Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Alone Time

took the day off today. had to go for a blood test so i changed my weekend appointment to weekday to avoid the crowd. also, i didnt want to bring two (three actually) boys with me when i had my blood test taken. god knows the queue at the lab is freaking long, then at my gynae's clinic.

got to the hospital at 10am. wanted to leave earlier but i was afraid of the bottleneck after the damansara exit. settled my GL, handed my appointment card at the clinic and went to the lab. i was 2nd in line and didnt have to wait more than 10 minutes, thank god. then went back to the clinic. again i didnt have to wait long, i was the 3rd patient to see the doctor. but just before the nurse called me, the doctor had to go up to the OT. so i waited for another 20 minutes.

the doctor was a bit worried that i havent been eating since my weight remains constant for the past 2 months. well, its actually been decreasing since the baby's put on some. i told her maybe cos i'm active and always on the move (not surprising with 2 boys at home). this time around the baby could be seen so clearly. i saw everything, the spine, lungs, bladder, liver, heart, perut bulat...and yes, even at an early age he listens to mummy. this time around, memang he kangkang besar-besar and there it was. gynae said...confirm!! there was nothing else she could say but...confirm!! the only thing on my mind least i dont have to think of another name! the baby even gave us a thumbs up sign to show that he's fine inside. that got me tearing a bit.

left the clinic happily and off i went to 1utama. i wanted to get a wedding present for hubby's cousin and wanted to check out the maternity section in jaya jusco. i've been told its quite good. it was actually, i'm surprised. they had loads of pants (which i needed desperately) and some nice casual tops. then i went to the supermarket. i've been craving to cook for the longest time. making chicken rice 2 weekends ago and cooking over the weekend wasnt enough. plus the boys wasnt at home, so i had the kitchen (and the house) all to myself.

taking a leaf out of lia's page, i made lasagna for dinner. hope hubby likes it, he's not much of a pasta person.

i also bought some sirloin for tomorrow's dinner, a surprise for hubby. marinated it while making the pasta sauce. tomorrow i'll just put it in the oven.

got my ice cream for dessert...

p/s after my last blog regarding the boys' eczema, i got a lot of concerned reactions. just wanted to assure everyone, the boys are fine. their eczema is seriously very minor. asyraf has close to no itchiness, just some redness behind his knees. amir has quite a few rashes on his legs and right arm but its nothing alarming. he's been eating chicken, eggs and other poultry items for ages and has no adverse reaction to them. his itchiness only started in the last couple of months when he's been exposed to junk food in school. we've already established the cause with his pead and his eczema can be controlled if the junk food intake stops. the pead didnt advise to change milk (amir has stopped drinking milk for a year now) and approves of the milk asyraf drinks. he didnt advise amir to stop eating poultry, he just says a big no-no to junk food and processed food (ie nuggets, burgers) and wholeheartedly encourages homecooked food. for asyraf, he just says no more gerber. give him porridge with no ikan bilis. the rest he says, just apply the long list of creams, lotions and oitments he prescribed, insyaallah the boys will be rashes-less.


@Mama Adam Mukhriz said...

wah ..good boynya baby kak js nie ..dgr ckp mummy .. kak js puas hati kan dpt masak mcm2 nie..nmpk sedapnyer ... nyummy ..

Nae said...

bestnyer ice cream tu....nak sikit :)

yey!!!! it's a boy!!!

dania_saffiya said...

dream comes true lah kak..hehe..congrats...:D

Hot Mama said...

I guess u r happy with the result.. you got what u wished for.. another boy! so happy for you... I cant wait to find out mine.. but i have this feeling its gonna be a boy as well. Oh well don't mind another Aidan... Hhehehe!!!
Btw: that is one of my fav ice cream beside macadamian brittle! Yummy!!!

NadiahKhair said...

wahhh favorite lah.. cookies and cream..i dont usually share mine so he has to get his own always-coffee-flavored-something..
a boy..yeay!!!! congratulations to all of u..

rafiqaheliza said...

Another boy?! You got what you wish for! Three boys? Just like the Beckhams...Cool seriously!
Heh, ice-cream tu membuatku terliur okay. Cookies & cream is my fav flava!


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