Thursday, December 28, 2006

Hot, Hot Days Part III - The Full Monty

finally did it...thanks to kak asmah who did my post-pregnancy massage (excellently, by the way). she came over on monday as a cousin wanted to have a massage session. spoke to her about the cukur jambul and she told me she can shave all of asyraf's hair off. its so difficult finding someone who's brave enough to hold a baby's soft head.


bakerina said...

WHy shave off all his hair? Sayangnya....

eiseai said...

too thick lah his hair. always sweating and bau tak best. when we shave...mak ai, so much daki underneath. also he has cradle cap. good thing we shave, if not, sure we didnt know.

ninuk said...

laaa ... we did the cukur ourself for all the kids. every 2 mnths until pass 3 yr old. then ntar kedai.


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