Saturday, May 05, 2007

Sports Day

it was amir's sports day today. according to his teacher he has been practising / training for over a week now, and would also get first place. we were looking forward to see him in action. unfortunately amir couldnt perform when his daddy & mummy were around. he was crying and whining and kept looking out for us across the field.

despite that he did manage to collect a lot of sweets in one event and was 2nd for the banana eating event. i think he even managed to get top placing for the running competition.

getting ready for the competitions...

collecting sweets, eating banana and running...

it was seriously a hot day and we left about an hour before the prize giving ceremony. hubby gave his name for the father's competition but we couldnt wait for it to start. the boys were getting cranky under the hot sun, especially asyraf.

on a sadder note, hoggiey (our cat of 12 years) died in her sleep today. may she rest in peace in cat heaven. amin. we're gonna miss your queen-ness, gi gi.


Erin said...

Kagum betul tgk amir nih..umur baru 2 tahun.... dah join sukaneka...mmg macam abang besar je...

rafiqaheliza said...

Sportsday for 2 yo? You're kidding me?! Gila best!! School kat mana ni? 2yo dah ada sports day? I'm impressed! Does they organize concert for 2 yo too? Wow!!
And look at Amir. He understands rule. Impressive.
Oh my, Asyraf buat ape tu? Dia tido tiarap dalam stroller ye. Samalah mcm Ashraff I..:)

tiza said...

i miss hoggiey . . . ;-(

mock said...

kiddies dat size pun ada sports day!!! comel tul!!

Hot Mama said...

Oh my.. i know how it feel to lose a pet cat... Are you planning to get an new cat?

eiseai said...

erin: mcm abg besar apa? asyik nangis je bila tengok daddy & mummy kat hujung padang...haha!!

rafiqah: not bad eh the school. byk things he learn there, will update soon. concert?? wow...i'd love to see amir on stage. sure kelam je. asyraf tu unfortunately tido meniarap. nak carik new stroller pun susah. kena get one yg can lie flat.

tiza: who doesnt miss hoggiey :(

mock: you should see them run. kaki kontot2 cute!

dot: sad huh? i've always said i'd have to take compassionate leave if hoggiey ever dies, but she died on saturday. i didnt even see her cos she's at my parent's house. at the moment, cant get a new cat cos my boys both asthmatic.

Liasari said...

cute nyer amir dgn sports attire dia... betul js kaki kontot2 nampak comel jer... hahaha
wish fahmi's school pun ada sports day but seems like school dia ni focus more on indoor classes jer :(

ninuknoviati said...

seems like this month is kiddy sports month ... errrr hitam maknya kena berpanas. we'd our Bahtera Ilmu Sports day also for Uqbah. Uqbah rumah ... oren ... caya la. first time ada sukan rumah Oren ! i uploaded some photos on my blog on rumah Oren event.


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