Saturday, December 16, 2006

First Outing

for asyraf or for myself...heh. after being prisoned for 4 weeks, i asked hubby to take us to 1utama. i needed to get out of the house before i go mental! we left at sun-up (which in layman's terms is 9:30am) to avoid the weekend crowd - lagi lagi with the school holidays and year-end sale and dekat christmas. asyraf didnt give us too much problem, he slept throughout the trip. hubby, amir & i managed to have a quiet breakfast. he needed to change his diapers only once and wanted milk once (twice lah including the one he had in the car). i'm really impressed as he usually doesnt want to be put down when he's at home. maybe its been really, really hot the past week and the house is just boiling! we even managed to go in and out of giant easily, without having to pacify either 1 of the boys.

asyraf on his first outing...

abang long got some new vcds. we bought 'cars', 'pooh's 123' and 'the little mermaid' (that's actually for me aka ariel)

when you're pushing 2 strollers you just stop anywhere you can...

us in front of the christmas deco...i love christmas, its sooo...cheerful

amir got excited when he saw mickey mouse (or 'mmmm' according to him). his daddy and mummy got excited looking at all the mickey mouse items on sale. if i had loads and loads of ker-ching, i would have bought everything from socks to carpets to pillows. the t-shirts were very, very inviting. amir patiently waiting in line to see mickey, surprisingly (patiently is the key word here!)

we waited for less than 5 minutes, too many people lah. someone cried....'nanak car, nak mmmm.'

amir, your task now is to say...toookkkkkk, nak pegi disneyland. memorise that phrase, my son!

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princess kittie said...

if HK Disney can.
If US Disney, I can betcha cannot one....
but nemermind...we will try to pujuk Tok together gether, k?


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