Monday, September 25, 2006


the holy month of ramadhan has arrived. i was mentally preparing myself for a while now. takut i cant make it through the day. alhamdulillah the past 1 & half days have been ok for me. managed to vacuum all 3 bedrooms upstairs, cleaned my bathroom, did 3 loads of laundry before passing out at 5:30pm yesterday. couldnt even climb up to my bed and had to sleep on amir's mattress. amir thought i was playing, and started to climb on top of me. tired me just covered my stomach and let him do whatever he pleased.

buka puasa is not a big event at home, with just me and hubby. i prefer a lot of kuih and a light meal (murtabak or rojak or burger or kfc) while hubby prefers to dig into his rice immediately. for me, rice is only for sahur and that is only because i am forced to eat rice so that i can last the whole day.

baby's been kicking me for the past hour. i think he's trying to tell me that its lunchtime. i'm thankful that i dont feel hungry, although i do feel a bit weak and i thirsty!! not helped with this sore throat that i have.

i was hoping i could go for terawih this year, having missed 2 years in a row (heavily pregnant in 2004 and having to look after a baby in 2005) but seeing how weak i was around berbuka time, i doubt i am able to last even 2 rakaat.

on another note, i had to take the lrt from terminal putra in gombak today. hubby brought back the office car so i followed him to work and he dropped me off at the nearest station. i would just like to say...thank god i take the lrt from kelana jaya. much as i complain about people not giving up seats for pregnant women, its nothing compared to what i went through (and had to be forced to smell) this morning.

2pm...nap time.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Week 30 Check Up

i have really been looking forward to this check-up. i wanted to make sure the baby's doing fine after the gold coast trip. there were some days where he hardly ever moved, so i was really worried. the first thing i asked when we went into the doctor's clinic was..."doctor, can i opt for an induce??" hehehe...honestly, i'm so tired and my stomach's really heavy. she asked when do i want the induce. i told her..."in 6 weeks please". she consulted her notes and went..."what!?!? in your 36th week?? no way!!" oh darn i negotiated, "what about in 8 weeks time?" her only answer was..."we'll see". then she recommended me to the physio department, to get a maternity belt (i tried it on. was so nice! it really made a difference!)

anyway, the results of my check up was great. baby presented his face for all to see. even my gynae was schocked. she said..."this is a great shot, do you want a 3D scan?" of course i said yes. she showed us the baby's face on the monitor and quickly printed a copy, scared that the baby may move. after showing off the printed photo, she went back to work.

the baby's head is already facing downwards, alhamdulillah. his measurements are fine & on track. also got a nice shot of his bum bum and testicles...hahaha!! he's slightly ahead of his schedule in terms of size (size-wise he's 31 weeks) and his weight is 1.5kg. a possibility of another 3+kg baby. without hesitation, i told the doctor..."ok, another epidural shot then.:"

here's the photo my gynae printed. everyone agreed he looks like amir when amir was a baby, which is like me, rather than like hubby now that amir's bigger. i love his little pouting mouth.

p/s met dot (aka hot mama) and her little hotness, aka baby aidan, who is just soooo adorable. rasa nak cubit-cubit baby dia.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Finally...The Holiday

after a month of making lists, redoing itinerary, organising clothes, buying clothes and necessary stuff (i consider them necessity), the day has finally arrived. my brother sent us to the airport. he drove darn slow and daddy was already there asking where we were. when we arrived, they were already at the check-in counter. hubby rushed there with the luggage while i pushed amir and took some of the carry-ons. amir was happily showing everyone his new shoes (not really new - it was his birthday present from my brother, who proudly pointed out to us amir was wearing his gift).

we waited at the departure hall for more than an hour, had drinks, gave amir his cough medicine (aka sleeping assistant - thank you dr azizi) and went to the surau. the medicine didnt take effect immediately, amir got to experience the take off. he slept after that though. the journey was long, i couldnt get comfortable. amir woke up halfway, and wanted to watch barney. i had to sit on the floor. he slept again just before landing.

immigration process was smooth and easy, except for daddy who had a bagful of medicine to declare. the hotel sent over 2 limousines (real long ones, not like the kl limo). the exterior was gold and inside was dark red...very gaudy, very las vegas. amir had a great time running from one side of the car to the other.

got to the hotel, unpacked, showered and went to pacific fair for lunch. it was a 5-minute walk from the hotel. everyone kept telling me gold coast is hot, just like malaysia but it was so cold. we were wearing sweaters and jackets, amir had on his gloves.

after lunch, we took the maxi taxi to dolphin centre, intending to take the aquabus. the next ride was fully booked and the one after that will leave in more than 2 hours. it wasnt a good day, anyway, so we decided to postpone the aquaduck to another day and just walk around the town centre. went to chevron renaissance as iza wanted to check out the warner bros store. daddy told us to buy groceries at coles so that we'll have food in the room.

that night, we walked to a nearby indian restaurant. it was a good walk...tiring but good. walked off all the masala and kurma and beryani we consumed.


i absolutely love seaworld. my first visit was to the san diego seaworld in 1995. the second time i went was the gold coast seaworld with hubby during our honeymoon in 2004. of course i remember the 2nd trip better. the first thing that i put in the itinerary for this trip, was obviously, seaworld. i wanted to go as early as possible in case people started getting tired or unwell and before my ankles get swollen.

it wasnt easy convincing daddy to go. he didnt like standing and queueing for the ticket and kept promoting langkawi underwater world (for obvious reasons...duh!!) but i think he liked the place.

i planned properly so that the gang (more of the older people) didnt get bored and so that the visit went smoothly. unfortunately we didnt get to see the 4pm waterski wipeout show as daddy and mummy wanted to go home before it started. iza was disappointed. she was even stressed when buying souveniours as daddy kept asking her to hurry up. dont worry iza...maybe next trip!

Seaworld Attractions

no doubt the main attractions of seaworld are the animals (for me, the dolphins).

while there, hubby and i did take the opportunity to go to the cartoon network cartoon beach for amir to enjoy the kiddy rides.

iza, sue and uncle zamri went off to experience the thrill rides, while mummy and daddy waited at a nearby cafe.

All Star Parade

this entry should come after the movieworld entry. how to i amend that?

some pictures from the parade at movieworld. we got good view as we arrived at the main street quite early. we didnt plan on being so early but we were on our way to the looney toones village and we saw the workers putting up the barriers so we grabbed our places. iza and sue sat on the pavement while big ol' me had to sit on the bench. amir got restless before the parade started and ran around in the garden area. he got a bit shocked looking at the looney toones characters.

Movie World

we started on a wrong note. should have booked tickets, or at least the theme park transfer earlier. when iza went to book in the morning, the 9am transfer was full. we had to wait till 10.30am and it took us an hour to get there. daddy wasnt too happy that we bought the ticket at the hotel tour counter and charged it to the room. mummy and daddy didnt want to go, uncle zamri wanted to follow but he came back late the night before. it was just us youngsters.

batman advanture was the first ride on the itinerary. iza and sue went...they said it was so lame. the queue for superman escape was long, an hour wait so they decided to go take the lethal weapon ride first. they didnt realise that the queue was equally long and i had to entertain a sleepy-yet-didnt-want-to-sleep amir for an hour. coming out of there, hubby was ahead of the girls. his reaction to my "how was it?" question was "it was hellllll".

next was lunch. we almost went down to our knees when we noticed that the meat was halal. the burger was great! so juicy and meaty and huge and fresh.

then we took amir to the looney tunes village. he went on tweety's cage ride with auntie iza and the train with me.

iza and sue went off to queue for superman. hubby had had enough of thrill rides so we went off in search of the surau. it turns out they didnt go for the superman ride after all, as sue had a headache. they did manage to get on the scooby-doo ride. still not as thrilling.

before leaving, we spent an hour in the souvenior shop. so many things to buy. while waiting for iza and sue to shop, we took pictures with some of the main characters. a bit disappointed that we didnt get to watch shrek 4D show and the police acedemy stunt show.


the value of marriage is not that adults produce children but that children produce adults - peter de vries

grown-ups never understand anything for themselves and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explainning things to them - antoine de saint-exupery
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