for her to send him home, that would be after dinner and i dont want to miss any more time with amir than necessary.

i just wish hubby would get another job, one that doesnt require him to work saturdays. we need a lot of family time, especially when the boys are young, and we need our rest, especially when we rush to and from work 5 days a week.

now to give asyraf his breakfast, another bottle and to put him in the playpen for his morning nap...

Thursday, August 09, 2007

my no1 vs my no2

before i get all mummies out there gasping, this is not a comparison entry. yes, i do agree we shouldnt compare our children but we should notice their differences. by noting differences we are able to treat them differently and encourage their individuality, which i think is important for their growth.

amir is my little cheeky monkey. he smiles in a cheeky way, laughs in a cheeky way, talks in a cheeky way, plays in a cheeky way. he loves the camera and loves to watch himself in the camera. he would scream out "smaiiilllllll" when a camera is directed to him.

asyraf on the other hand is our 'mat kerut'. he frowns. he frowns at everything and everybody. he would frown at amir, before laughing. only amir can make him laugh. besides mummy and daddy. but when he smiles...oh how he melts me heart!

asyraf is the sensitive one between the two. because of this, we cant scold asyraf the same way as we scold. for amir, we can whack him (oh yes we do), we can put him in the empty room and after getting scolding he would come running to make us smile. but with asyraf, we cant. he's so quiet and sensitive i'm afraid of the effect that kind of treatment would have on him.

in terms of development, i see asyraf is ahead of amir. he rolled over earlier, he stood up earlier, he crawls earlier (amir actually never did crawl 'properly'), he even holds his bottle earlier than amir (amir is a super duper lazy bum when it comes to holding his bottle). maybe its because of amir, that he does all these earlier. he's always trying to catch abang long, trying to stand up next to him.

but asyraf's 'internal' development isnt as fast as amir. he was more difficult when it comes to food intake. his choice of food was so limited, if he ate something wrong, he would get diarrhea, he would get spots and rashes. his teacher also informed us that he would throw up his porridge and can only take plain nestum. amir at the same age could eat anything but he just chose not to. he didnt have any adverse side effects from the different kinds of food we gave to him. not only that, asyraf had a bad case of throwing up everything he consumed if not burped. he had to be burped until his 8th month. amir could go to sleep without burping at 3 months old and nothing would happen to him.

but now, asyraf can finally eat. and eat he does. one night this week, he ate half a bowl of heinz multigrain, a full bowl of porridge and 12oz of milk. amir at this stage couldnt even finish 1oz of milk. he was too busy playing and running around.

another development which asyraf falls behind, and this is wayyyy behind, is the cut of first tooth. amir was born with one tooth, with another closely behind in his 3rd week. asyraf had both teeth in his 7th month.

despite all the differences, they are so alike. they crawl the same way, we thought only amir crawls using one leg but when we saw asyraf crawling the same way, we must be in the genes.

they are almost the same size now that we are always asked if they are twins. they love taking baths together and amir is so geram of his brother than he would kiss and hug his brother like there's no tomorrow.

i'm happy they are close and they love each other. i just hope the arrival of baby no3 will make the three of them close rather than make them take sides.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Perth - Days After

now that the holiday is over, we're back in our own home and going back to our normal routines. we not only brought back happy memories, loads of new clothes and gifts, lots of pictures and video shoots, we also brought back some other things...

1. laundry
hubby and i managed to sort out our dirty, washed and new clothes in under an hour. we then separated into asyraf's, amir's and our baskets. i thought the boys clothes would take a few loads, but they only needed 1 load each. ours was the one that took more washing. i had forgotten that their clothes are smaller (even though more, with the new clothes we bought) and they wear disposable nappies (duh...)

thank god it was sunny the whole weekend. i managed to washed all 4 loads over the weekend. good thing, too, that i made sure i didnt leave any dirty clothes before we left.

2. rashes
my skin-sensitive boys brought home with them rashes due to the water and the weather. asyraf's rashes were more big and obvious (they were red, with almost blackish spots in the middle) while amir's were more spread out (they were under his chin, his underarms, behind his ears). we went to see their ever-reliable pediatrician on monday and he gave us some lotions.

3. empty fridge and cabinets
we came back to a house with empty fridge and kitchen cabinets. there was absolutely nothing to eat or drink. we survived on plain water and roti canai before getting the energy to visit the nearby supermarket.

4. ants
while we were away, the ants practically bermaharajalela-ed in our house. the moment i put asyraf's bottles on the table, it became ants-infested within 40 seconds. i think i used up the whole can of shieldtox in just 1 day.

5. no bills
before we left, hubby and i put aside some money to be changed to aussie dollars. we also found some leftover from our gold coast trip. we made a list of possible spendings and things to buy so that we dont go over budget and would not have to resort to using our credit cards. alhamdulillah, tssc also gave us some money during our time there and paid for all entrance fees, food and transportation. it turns out, we actually didnt use the money we changed. even the boys shopping could be covered by the money tssc gave.

6. hyper baby #3
baby no 3 was very quiet during the trip, particularly during the first few days. i was pretty worried and would love to do an ultrasound over there. but then, the same thing happened to asyraf last year when we went to gold coast. now that we're back and rested, baby no 3 seems to double his movements to make up for lost time. not only are his movements more, they are also stronger now. i could swear i feel some contractions since we got home...

7. amir's "vacation mark"
as azie called it has gone. now all's left is a small 'bekas luka'. amir's pead gave us antibacterial cream to put on it.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Perth - Day 1

weather - showers
temperature - 10c - 17c
itinerary - flight to perth, check in to burswood intercontinental hotel, rest

travelling on a morning flight has its ups and downs. one good side is we get to reach the destination early, check in and unpack at a reasonable hour and then rest for the week ahead. the bad side is that we have to get up before the crack of dawn.

that's what we did. hubby and i got up before subuh, checked the whole house, switched off the lights and gas, ensured all windows and doors are locked, and then wake up and prepared the boys for the trip ahead. luckily they were not cranky. we got to the airport fairly early. tccs, tiza and tisu just left and we had to wait for them. we had a light breakfast at the terminal, while waiting for the departure call. good thing we were seated together, dont think i could have survived taking care of asyraf all by myself.

we got in to perth international airport at 330pm. the queue at the immigration was long, but there wasnt any problems. we finally got into the hotel at 5pm - in time for asar. the people warned us that the weather may not be good the whole week. its ok, we'll make the best out of it. we got connecting rooms with tiza and tisu, which excites amir. the boys went about exploring the room. after unpacking we called tssc about dinner. he made plans with his friends, so we had dinner in the room. food wasnt good but we were hungry.

Perth - Day 2

weather - showers, windy
temperature - 8c - 16c
itinerary - perth city/town tour

first day usually entails a tour of the town. it was raining that morning, but we thought we'd go ahead with our plans. there was a hop on-hop off bus that stops right in front of the hotel, so we decided to see the city on the bus.

it took us to the ferry harbour, wellington street (where harbour town is), to kings park (which would have been beautiful if it wasnt raining) and then to town. we hopped off at picadilly avenue and walked around town.

we planned to have lunch, then shop for groceries and then hop back on the bus at barrack street back to the hotel.

we got back to the hotel around 330pm. tssc booked us a table in alure for dinner. it was facing the pool. the view would have been great if it wasnt raining.

note - amir fell down from his high chair during lunch and was left with a swollen nose (which later left a prominent mark throughout the trip and then some).


the value of marriage is not that adults produce children but that children produce adults - peter de vries

grown-ups never understand anything for themselves and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explainning things to them - antoine de saint-exupery
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