Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Start Him Young

hubby & i always let amir roam around us while we pray. we dont mind him sitting on the prayer mat or looking at us or watching us pray. i know some parents would prefer to put their children aside as the children would disrupt their prayers, but to us, moving aside a few steps to avoid him is not a big deal. at least he's familiar with the prayer mat and knows what it is for. he also knows to sujud whenever we say "Allahu akbar". now he's moved a step forward and would raise both arms when we say "Allahu akbar". he even know that daddy's kain is for prayers. if hubby prays in his office attire amir would call him and bring over the kain pelekat to him. lets just hope it'll be easy to teach him to pray properly, insyaallah...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

End Of An Era

i didnt want to put any entry on football during this world cup...just because! i've seen so many entries about football cropping up the past month or so, i thought, let the footie nut keep quiet and just enjoy the games. unfortunately i could not, not write this one.

due to his hip injury, my favourite player (after "le king" retired) had to hang up his diadora boots and call it a day. he will be sorely missed. even when he left united for celtic, there was a big gaping hole in the middle of the field.

the number 16 is gone but not forgotten...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Amir's Favourite Song

on top of spaghetti
all covered with cheese
i lost my poor meatball
when somebody sneezed

it rolled off the table
and onto the floor
and then my poor meatball
rolled out of the door

it rolled in the garden
and under a bush
and then my poor meatball
was nothing but mush

the mush was as tasty
as tasty could be
and early next summer
it grew into a tree

the tree was all covered
all covered with moss
it grew lovely meatball
and tomato sauce

so if you eat spaghetti
all covered with cheese
hold on to your meatball
and dont ever sneeze

Friday, June 09, 2006

Happy Birthday Dboy...

my favourite cousin celebrated his 7th birthday yesterday. dboy & i are extremely close. if his mummy wasnt around, i'd become his mummy. when i wasnt working, i did everything with him. he was the first person i told when i was pregnant with amir. he was there actually, waiting with hubby in the room while i did the UPT. he took a picture of us crying when the UPT turned out positive. he was with us when we did our first check up.

amir now stays with his family during the day, when i'm working. he enjoys his time there as the house is always full of people. there's always someone to play with him, especially now that its the school holidays.

we went to friday's at utama last night. dboy the kelam boy thought he'd miss his birthday when he was waiting for me at the lrt station. that was only 6pm, the dinner was at 8pm!! he was excited since monday, he kept reminding me and kept singing happy birthday. but when the friday staff sang to him, he started getting all awkward and embarassed (last year he hid under the table).

happy birthday dboy...may you continue to stump us with all your weird questions, love abg syam, kak na, amir & baby...

Monday, June 05, 2006

To Buy or Not To Buy

i am one of those people who buy what i like. you can do any kind of extravagent advertising on me and call me everyday to buy your stuff, but if i dont like it, i wont give it a second glance. i would also buy anything without any recommendation. if i like it i will get it.

before i had amir, i already know what i wanted and what i didnt want for him. of course there are things that i got to know later on, but i had some ideas what i had wanted for him.

1. buaian
this is a big no-no to me. never ever, ever, ever never would i have this in my house. i wouldnt waste my money and the space in my house for this. i've seen an aunt who had to carry the big load of buai from her house to mine ever since i was 9 years old. it makes a baby dependent on the buai and you would have trouble of trying to get him out of it. it may work for some parents (senang je nak get him to sleep without it) but to me, why bother introducing him to something he's not aware of just so you can get some peace & quiet.

2. pacifier i hate this thing! some parents think its so cute letting their child suck on that thing while out shopping. apa yang cute sangat? the poor child is pouting his mouth like angelina jolie. and its not even clean. i bet the things has fallen down countless of times, yet some mothers just wipe it on their pants or sleeves and cucuk it back in the child's mouth. what i really hate is when toddlers or young children, around 3-4, still have it in their mouth.

3. car seat
now this is a must. i still see some parents not using car seats. ok, i'm not trying to be a saint and enforce this on anyone, but i do see the necessity of a car seat. for one, it helps the baby learn on its own, it also give parents more time to themselves while in the car, knowing their children is safe and sound. amir isnt all quiet and angelic while in the car seat, he does scream the windows down, but we just ignore and go on with what we're doing. he'd stop screaming after a while. of course we dont just let him scream for no reason, we do check to see if there's anything wrong first. but if nothing's wrong and he's just sreaming to be let out, then that's when hubby & i will keep talking to each other and let him calm down by himself. it works out quite well because now amir can sit quietly for long journeys, provided there's no one sitting near him to distract him. i see this car at the lrt station while waiting for hubby almost every day. a man picks up his wife, who takes the lrt, with his 2 children. on the way to the lrt station, the younger one (i think she's only around 3-4 months) would lie down in the car seat...which is of course a very good practice. then when the wife comes, she would pick up the baby from the car seat, i first assumed it was to breastfeed the baby. but then the husband would pick up the car seat and store it in the boot. i just dont get it...why do they do that? is the car seat only important when there's no one to hold the baby? is it only a device to help you to transport the baby? is it not a safety equipment to prevent something happening to your children should there be an accident?

4. anything barney
i really, really hated barney before this. but for amir's birthday he got a lot of barney toys, which is very good and educational. and now his favourite tv channel is showing barney, right at the time when he starts to nap. so amir (and his mummy too) is starting to getting used to barney's songs. while the show itself is good and teaches you a lot of things, i just cant stand barney and his 2 sidekicks...what's-his-face and his sister with the disgusting blankie. having said that, i do like that "i love you, you love me" song...

5. slippers/shoes that make sounds
another thing that is so annoying. i really hate these slippers. ok you may not have any problem with it, but when you are in a crowd, please remember that the sound is not musical to everyone's ears! you cant escape them, they're everywhere. i dont mind if you get your children to wear them when he's at the playground or padang because the noise will be silenced by other noise, but sometimes you hear them at the clinic or the hospital, where you go when you are not well. yet the annoying sound is there to make you feel even worse!

6. shoes with the wheels
another thing i dont like, especially when you're at the mall. the children wearing these dont even care about you. if you are in their way, you are the one who have to step aside for them. when i was pregnant i used to be so scared of them. if i see one heading towards me, i would have to run to the side or into a shop, while holding my bulging tummy. and now its grabbing amir and running into a shop while holding my soon-to-be bulging tummy. the parents dont care either. maybe to them its better since their children are not slowing them down. once i saw this girl, around 8-9 years old, holding on to her mom while they were walking. the girl didnt even have to step, she'd be wheeled around by her mom. talk about being lazy!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Shopping Phase

a pregnant woman would go through many phases during her pregnancy - 1st, 2nd, 3rd trimester, nesting phase, morning-sickness phase. there's also another phase, one that last throughout the pregnany period. this phase is usually more prominent for women who are pregnant for the first time, but it could also be as strong for women who are pregnant with a girl after having a boy (or vice versa). for some people, like me, this phase is equally strong during both pregnancies. im talking about the "shopping phase".

most people recommend mothers-to-be to not give into this phase during the beginning months of the pregnancy, and to only acknowledge it after the 7th month. but i cant help it...i had the urge this morning. took amir to one utama. i had to fix my phone (yeah...the phone fixing was a 'cover up'). then straight away i went to the 2nd floor and headed for the FOS outlet.

i bought amir some rompers here last year but it was the newborn rompers that attracted me. i told myself, if i get pregnant again, this is where i'm getting all the baby clothes. they have added more choice. they were $16 for 2, so you have to take 2. i took 2...then 2 more, then 2 more...i ended up with 8 pairs!!

aren't they just adorable??

abang long, after mummy gave into her "shopping phase"...

Thursday, June 01, 2006


as i was on the examination table last weekend, a mate (heh...should i put 'good friend'...malu lah!) went for a holiday. she called me up yesterday, telling me she's back and has some photos for me to view. got the photos this morning. wow...the girl's pretty good with the camera. it would be perfect for a brochure. my advise to you if you wanna change career - go into photography. you get to eat the food at some event and you may get free holidays (re discovery travel and living channel). holiday and food...what more can you ask for!

since i'm no genius with the camera, i'd like to share some of her photos.

nice huh? she got a bit pissed off when i asked if she really took the photos. so here's an entry to say...omigod!!! it was a compliment, for god's sake, not an insult. hahaha...tak sia2 your dad gave you your first camera and took that photo of the lost von trapp kid, huh? eh, what are the chances of you taking picture of me while in labour? maybe you can make my tired face look radiant.

my friend, who is a blog newbie, has 2 blogs. talk about hogging the cyber world. i'm sure she doesnt mind me linking the other one too so that people can share her holidays.


the value of marriage is not that adults produce children but that children produce adults - peter de vries

grown-ups never understand anything for themselves and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explainning things to them - antoine de saint-exupery
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