Sunday, July 30, 2006

From Cot to Mattress

amir's getting too big for his cot. i told hubby we need to move him to a bed, or at least a mattress. we initially wanted to move him straight to the bed in his room but we cant put him there all alone. so we decided to get him a mattress, put it near our bed, and when his adik is big enough, we'll put them both in the next room.

went behind our house to the furniture mall. they were having a sale, good timing. got a nice single mattress for only $110. quite thick but not too thick. we could bring it home immediately too. as soon as hubby brought it upstairs, amir jumped on it. we were still taking out the plastic cover. hubby had to distract him while i put the bedsheet on. not only did he get a new mattress, we also bought a nice comforter set from aussino at ikano, earlier this morning. hubby debated whether to get him a football comforter set or one with more colours. i left him by himself while he decided. he finally chose one with pictures of animals. nice one :)

after the initial excitement died down, hubby said amir went over to his cot. let's see how he responds to the change tonight.

p/s i decided to join the team and get a haircut as well. luckily i got a 50% off voucher at snips. now my head feels lighter. should i have gone for a number 1 too?

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hello Baby...

i decided to write this post after the previous one, so that it'll come out on top.

went for my monthly check up today. i was very excited to see this extremely active baby. i wanted to see its progress and growth. i had a feeling its a bit ahead of its schedule, for some reason.

got to the hospital early, but already i was 8th in line. have to go even earlier next month. went for breakfast while waiting for our turn. got back just in time. i didnt have much questions for the gynae as everything's alright, alhamdulillah. just mentioned that the baby's active and it's wearing me out.

while she was doing the scan, the gynae agree with me. "yes, its an active baby you've got here". she cant even get a good angle for a scan because the baby's jumping up and down, back and front. 1 second you can see the front, the next second, it'll be the spine. i can see the legs kicking and hands punching. the heartbeat's beating very fast. it took the doctor 3 tries before she can get a good angle for a 3D scan. even when she's explaining to us, the baby's jumping up and down. maybe its too excited to see daddy, mummy and abang long. or maybe it just doesnt like me lying down in that position.

Bye Bye Hair!

we went to 1 utama after the check up. wanted to get amir new tumblers, new teats and to buy some groceries. we also wanted to do some banking but the branch at 1utama has closed. went to safe n sound to check out amir's new tumblers. settled on towmee tippee, which was quite nice and not as expensive as avent. we also bought the toilet seat for child, easy to wash his doo doo now. went to giant to buy some munchies and amir's nappies.

hubby was irritated with his hair and has been planning to shave it off for a couple of weeks now. we went down to the barber but it was full. we decided to have lunch first, then went back to B1. there was only one little boy waiting. we put amir on the seat. it was his first time at the barber's and he didnt like it. so hubby held him and sat on the seat. he calmed down instantly. hubby said "kasik dia number 1". i didnt know what number 1 was. the guy took out the shaver and totally shaved off amir's hair. he didnt mind it at all, i think he rather enjoyed the vibration on his head. he was also fascinated with the falling hair.

after less than 5 minutes (rambut tak banyak, kepala pun kecik...), he was done. then hubby told the barber..."ok, saya pulak number 1".

so there they two botak heads!

bet amir's wan and bibik will scream their hair off when they see him on monday...

Friday, July 28, 2006

Get Away

the office's having a get-away session next weekend. kinda looking forward to it as i need to get away for a bit (the fact that the office is paying is a bonus). it'll be a working session for 1 & half days then it'll be family time the remaining 1 & half days. the boys (hubby & amir) will be joining us (me & baby) the later part of saturday afternoon. hope hubby will be ok with amir for 2 nights, without me. and during the long journey to the resort. its ok, i have faith in hubby :)

hubby would be pleased to see this...

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Getting All Nostalgic

hubby's out playing snooker with his friends while amir's taking a nap. i wanted to nap with him, but i get headache if i sleep during the day (darn it...i used to be able to sleep for hours without getting a heavy head!). so i browsed through the old (ceh...macam lah old sangat) photos of amir.

here's some that i managed to upload. not in order cos i usually change the name so i've lost track of the sequence (malas nak refer to date...)

me & amir on his first birthday

hubby making amir laugh for the first time...

his first attempt at eating

amir & his keekae

amir & keekae again...

amir's first day home

amir mok mok

amir in his casper jammies (going to be adik's soon...)

rapper amir...

another rapper pose...

eskimo amir

amir laughing...

sexee amir...

pakai smart nak keluar...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Long Break Day 6

today's supposed to be our final day of break but amir's fever hasnt gone down, so we'll see how it goes later on in the day.

since we couldnt get a number yesterday, we went slightly earlier to maju junction today. got there before 9...surprise, surprise...there was no number!! hubby complained to the clerk at the counter and she let him into the office. after some persuasion, she gave him a number and said to come back at 2.45pm (after their lunctime). hello...its 9am now!! i wasnt interested in coming back and told hubby so. told him again...we should have gone to putrajaya. he said, if they still had numbers at putrajaya, we'll go there. i called - they had - we went.

it wasnt difficult finding the JPN office in putrajaya. i kinda like that city, its really nicely organised. a bit big and spread out, but nice. i like the fact that the main offices are located on one long stretch of a road. it was a cloudy day, a nice day to drive around actually. we got there around 10.30am. got our numbers, changed our addresses, took our photos and left the place before 11.30am. told hubby again...we should have gone to putrajaya! i sat with amir in front of the building watching buses drive by while hubby took the car. amir's fascinated by moving vehicles for some reason. maybe its the hours he spend in the back seat of the car every day.

we havent had breakfast, so we looked for somewhere to eat. i donno putrajaya, so i suggested alamanda. hubby was talking about a place he went to once but he couldnt remember the name or the location. so we went to alamanda. i really like that mall. its spacious and nicely organised. i especially love the babies changing room. i could spend hours in there. the surau is beautiful too, esp the glass wall. really nice. amir loved the water features. i think he wanted to live in them. alamanda reminds me of trafford centre. speaking of trafford centre, amir would have loved the pool-like water feature in its food court.

we left after lunch, we were really tired. we went everywhere during this long break and all of the sudden it dawned on us. the drive back was quiet and fast (hubby was almost falling asleep). when we got home, we slept for hours. amir was burning up when i woke up. gave him his paracetamol and started sponging him down. i sat with him on my lap until dinnertime. he's very lembik and clingy when he's not well. hubby bought nasi lemak for dinner. we ate and fed amir a bit. shoved a volteron up his ***, gave him his flu med and put him in his cot. i'll sponge him down again after i take my bath.

looks like tomorrow will be long break day 7 for us.

p/s what's wrong with this blog?? i cant upload photos

thanks concreterose...finally got to upload some photos of amir demam

amir demam

amir demam 2

amir demam 3

Long Break Day 5

i'm almost at the end of my break. its been great staying at home with hubby and amir. dont know when we'll get to have a break this long again.

the reason we took leave on monday and tuesday was to settle some outstanding stuff. first of all, we wanted to update the address on our identification card. i'm bored of people using my dad's home address when they write my address. hubby's even was his house way, way back in the 90's. dont know if the house still exist. so off we went to maju junction. i recommended the JPN office in putrajaya but hubby said its too far. we got to maju junction around 9am. there wasnt many people so we had breakfast first. we got to the JPN office about half an hour after that. guess what...there were no more numbers!! can you not have numbers? what do they people do when they numbers all gone, dont they work anymore, they relax? ok...we'll come back tomorrow.

we went off to one utama. i wanted to get my phone back. went to the shop...still not ready. hubby went alone. i told him i cant handle the stress of talking and then screaming to the shopkeeper. hubby then decided to watch a movie. we bought 2 tickets for "cars". something amir would enjoy and there wont be too many people in there. i was praying amir would go to sleep. it got a wee bit irritating listening to him going "car..." everytime a car appeared on the screen (in a movie, about cars...).

after the movie, we had a quick bite to eat and went back. hubby stopped by the phone shop again to ask about my phone. a screaming match between him and the shopkeeper. of course hubby's the one doing all the screaming. its been 5 weeks, for crying out loud. they said it would take 3 weeks, tops.

went back, amir felt a bit warm. i gave him paracetamol and put him in his cot. i managed about an hour or rest (while hubby washed the car) before the little terror woke up. i thought he's supposed to be feverish? then a call came from the phone shop. surprise, surprise...the phone's ready. man, if i knew a screaming match is what it would take for them to get my phone back from the factory, i would have screamed earlier!

amir sleeping, before demam
amir slept as soon as we got home...

when he got up...tak nampak mcm demam pun...
woke up...tak macam demam pun

we took a quick shower, maghrib and left the house for 1 utama yet again. phone!! went to get dinner nearby. amir feels really hot now, not warm, even though he's chatting away like normal. we decided to bring him to the hospital. somehow when we got to the hospital, amir became all lembik and clingy. is it the air around the place?

his temperature was 39.5! thank god we brought him early. the doctor gave him volteron and gave something for his runny nose. before we left the hospital, he fell asleep. slept all the way home and didnt wake up when i gave him a sponge bath to cool him down. in the middle of the night, he woke up, wanting to sleep with us. amir's adik is kicking me non-stop. maybe he knows abang long is not feeling well...

amir's adik, kicking me...
amir's adik kicking me...

Monday, July 10, 2006

Long Break Day 4 break's halfway over! time flies really fast!

we didnt have plans for today. wanted to chill and take it easy. i woke up with amir quite early. went to make us toast and eggs. after so long of not cooking at home, it was great to be in the kitchen. of course, my kitchen is a mess! even my frying pan is all so dusty. we finished 3 eggs & 4 toasts. mummy ate more, obviously.

then hubby got up and started chasing us to get ready. we went to have a slow breakie at ismail, then went off to 1 utama. i wanted to get bedsheet for amir's bed. 1 utama was still empty. got a parking place right by the elevator. went to level 2 jaya jusco. on the way there, we stopped at the kidz sports & gym. we last went there when amir was 6 months old, so hubby thought it'd be nice to bring him again. he thought wrong!! the boy wouldnt stop running. he was jumping here and there, running here and there, climbing here and there. he especialy loved the swing and the small bicycle. i just sat and watched. penat lah!! then we went to get amir's pillows and bedsheet. yeay...amir's room is nice now. no pictures yet, will take after i get him his comforter. baru complete. we had a slow lunch at dome. i had my points to redeem, so we bought sandwiches. while eating, hubby's sis & bro in law called. they were on their way home from sabak bernam & passing by our house. we promised to be home within an hour and packed our lunch.

hubby's sis & family stayed over until almost maghrib. my kitchen was empty so i just served coke...malu!! after they went home, we went for dinner in shah alam. we drove around for a bit before settling on the beryani gam at the nasi king outlet. hubby really liked it, but i prefer beryani bukhara from syed. amir slept the whole time, he played so much at 1utama and when his cousins were around.

we slept pretty late. donno why we couldnt sleep. so hubby & i exchanged ideas on what we wanted to do around the house - garden, courtyard, plaster ceiling, curtains, furnitures, tv room, amir's room...we had a lot of ideas. we'll take our time though, we're still new at this house things.

ohya...italy won the world cup. i dont support either team but i prefer a non-cheating, non-diving team to win.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Long Break Day 3

hubby got up early as he had a treasure hunt with his friends in sri aman. amir & i slept until almost 9am. got up and started planning for the day. hubby left the car at home so that i can get food or buy groceries. after i made amir his morning milk, i went to wash the toilet. i love washing the toilet. i especially love the smell of dettol. after washing, i bathed amir then took a shower. hubby called asking for answers to some clues but my brain has not woken up yet.

took amir for a late breakfast, more of a brunch. i didnt want to go out again so i gave him nasi lemak and toast. on the way home, i stopped by the shop to get snacks for amir and newspaper for me. then it was laundry time. i think i managed to do 3 rounds of laundry. 1 of towels and 2 of bedsheets. i changed my bedsheet, as well as the bed in amir's room & the guest room. i havent bought a blue bedsheet for amir's room so i left it unmade. by 2pm, i had wiped the bedroom furniture, changed bedsheet, did laundry, cleaned toilet, aired the bedrooms and cleaned amir's toys. the rooms look so nice and comfy now.

my room...all nice and comfy now

the guest room...aired and cleaned

after taking a nap, i took hubby's change of clothes and packed amir into the car. went to my aunt's house in taman tun. i wanted to let someone else take amir for a while as i needed a rest. bibik brought him to the playground while i watched tv with my cousin. hubby got there a little after maghrib and showered. he said he got no 13 out of 24 cars participated. ok lah...not bad. amir played with uncle abang while we had dinner. we wanted to go to one utama, to pick up my phone and get new bedsheets. but after talking to the idiot at the phone shop, i wasnt in the mood anymore. we drove home and i slept early. no phone still...but at least my house is nice and comfy.

amir and his uncle abang playing (or banging on) the piano...

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Long Break Day 2

hubby & i got up late on friday. amir woke up first and climbed onto our bed. hubby layan him for a bit, i was still out of it. by the time i got up properly it was almost 9am. hubby rushed us to get ready cos he had to go to the doctor's to take an MC. we decided to go to the one in taman tun and have breakfast at santai.

got there almost 10am, there was no parking. so i stayed in the car while hubby went to see the doctor. got his MC and loads of medication. santai was closed so we went to ismail instead. while we were having breakfast, it started to rain heavily. hmm...nice weather to sleep, we thought. took the meds after breakfast and went home. we thought was nice to sleep in this weather. my head was still heavy from last night's today's dose...memang tak ingat dunia. i didnt even realise when hubby left for friday prayers.

when he got home, he brought back some rojak. we ate around 3pm. then went out to do some banking in shah alam town. on the way back stopped at the field for amir to run around. kesian him...daddy & mummy not well, dia pulak kena coop up. since it was early and we needed some fresh air, hubby said lets go see the lights at klcc tonite. we went ready & left for klcc after maghrib. once we got to jalan parlimen, the traffic was so bad. road closure was everywhere. masuk tun razak pun the same. so we turned back. hubby suggested 1 utama. balik-balik one utama. bangsar lah this time. more lights for amir to see. so we went to bangsar village. had dinner at outback steakhouse. nice and not so expensive. big protion too. i ordered the burger while hubby had the catch of the day.

our almost finished burger & hubby's catch of the day...

amir's free ice cream, given to him by the waiter...finished by mummy...

we got home past 11pm. amir slept in the car. with the running in the field and in bangsar village, he was really tired. which was good since our meds made us sleepy.

p/s what's wrong with the blog? i cant put up pictures.

Long Break Day 1

i've been really busy the past couple of weeks. my workplace organised a public seminar on wednesday so i've been keeping busy preparing for the event. worked late the few days before the event but got to go back early on the day itself (plus it was near home, so can relax earlier). it was drizzling on wednesday, i didnt realise when i took amir to the park. that night i got chills and flu.

went to work on thursday. didnt feel like it but had some things to clear up. told hubby that i wanted to take MC on friday if i didnt feel better. he too was starting to get aches and pains and said he'd take friday off too. tried to tahan the whole day but by midday i was sneezing like mad. went to the doctor & he gave me 2 days off work...yeay!! i thought i could go back immediately but my boss wanted to belanja us lunch to say thanks for working hard. we had a nice lunch at mandarin oriental. i had yummy pasta. by the time we got back it was 2.30pm. i cleared up some stuff. it was 4.30pm by the time i left. hubby said he was going to leave early too. he picked up amir and met me at the lrt station a little after 5. we got home before 6. it felt great to be home so early. i picked up the morning's laundry, folded the clothes, bathed amir and we went out for a light dinner. both didnt have the appetite to eat cos we felt terrible. got home and took the medicine that the doctor gave. i fell asleep immediately. thank god the medicine made me sleep, i donno how i was going to fall asleep with the heavy head and blocked nose.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Tiring (But Eventful) Day

i've been sooo busy at work that i'm so happy its the weekend. saturday was a great day, very eventful.

we postponed my monthly check up to this saturday, from last. had a few reasons - salary baru masuk, and i was also finally confirmed as permanent staff (was a temp before) so i could get the benefits (nak GL tu...penting tu...). we went to the hospital quite early, i had my check up (long queue) and amir had to have his 18th month immunisation (even longer queue). got there, put in our cards to get into the queue and went to check the GL. they havent faxed over, so we went for brekkie first. after brekkie went back to credit control, and waited almost an hour for the GL to be faxed. that was already 10am. went to get a blood and urine test. another half an hour.

we finally got to the gynae's clinic. our turn dah pass, so we had to wait in queue again. luckily it was just 3 people in front of us (still had to wait around half an hour, not counting that idiot who cut queue). finally our turn, it was after 11am - amir's nap time. he's starting to get cranky! spoke to the doctor a bit, she asked the normal questions - nauseasness, comfortable or not, any problems etc. then she did the scan. the first thing the baby did was to wave at us. the doctor, hubby & amir saw...i couldnt see :( baby's spine looks strong, hands and legs all complete, weight looks on course (slightly bigger for his age). all in all, alhamdulillah, he's fine and growing normally. next check up nak buat 3D. amir kept pointing to the screen. i donno if he understood yet but he knows there's a baby in my tummy. every time i ask him "where's baby", he would either point to my tummy or pat his tummy. so that's a good sign.

next - amir's jab. he's already being difficult. i guess he's tired from running around for almost 2 hours. the nurse weighed him...still 9 kg!! i thought he's been eating a lot? got in after 4 people. he was quite a good patient. didnt squirm when the cold stethoscope was put on his chest (but he kept pulling up his shirt to see what the doctor was doing). was calm when the doctor shine the light in his ears and nose. he even willingly opened his mouth, which shocked the doctor. got a lecture from the doctor about amir's eating habits. since i'm asthmatic, amir is a bit sensitive to food. if he eats the wrong food, he'd get rashes. so no ikan bilis, no nuggets, no cheezels, no twisties, no burgers for him. then he gave amir his jab. ok...didnt cry. my macho man.

hubby had a football tournament (yeah right...tournament konon) so he dropped me off at my aunt's in taman tun. no one was at home except chibee. amir slept in the car, so we put him in my aunt's room for him to continue his sleep. i slept too...managed to get around 2 hours sleep before amir woke me up. layan him until hubby got back around 5pm. hubby took a shower and prayed and got me my favourite goreng pisang. half an hour after that, the gang came back. they've been at 1 utama the whole time. kecoh for a bit, trying to get chibee to wake up, getting amir out of the house and me another shower. we had tickets to the superman show at 6.30pm at the new cineplex. nice place...still very empty. a bit funny that its owned by 'cathay'. we usually associate cathay with local movies. its a nice place, i like it. didnt really like the movie though. it was sooooo long!!

after hundreds of time looking at hubby's watch and whining "bila nak habis ni...amir buat apa?", the movie finally ended. my feet were swollen, i had to put them up on the seat in front of me (heh...sorry zura!), dboy was already sleeping, hubby, chibee and zilla were going spiderman rules, spiderman rules. we debated on where to have dinner. its zilla's last day here before flying off to langkawi for her training. langkawi for 6 months and we're acting like she's going to the north pole for 10 years. decided on fish & co. the girls went off first, while we went to get amir and send dboy home. soon as we got to the house, i started crying (and i mean crying!!) hubby, chibee and my aunt laughed."hei takkan tak boleh nak tinggal anak? he's fine with us", my aunt said. i just missed amir so much (mood swing, what mood swing?) fish & co was closing so we went to chilli's. had a really nice dinner - fajitas, monterey chicken, burger, buffalo wings. yummy! zilla said bye to amir. she's really cool, hardly ever showing emotions but i know she was really sad to leave him. she's been at home the past 2-3 weeks and have been keeping him company most of the time. they're both blur, sometimes they play with each other's hair and have this lost look on their faces. zilla once put a trail of milo balls on the floor to see if amir would follow it...and he did! he's getting used to calling out "laaaaaa..." in the morning, and looking for her. next time they see each other he'll be 2 years old.

was great fun yesterday. zilla, have fun in langkawi. we'll try to come up to visit you. remember us while playing sudoku.

after all that, i'm going to have plenty of rest on sunday.


the value of marriage is not that adults produce children but that children produce adults - peter de vries

grown-ups never understand anything for themselves and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explainning things to them - antoine de saint-exupery
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