Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hot, Hot Days

we initially wanted to wait after his cukur jambul to cut his hair short. but we didnt know when the cukur jambul will be and asyraf is sweating like mad for a 3 week old baby. everytime after his feed or after his cuddle, my arm would be wet from his sweaty hair. he also doesnt have nice baby smell because of his sweating.

so...we cut his hair today.

pre-hair cut

during hair cut

after hair cut

hensem macam rock hudson pulak baby mummy ni :)

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Anonymous said...

cute dah si asyraf potong rambut...
lepas ni baru lah dia rasa selesa & mummy nak cium2 dia pun puas la sbb wangi je bau dia....



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