Saturday, December 02, 2006

Thou Shalt Not Compare

nope...i'm not comparing who's better and all that jazz, just want to show how similar they are.

engku amir iskandar
date of birth: 8 january 2005
time of birth: 2.55pm
weight at birth: 3.08kg
length at birth: 48cm
head circumference: 35cm
birthmarks: on right leg & back-ish
other info: had 2nd teeth by the time he was 3 weeks old

engku asyraf izzuddin
date of birth: 20 november 2006
time of birth: 2.05pm
weight at birth: 3.07kg
length at birth: 49cm
head circumference: 34cm
birthmarks: on left leg & bum bum
other info: looks like 2 of his front teeth wants to make an appearance soon (not too sure...but it looks like it)

people have been warning me that amir would be very clingy and attached once his younger brother is born. i dont see it, really. he's been a good brother so far, switching on the mobile when asyraf's sleeping in his cot, taking the diapers and baby lotion for mummy and daddy, finding asyraf's mittens and booties that's fallen off. he even lets asyraf ride on his bycicle (he'd clap with excitement watching that!).

asyraf, on the other hand, doesnt like to sleep in his cot, on the mattress, in his playpen, anywhere if he doesnt feel daddy's or mummy's heat. he doesnt mind sleeping on mummy lap while mummy folds the clothes, or in daddy's arms while daddy snores away beside him.

who's clingy now?!


bakerina said...

2nd children usually have their own strong personalities. They know what they want and how to get it. My first child also selalu mengalah, sometimes sampai kesian gitu. So, how many kids are you planning to have?

eiseai said...

yup...can see that this one is slightly stronger. dari his cry for milk sampai his on-going frown. abg long pulak very the softie...sikit2 nak kasik baby, sikit2 nak kasik baby. we'll see how it goes. well...they say, 2 down, 9 to go for us :)

ninuk said...

alamak... what a good neighbour I am. dah deliver dah ! seronoknya !!! ha ha ha mari kejar saya with my 4 boys :)


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