Saturday, February 24, 2007

Are We Ready?

the answer is a simple no. mentally not ready, physically not ready, financially not ready. the boys are not ready either.

but then, here we are...faced with the possibility. when you want it badly, you dont get it. when you least expect it...there it is, right in front of your...uhhh...stomach.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Weekend of Gatherings

we didnt have anything planned for the long weekend. i just wanted to spend time with the boys and hubby, still with his nrs syndrome, wanted to do work. no plans pun, our weekend was quite packed with gatherings.

gathering 1 - dr azizi (saturday)
well, this is not a gathering, unless you consider the group of parents and children roaming outside his clinic, a gathering. amir had to have his 2nd pneumococcal jab while asyraf was due for his 1st triple antigen jab. while we were there, we asked the doctor why amir's flu hasnt dried up and why asyraf was breathing so loudly. he belek-belek my boys for a while and diagnosed that they had early symptoms of asthma (my poor babies). they had to be monitored for a month, and to be given nasal spray and flu syrup. amir also had to take antibiotics for a week, asyraf just finished the antibiotics he started when he was admitted. asyraf also had thrush in his mouth due to the combination of the antibiotics and his mummy not sterilising the measly 2 bottles that she brought to the hospital. we came out of the hospital with 2 big bags of medicine.

we went home to take a nap as the weather was so gloomy (there's nothing better than an afternoon nap on a raining afternoon). we went out again for dinner, taking advantage of the smooth traffic. i think that's why hubby took the long way to bandar utama - there was absolutely no cars on the road.

gathering 2 - my cousins (sunday)
a cousin of mine moved into her new apartment in sentul. she invited us over for a small makan-makan. well, it was as small as it could get with her 6 brothers and sisters, plus me and my 2 sisters, and her 22 nephews and nieces. amir was happily playing by himself in the midst of all the children. asyraf was hot and was sweating. netty, letak lah kipas satu lagi.

in the morning, we took amir for ride on train mummy from kelana jaya to klcc. he loved the ride, but asyraf hated the "stesen berikutnya..." annoucement.

gathering 3 - pcm (monday)
one of the pcm forummers wanted to see my house so we sort of decided to have a playgroup and potluck sambil-sambil see my house. there was only 5 couples and 10 children but the house seemed so lively.

gathering 4 - hubby's siblings (tuesday)
hubby's sister in semenyih invited us over for lunch since the FIL was in town. hubby wasnt so keen as he wanted to do some work and since it was the last day of the long leave, he wanted to spend it resting at home. but since the morning was so hot, he thought...ok lah, lets go for a drive and have lunch at their place. we were there til around tea time. by the time we reached home, it was already dinner time.

so there it was...our long holiday. at the end of the holiday, it didnt seem long enough. the thought of 2 months of no public holiday at all, is so scary. well, there's always EL and MC, right?

Friday, February 09, 2007

Daycare Update

my hot topic for the moment.

after a week at the daycare (less for asyraf), i'm quite excited to give an update. maybe its too soon, but here's our intake on the place for now.

1. there is a proper office. as we entered the place, we were ushered into an office where the headmistress has her desk. there is also 2 desks to handle enquiries and payment and another desk for administration work. there is a notice board where the names of the ibu who will be in charge after the normal daycare hours as well as if there's any complain is made public (on the day we registered, the tv was out of order).

2. when we paid, they said that we can hold off our payment as they also aim to help parents as well as the children. amir's registration fees is slightly higher as it includes uniform and sports day payment.

3. the daycare and kindergarten are totally separated. from that, each age group has their own room. there are a couple of baby cots in the babies room. the ibu asked if asyraf preferred to sleep on the mattress or in the cot. i told her, he doesnt mind either.

4. we then went to see amir's classroom. outside the classroom, there is a large play area and eating area. the kitchen is no where to be seen.

5. which brings me to my next point, amir's clothes doesnt smell of garlic and onion. his pajamas smells like my room (which i love) and his towel smells of soap. asyraf's clothes is clean, not a black spot in sight and no milk stains.

6. according to the ibu, amir could name all the animals that they show on the flash card. hubby asked if amir named them in english or malay as we teach him the english names. the ibu said, we teach in english here too. oh thank god!

7. amir is very attached to asyraf. every now and then he would ask for asyraf. on the first day, he said he wanted to sleep with asyraf and not with his classmates. i think he's excited to see his brother with him. at the old daycare, asyraf was kept in the bedroom upstairs, so amir may not know asyraf was around.

8. they care for children on the weekends and charge a very, very reasonable daily rate. they are also used to children sleeping over at the daycare as sometimes the parents may work during night shift.

of course. there's nothing perfect in this world. here's what happened to amir yesterday.

but the owner & her husband managed to soothe our anger by:
1. quarantine-ing the perpetrator;
2. relieving the teacher from her duties, we were copied in the letter;
3. verbally informing the parents, and upon hubby's request, will write a formal complaint to them about their daughter's attitude.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hectic Weekend

we had a birthday party invitation at prima damansara on saturday. i went to meet my online friends and their children, and let them meet meet my 2 boys. the party was for 1-year old hani, and the parents went for a red and white theme. everything was red and white, from the cakes, to the deco, to the clothes. the party was nice. i waited for nad for ages, but she was late as she got lost. tu lah...orang jauh lah kata kan :)

on friday, amir's ibu (the teachers at the daycare) informed us that amir was a bit warm, so we monitored him during the weekend. but then on saturday night, asyraf was breathing very loudly. his nose sounded blocked. so on sunday morning we took him to damansara specialist to see the medical officer. i would love to bring him to his peadiatrician but its was sunday and i doubt he was working. i was wrong...hubby and i shouted with happiness seeing the pead's car in front of the hospital. we cant help it, we rely heavily on the boys' pead. apa dia cakap, betul je.

we went to see the MO first. after explaining to him what asyraf's symptoms was, plus that he fall off the bed on friday, the MO seemed confused and called asyraf's pead for advise. thank god he did...i didnt think i'd be satisfies with anything the MO prescribed, looking at his confused face.

so...asyraf was admitted under the advise of the pead. we got a double bedded room and put our name in the waiting list for the single bed room. thank god we did. the patient next to our bed was loud and irritating. quite a bit happen (that i dont feel is worth discussing...although i'm happy we gave them a good whalloping, except for hubby who was upset he didnt say "bi-atch" to her face) and we got another double bedded room for that night. asyraf's nostrils and airway had to be cleared with a suction. he had a lot of phlegm and his nostrils were totally blocked. i cant believe so much phlegm came out from such a small boy. i stayed with asyraf while hubby went back with amir. before they went back my sisters came over to give amir his birthday presents, and make some noise in the room.

the next day, i was all prepared to go home as asyraf's fever has gone down. but his pead wanted to monitor him some more as he said asyraf wasnt breathing properly. he knows just by looking at asyraf's wonder he's the chest physician. oh well...another night in the ward then. we moved to a single room on monday. so hubby and amir came over to spend the night in the hospital as well. i was bored being alone there. the nurse did another suction at 5am as asyraf couldnt breathe and couldnt sleep. immediately after that, they gave him phenegan and he slept preacefully until 9am.

the pead came over to give him another check and said asyraf's well enough to go home. he told us to be prepared to do manual suction or to buy a suction machine at the pharmacy. i dont mind, as long as we get to go home.

now his temperature has risen slightly and i've taken off his clothes so that he can cool down. i hope he'll be better soon.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Week That Was

boyz II men
my favourite group came over to do a concert last weekend. i didnt get to see them during the forces of nature concert and didnt think i was going for this one as its held in genting. but hearing my sisters got free tickets and were spending the night there, i thought...aaaa tak fair!! luckily there were still seats available when i went to the ticketing counter the morning of the concert. we drove to genting after lunch.

i was not disappointed. they were great, i had great seats and got a great view. there was no babysitting facility at the hotel so hubby sacrificed his ticket to take care of the boys and i went with my sisters. after a couple of songs i got bored and asked hubby to send amir to me. so my 2 year old got to see his mummy's favourite group singing some of the best songs ever written and saw his mummy scream her head off.

we took the boys to the indoor theme park on sunday. amir enjoyed the ferris wheel, rio float and the gondola. asyraf slept the whole time.

after 2 months and 1 week, its finally time to face the lrt crowd, the klcc crowd and the general working crowd again. i was so depressed to leave the boys. surprisingky the first few days at work wasnt that bad. maybe since we've launched all the initiatives and now its follow up time. now that i'm back at work, the boys have to be sent to daycare. speaking of which...

for the past few weeks, amir has been very difficult when its time to go to school. the first week, he was ok. but after that, he didnt seem to like it there. we checked him to get some insight as to why he hates it there, but there's no visible signs. we concluded that he's being abandoned. not by us (he's been left with other people before) but more of by "a carer". the daycare cant seem to cope with the large number of children, and lack good carers. but we still held on. there's not many places around the area which would take a 2-month-old, so we felt this was the best place under that circumstance.

boy...were we wrong!! after his first day, asyraf came home sleepy. he slept from 9pm to 7am that night, not waking up once! hubby and i immediately thought of the worst. was he up all day crying, was he ignored? his 2nd day there confirmed our suspicions, asyraf's voice was hoarse...i mean cracking! my heart breaks thinking of him crying and no one caring for him. i wanted to confront the carers but thought of the consequences if i did. would they take it out on my boys? when we picked the boys up the third day, one of the carers let it slip...he cried a lot yesterday, she said. well, a lot must be a whole darn lot to make his voice crack like that. he cried buckets when he's with me the past 2 months, but his voice wasnt affected. the space of 2 days, he sounded horrible.

our minds were made up. we went for a drive to look for another daycare. we went further than our area. we decided to open our scope more and looked around hubby's office area. hubby will be starting his new job tomorrow and if we can find a better daycare, then we can take the boys out pronto. after driving for an hour, we found a daycare that would take a 2-month-old baby at the most suitable place - inside hubby's new office building! i hope their services would be as good as their location.

while we were holiday-ing in langkawi, tiza came over to see her cats and clean up their mess. i came home to a cat house. eh tiza...they moving in permanently or what!?


the value of marriage is not that adults produce children but that children produce adults - peter de vries

grown-ups never understand anything for themselves and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explainning things to them - antoine de saint-exupery
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