Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Third Trimester

time passes by really fast. i've finally entered my final trimester. what started out as a very long journey of trying to conceive (we tried for almost a year) turned out to be quite fast once i was confirmed pregnant on 31 march 2006. now i'm already in my 27th week, officially my last trimester.

maybe it was because so many things happened this year, the fact that i started working made it pass by really fast. this pregnancy isnt as easy or as smooth as my first one, with one hyper baby inside and another outside. i've also not been taking very good care of myself. i'm living on fast food and junk food. i cant stand the sight of rice. my saviour is mcdonald's quarter pounder with cheese and greasy fries. i've also drank less milk as compared with during my first pregnancy. this makes my teeth and nails somewhat more sensitive. i'm trying to increase the intake but there's so much i can drink. my gynae advised me to increase my caltrade intake, if i dont drink much milk. the thought of milk in gold coast sounds yummy, however. hubby says this baby seems bigger than amir at this age. i agree with him, i feel very heavy this time around. during the last check up, we saw that the baby's cheeks were really chubby. a lot of people has been commenting that it will come out earlier than its due date, too.

i've got another 12 weeks or so to go. i'm not ready for the baby yet. more of the fact that we still havent gotten a maid. i could survive without one, but not anymore. i cant handle a baby and a toddler at the same time. i hope this will settle soon, hopefully after the raya period. once i have a maid, i'll be more ready. amir's been very good with the baby. people did warn me that a toddler would know there's a baby coming and they may not be as acceptable to the fact. so far amir's ok when we talk about the baby. everyday he would hold my tummy and kiss it. he would sometimes point to his own tummy when i ask "where's baby". i'm very excited to see how he would react when the baby comes out.

anyway, here's me with my big tummy...

Friday, August 25, 2006

Some Good News To Share

nice way to face the weekend, sharing some good news.

news one
my friend, dot aka hotmama, gave birth to a baby boy last night (7.28pm 24/8/2006) - maghrib, malam jumaat. dot...its a good sign tu, hope he'll turn out a good muslim and a good son and fill your lives with happiness. congrats from me and my family.

news two
after 3 years of being away (1 knee injury after another) ole gunnar solskjaer finally scored. he's been one of my favourite players since 1996 (i liked him wayyyy before the last minute goal against bayern, thanks). he's a true professional who loves his club, would be willing to take a back seat to accomodate other "big star" players but will always deliver when he is on the pitch.
Sir Alex Ferguson hailed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer after he capped his recovery from long-term injury with a late goal in the win over Charlton.The fit-again striker, on as a second-half substitute, rounded off a sizzling Manchester United performance with the final goal in his side's 3-0 win at Charlton on Wednesday night and Ferguson couldn't hide his delight.
The Red Devils looked impressive throughout, hitting the woodwork three times, and sealing the points with further goals from
Darren Fletcher and Louis Saha.
"The big moment for staff and fans was when Solskjaer scored," said Ferguson.
"Ole has had a tough few years but we never lost faith."

news three
another of my favourite player, who retired a couple of months back, may be going into management. roy keane has been linked as the sunderland manager. if he manages as well as he plays (droollllsss...) i have no doubt sunderland would be back in the premiership in no time.
Sunderland have refused to confirm reports that Manchester United legend Roy Keane is poised to become their new manager.Speculation linking Keane, 35, with the Stadium of Light job began less than 24 hours after Sunderland slumped to a 2-0 defeat at Bury in the first round of the Carling Cup.
That was a result which came on the back of four straight league losses.
Niall Quinn, the chairman-manager, decided to relinquish all coaching duties after the Gigg Lane shock and announced his intention to appoint a "world-class" new boss.
Keane has no prior management experience, which makes him raw to the job rather than of established pedigree, however he enjoyed enormous success during his playing career.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Splurging on New Pajamas

hopefully this time around the pictures will come out fine. took some photos of amir in his new pajamas.

on another note, cleaned the house with hubby today. he changed the curtains and put up a new shelf in the tv room downstairs. i took down some photos to put in the toom. i bought frames from ikea. that's going to be my project during raya put up photos and clear up that room. hubby's been ignoring my request to bring in the tv cabinet in there. that will have to wait, i guess. i also did 3 loads of laundry...i love doing laundry. now i need a nice long cold shower. and to put up my feet, with terribly swollen ankles.

Friday, August 18, 2006

A Good Start

after years of looking like a has-been team, england's finally showing its true colours. the team has made some good (some even great...see point no.3) decisions over the summer -

1. sacking old, scared-to-make-decisions, only-choosing-big-names ericsson
2. getting in a more confident, more decisive steve maclaren (i've seen clips of his coaching methods - really good!!)
3. letting go of 'i'm england captain' david (i wanna play in the middle) beckham (finally someone has seen the light!!)
4. getting a stronger captain in john terry

england won 4-0 against the european champion greece on wednesday (even if it is a friendly...but its a good start).

hope the form will continue and the glory days of england would return.

on the same note, i watch an old match of england v czech a couple of nights ago. i love the way the played football in the 90's. all teamwork, no individuality. nowadays, with the huge sponsorship deals, each player (in one way or another) wants to outdo their team mates and teamwork takes a back seat. back then, the england team had gazza, robbo, phsyco pearce, platt...individually great players, skilled players, yet when get together as a team, they play as a team. no one outdos the other.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


i was looking forward to this saturday. finally, i get to rest. last week was a working weekend, and the past week seemed to pass so slow. even though i had the monday off, it was pretty hectic running around getting my IC and the passports done. so, to have a relaxing saturday was a welcome. hubby had to work, he would be away the whole day and coming back really late. so it was just me and the little terror.

and terrorised, he did! my sis took him out the whole day and he missed his naps. i thought he'd be quiet and would spend today catching up on his missed sleep...i thought wrong. he was awake by 7.30am (hubby contributed to that - although he said, amir was already awake...yeah right!!). we sent hubby to work and had breakfast. he slept on the way back. yes...indication of tiredness, i presume. once we stepped into the house, he was back to his active self. taking out the broom while i aired out the laundry. then running here and there while i washed the bathroom, picking up the toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel. he kept saying "nak...nak" pointing at the fridge. i know that's him saying he wants some biscuits. i think he ate around 8 pieces plus half a roti canai and a box of milo. as i was about to give him a bath, i saw a trail of ants on his bedsheet. alamak...he must have eaten the biscuits on his mattress. kena tukar lah pulak. nasib baik got extra sheets.

after bathing amir & taking a shower, i started feeling sleepy. great...mamat's still wide awake and hyperly-active. how am i going to sleep. well, it didnt take much. i was asleep within 5 minutes. kept hearing bangings and knockings but i just couldnt get up. until i felt something knocking my head. turned around...there's my little baby with his cheeky smile, hitting me on the head with a bottle of calamine lotion.

i switched off the telly, switched off the fan, took the bottle from him (afterwhich started a loud wail from him) and took him to his room. left him in front of his toy boxes while i jumped onto the bed. if he doesnt want to sleep, that's his business. mummy's tired. he'll sleep eventually. after about half an hour (i remember switching off the telly during rolie olie polie - it was 2pm when i woke up) i realised my baby was sleeping standing up. his head was near my legs, on the bed, but his legs was on the floor. his tumbler of milk was in his hands (side note - he's now only taking a bottle of milk during day time. slightly later than my plan to stop his milk at 18 months.) picked him up and laid him beside me. i cant sleep. after 10 minutes, i got up and surfed the net.

excited about the upcoming trip, i checked out what we could do (even though i think its a really short trip - went twice as long for my honeymoon and we still didnt manage to do a few things). emailed my sister so that she could do up the itinerary. this is when i obsession with lists starts to kick in. i made a list of "things to do", "things to bring", "things to see", "things to buy" and "what to wear on which day". that's the most absurb list i've ever made but hey i was alone at home, this is my way of relaxing. had more than 3 hours to myself, surfing and 'list'ing.

its 5.30 now...i've 'list'ed myself out. think i'll go wake up the sleeping beauty and take him out for a late lunch/early dinner and maybe to the park.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mega Sale

i havent shopped during sale for so long. one of the reason is the sale in this country, isnt like a sale at all. all the nice things are still the same price while those on sale are either too ugly and dont fit me at all. i still remember the boxing day sale in the UK. omigod...bally shoes for 3 quid, 5 quid, 10 quid. not to mention babygap 50 pence each. now that's sale!!

but last week, i got a bit of "during runtuh" coming my way. donno what i did or didnt do. maybe it was my intention to pay off all my dues, that some were given back to me. alhamdulillah. so now, i've got a bit extra and have zero-rised my hutangs. its a nice position to be in.

i havent shopped much, even though i was very excited in the beginning. (havent shopped pun, habis dekat seribu jugak...ish!!). so far i've bought -
1. 4 maternity tops from motherclub (more of casual tops - most tops i have are official wear)
2. 1 maternity pants from motherclub
3. 2 maternity tops from isetan
4. 1 maternity pants from mothercare (it went down from $299 to $80 - what a bargain!)
5. 1 new slippers from nike
6. 1 maternity pants from modern mum
7. 2 boxes of maternity undies from mothercare (needed those badly)

that's all i bought for me. may seem like much but its not, really. those baju i really needed, cos i keep wearing the same every week.

i've also bought clothes for my little. now, on he, i splurged a bit. my one and only baby kan? i bought him the cutest nike backpack. he loves bringing it everywhere at home. keep saying "kakak...kakak" everytime he puts it on...i think he sees my cousin going to college with her bags. i've also bought him -
1. 10 pairs of pajamas. they look so cute on him, i gotta take some photos soon.
2. 2 sets of mickey day wear
3. 1 set of shirt and pants

hubby also wasnt left out. or rather he made me buy some stuff for him...
1. 1 pants from reject shop
2. 2 tops from reject shop
3. 1 pants from marks & spencer (it was really nice, after all)
4. 1 top from marks & spencer (a colour he doesnt have yet)

i still have got a couple more things on my list. will get them soon.
1. a pair of slipper for hubby
2. pink backpack for me (i wanted a pink one...)
3. 2 towels for amir

the weird thing is that, most of the things are for our gold coast trip. orang shopping kat sana, kita pulak shopping to go there.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Much Awaited Shopping Spree

two weeks ago, hubby and i had a "hari memotong credit card". we paid off all our credit card bills and cut all but 1. very proud of ourselves. from now on, we'll be living on cash and not on plastic. this will be our first month - trial period, hope it works out ok.

after i paid off my cards, my bank account balance, obviously, showed an-almost-nil balance. i was thinking...ok that's it, makan pasir from now on. then on sunday, a surprise came our way. alhamdulillah. it was enough for a shopping spree at 1 utama. first i went to motherclub. i needed some light (casual, non-work) maternity tops. those i have are only suitable for office. i needed something i could wear on weekends. then we went to parkson. amir needed some new pajamas. he's been wearing his 6-12 months or 12-18 months clothes for ages. malu nak pass down to his siblings, with the milo stains and susu stains and other food stains. we bought him almost 10 new pajamas. all besar-besar...2-3 years old. we also bought him a nike backpack so that he can put his tumbler and change of nappies and what not. this backpack is also in anticipation of a 2nd surprise that came our way on sunday.

my dad tiba meniba asked if we wanted to go on a trip. he's organising a short trip (about 5 days) for him and my mom and my 2 sisters to gold coast. apa lagi...hubby was screaming in KL, f***ing say yes, according to his sms. the trip will be before puasa. i think during fasting month, my dad plans to go to mekah yet again.

so today, off i went to the immigration department to renew my passport and apply for a new one for amir. lets not get into that. as usual, the government services department leaves a lot of unpleasent memories. takpe...we're going on a holiday, that's what matters.

after picking up hubby from work, we're stopping by at 1utama again. i need new shoes and a new backpack. oh...and i wanna get a pair of jammies for amir that i've been eyeing.


the value of marriage is not that adults produce children but that children produce adults - peter de vries

grown-ups never understand anything for themselves and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explainning things to them - antoine de saint-exupery
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