Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Apple of My Eye

You are worried about seeing him spend his early years in doing nothing. What! Is it nothing to be happy? Nothing to skip, play, and run around all day long? Never in his life will he be so busy again ~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Emile, 1762

i love that quote. how true it is, especially to a toddler who is coming into his 2nd year. this is the time he learns - learn how to walk, run, climb, hide, make friends, talk. i'm always a step behind amir. when did he learn to do that, when did he learn to do this, eh...i never noticed he could do this. he never ceases to amaze me. i feel i'm always pushing myself to keep up with him, not the other way round.

he's been eating a lot lately. here i was...worried that if we leave him with bibik, he'd miss us so much he wont eat. quite the opposite. according to bibik, he's eating 2 bowls of rice now. how come he would never touch rice when he's with us. he's forever munching...chipsmore, milo cereal, famous amos, he's even eating goreng ubi. he's drinking a lot of plain water too. with us it was just...milk. that's it.

one minute macam gangster, next minute ayu pulak...

he's learn to climb over the bicycle seat and pushing it backwards. weird thing is, he cant push it forward. why? i have no idea. all i know is he would look behind him and steer the bicycle backwards.

he's immitating animal sounds. he loves cats and dogs. his voice would go extra high when he sees a cat and his lips would pout and he'd make 'ooff...oooff...' sounds when he hears dog barking.

he loves sitting at his table, playing with his blocks.

he has this habit of poking everything he sees, especially buttons. remote control buttons, switch buttons, clothes buttons...anything. he'd point his index finger and just...poke...poke...poke.

he's a total tv addict (takes after his mummy). he wont go to sleep without the tv on. if he's falling asleep and the credits of a show comes on (usually bear in the big blue house or adventures of little brown bear) he'd wake up and start waving to them. i think he thinks they're his friends. sometimes when he's sleeping, he can get up and growl if i switch off the telly. he loves football, he would cheer when goals are scored. he loves to watch oprah especially when her audience claps.

watching "elmo's world" with elmo

my little terror. he's such a cheekee monkey. in 6 months time, he'll be a big brother. i cant imagine my little baby having a little brother. i donno who would have more trouble accepting that fact - him or me?

What is a home without children? Quiet ~Henny Youngman

I've Waited So Long

i've been looking at the boxed date on my calendar for weeks! on top of the box is written '13 weeks' in red ink. today is the day i scheduled my 2nd gynae appointment. the last time i went was 7 weeks ago. when i was pregnant with amir, i didnt allow that long a break between check ups. yeah...first pregnancy and everything. people say, the 2nd one i wont be going so often. actually, that's not true. if i could i would go every week. but hubby i and planned for month-end check ups to coincide with gaji masuk.

the first check up i couldnt help it. i really wanted confirmation and to see if its in place (ie nothing abnormal about the pregnancy). so we went early last month. then we said...ok, back to our original schedule of month end check ups. it was soooo difficult to wait. i wanted to see how the baby was growing, how my pregnancy was going. this time around i'm not as energetic. few factors add to that - started working after a year out, juggling an active toddler, distance between house and work place increased, getting older...all these made me more tired (and its only my 3rd month!) i'm also very choosy about food this time, no rice, no mihun, no mee, no tomyam, no soup...more "no"s than "yes"es. i crave for junk food. mcdonalds, burger king, kfc...yum!! i have not had healthy food for a long time. so of course i was worried about the pregnancy and how the baby is doing with all the junk food intake.

we got to the hospital quite late, after 9. not advisable on a saturday. everyone seem to make appointments on saturday. but hubby came back late last night, and he needed the extra sleep. amir was overly hyper. he walked from one end of the lobby to the other, a lot of times! kalah orang tawaf! then he wouldnt keep quiet in the clinic. kept waving to everyone, met a friend who was his age, ate half packet of biskut tiger, then all of the sudden he shocked everyone by doing his "allahu akbar" routine right in the middle of the clinic. amir has a tendency to sujud when he feels the carpet (konon sejadah daddy & mummy lah). then hubby just had to say "amir...allahu akbar ke?" and when he heard that, he sujud again while murmuring...aummm (guess its allahu akbar for him). hubby and i had mixed feelings, proud pun ye, malu pun ye, terkejut pun ye.

alhamdulillah...the baby is fine. i shed some tears on the examination table. the hormones of course. i also got choked up looking at amir watching the scan monitor, then wondering how they will bond. i saw the baby's limbs, i saw his heartbeat and best of all, i saw him jump when the doctor scanned my tummy. she said "ah...another little terror in there! he's already jumping" that almost warrant a bawling! she did bring up the baby's sex but at 13 weeks, its too early to confirm. i know what i am praying for. hubby is trying to keep cool about the sex but i know deep down inside, what he would love to have. amir...well, he's just enjoying being "mummy's handsome boy". the baby's sex aside, i'm just happy that the baby's on track and seem to be doing fine. ya allah ya tuhanku...thank you so much...thank you, thank you, thank you. you have given me so much, i pray everyday that i will bring my babies up as good muslims.

hubby & i dropped amir off at the babysitter and went to watch da vinci's code. it was a nice, yet confusing movie. we have not gone out for ages and it felt weird walking around without the stroller. halfway through the movie, i turned to hubby and said "i miss amir" then my bottom lip started quivering and yup...i cried! after the movie, hubby and i practically ran to the car, we miss amir so much. i wonder if it'll still be the same when we have 2,3,4 kids. or will we box up dates for time away from the children instead?

Thursday, May 25, 2006

And The Winner Is

i was very happy that taylor hicks won american idol. it was a close-ish fight but taylor fought off katherine on the last song. they were both not good...the songs were not good, but taylor managed to cover the song better than katherine.

cant wait for next year's idol to begin. for the past 2 years, i managed to follow from the beginning. in 2005, i was in my confinement and in 2006, i was not working. guess next year i'll just catch whatever episode i can get.

I'm Still Here...

i havent updated for ages (well, one week...but it feels like forever!) i've got so many things to write but its all over the place...that's what u get for not updating often. things about amir, things i observe (yes...there's more of those), things happened on the lrt. but at the moment, my head and eyes are fixed on the final of American Idol.

i watched it diligently last year. being a stay-at-home-mum and all that jazz. amir was still a doll, just lying down while mummy and daddy watch telly. hubby's office hours ended at 5pm, so he'd be home by 5.30pm. we had a lot of free time and spent a lot of time together. now...i dont like things now. amir's running here and there, we get home at 8-9pm, we spend less time together as a family, we're both tired after a long day at work.

anyway, the final last night wasnt as great as last year. i thought carrie and bo were better finalists. this year...i donno, i feel like the quality wasnt like last year. taylor was excellent in the first round...even said he had goosebumps listening to taylor. katherine was great in the second man, her voice. the third, both didnt do well. the songs were off and it affected their performance, but taylor got my vote...only just. the tv's on outside...i think i'll run out at 9.30, just in time for them to announce the winner.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

On My Day Off

i thought i can rest (doctor told me to...) but with this boy around, not much resting can be done. i got a 2-hour nap in the morning, that's because he slept too. we cuddle-cuddle, which was nice since it was raining and the room was cold. and the fact that i havent cuddled him for so long (he hates people holding him when he's sleeping, unless its to rub his back). i actually forgot how its like being a stay-at-home-mum. i forgot when to bathe him, when to give him breakfast, when to give him lunch. it all came back to me, but i was confused for a while.

after nap, we had lunch. gas habis so i had to eat maggi the terdesak way, leave it in hot water. i actually miss the abundance of food in klcc. guess have to wait for hubby to come back before i can eat properly (another 2 hours and counting!!). a peaceful morning...then my little terrorist was at it again.
sleep? what do you mean...sleep??

i want to explore but i want to watch telly too...decisions, decisions...

mummy stop...enough pictures!!


My Observations

we were having breakfast one day when hubby commented that my eyes never seem to "keep quiet". he said i'm always watching here and there, looking at this and that. its true...i like to learn about things and i learn from observation. my observations may not always be correct and things i observe may not always be as they seem, but i dont go around commenting on them unless i have asked about them. i just observe but i dont offer my observations to other people.

anyway, here are some of the things i "observed" recently...
1. i saw a big billboard of a bank near sg besi toll. it says "bank rakyat - your choice bank". my first thought, there's something wrong here. macam tak betul je. i had a feeling that this is a direct translation, sure enough on the other side was written "bank rakyat - bank pilihan anda". my english is not great but shouldnt it be "bank rakyat - your bank of choice". its just not right. then i went to bank rakyat's website. yup...its there. which means, its the official tagline for bank rakyat.

2. the people on the LRT are just so kelam. there are those who just cant wait to run to the door before the train reaches the next stop. even before you hear yasmin yusoff's voice saying "stesen berikutnya..." you can already see these people either standing up or start pushing people around them or start shouting "excuse me..." to the people in front of them. alamak...relek lah. the train just pulled out from the last station, its still moving, your stop is miles away. just wait, will ya?? the door will be opened for almost 30 seconds. you have time to get out, dont worry. the worst is when the next stop (the stop these kelams are getting out at) are the famous stops, klcc ke, kelana jaya ke, masjid jamek ke. you can see that 80% of the passangers have already turned towards the door indicating they will get out on the next stop, but still these passangers get so kelam like they wont be able to leave the train, and starts going "excuse me, excuse me..." eh hello...everyone's getting off lah. relekkkkkk!! its different if its abdullah hukum station where hardly anybody gets on or off it.

3. you feel that your child learn so many things when you're not around. when i was at home, everything amir learnt i didnt get too excited about. maybe because i can see it coming. like when he took his first steps, or first responded to certain words. of course i was excited, who wouldnt be, but somehow i felt it coming since i see his progress every minute. but when i'm not at home and he does something new, i sort of get so shocked and surprised and wonder when did he start to learn to do that. yesterday hubby fed amir milk when he grabbed the box from hubby and held it himself while he drank. hubby & i was surprised. eh...since when he can hold himself? usually he refuses to hold and would just lie down when we feed him. he even drank without spilling a single drop. then hubby gave him a new box. lagi terkejut when he took the straw off the box himself and tried to poke it in himself. lah...since when he learnt that? hubby & i stopped eating and just watched him.

4. your head gets really heavy when you have flu. so now i'm going to bed...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Long Weekend Day 3

the buffet spread this morning wasnt as good. a lot of choices but nothing i really fancied. took eggs again, this time with hash browns, sausages & baked beans. no grilled tomatoes...i love those. again i had to eat salad, i donno why. i seem to really like thousand island at the moment. i also tried dimsum. dont really take it usually, not a fan but macam i had to have it today. ate 2...yup, i dont like it. i had a lot of rolls, soft rolls, hard rolls. cant get enough of them. amir ate his koko krunch quietly until he saw some kids jumping into the pool. then he got distracted. we thought of taking him for a swim after breakfast but then we saw a guy (one of the fathers) in the pool with his trackbottoms on. urgghh...i really hate people like that. dont they realise that their clothes are ditry. walking in and out of the pool like that. yuck!!

after breakfast we went back to the room. amir played for a while then he started getting cranky. he wanted to sleep but somehow couldnt. hubby was doing sudoku yet again and i was reading the paper. while watching "football extra" i slept. still have slight trouble breathing, the soft pillow didnt help.

we left around 1pm. got home about an hour after that. stopped by Giant to get amir's pampers and milk and a few bits and bobs. finally got home around 3pm. i did the laundry and unpacked and changed our bedsheets. wanted to sleep but couldnt, it was too hot. hubby and amir slept instead. prepared dinner. i'm making roast chicken, mashed potatoes (i cheated...its the instant one) and salad. dinner was quite nice.

amir fell and his hit chin on the drawer knob while i was praying. our knobs arent very child-safe, its got sharp edges. i had bad feelings about the knob since the guy installed it (i didnt choose it). i had hurt myself a lot of times, scratching my knuckles against it. i knew one day amir's gonna hit some parts of his body against it. i'm contemplating on taking EL tomorrow but i just started work...not a good idea. i wish i was still a stay-at-home-mum.

Long Weekend Day 2

i got up before 7am. my stomach's already growling. hubby and amir still sleeping. i picked up the newspaper and read up on the news, the job section and the build up to the fa cup final tonight. on paper, its a liverfool win but i'm hoping west ham would create an upset.

waited for about an hour before hubby finally woke up. maybe he heard the sound of my stomach. then amir woke up. got ready and we went downstairs for breakfast. the buffet was large, a lot of choices. as usual, i headed for the eggs section, asked for a nice omelette. while waiting, i went to get amir's bread and koko krunch. i was also in the mood for salad, so i got myself a big bowl. hubby had porridge and some bacon and onion. he said the salmon was still swimming in his tummy.
assalamualaikum...i'm up!!

cheeky boy on the way to breakfast...

amir having koko krunch...

after breakfast we went up & lepak in the room. it was a cloudy day and we didnt feel like going home. we contemplated on where to go next. i fell asleep while hubby was deciding. ngantuk lah. then it was time for us to leave, the front desk had to call us up. we really didnt want to go. on the way home, hubby called his sister in semenyih to see whether she wanted to have dinner in bagan lalang. she was in PD with her family, a sony family day. so apa lagi. since it was our plan to go to PD yesterday, hubby said...jom. we were 2 minutes from home, so we went back for a while. just enough time for me to pick up yesterday's laundry, put the dirty clothes in the laundry basket and take some new clothes and pampers for amir. hubby watered his 2 plants outside (we havent had time to do up the garden!)

it took us less than an hour to get to PD. we booked a hotel in seremban. we've been there before when hubby had a golf tournament and i really like it, especially the pool. PD wasnt too far away anyway. got kfc for lunch and went to check in. hubby was doing his sudoku puzzle & i played with amir. the boy has a lot of energy. too energetic for poor old mummy. around 5.30pm we went down to the pool. it was darn cold. did somebody forget to switch on the water heater? we sat in the jacuzzi, too cold to step in the pool. amir was having the time of his life.

amir found his "spot" by the window...

after swimming. mata dah merah...

that night we went to look for seafood for dinner. we planned to see hubby's sister in PD anyway. i had craving for ikan bakar and the one we had for dinner was really yummy. on the way out from the place, i saw some prawns...alamak, i want that too!! went to the resort where my SIL was staying. stayed there for about half an hour. their family day dinner was still going on. amir was tired too. he didnt sleep after his hour-long swim.

we took a short walk on the beach. passed by some groups having barbeque. sedapnya bau! then i felt weird. i think i inhaled the smoke and now i cant breathe & was wheezing. i havent had breathing difficulty for over 2 years, and now its back. and i didnt bring my inhaler.

we got back after 11. amir was sound asleep. we switched on the telly. it was 2-2. then the hammers scored their third goal. yeay for west ham. but somehow i had a feeling liverfool will come back, sure enough gerrard scored their third. i fell asleep soon after that. i didnt even hear the final whistle.

Long Weekend Day 1

the long-awaited weekend is finally here. hubby & i didnt make any major plans. friday morning, we got up and went for breakfast in taman tun. saw che nah's truck. yesss...i can finally have my nasi dagang. i was a glutton...i bought 2 for me alone!! there wasnt any place to eat so we went to ismail to eat it, hubby wanted roti canai. after breakfast, we went for a drive. amir slept as soon as the car started moving and we didnt want to wake him up. met an ex-colleague at pusat bandar damansara. what else...we talked about football (he's a big united supporter). he told me i missed the sex god's testimonial on telly. alamak...i took wednesday off, i should have watched it. never mind...i'll get the dvd.

then we drove wasnt even 11.30am. we really needed to go somewhere. when we got home, we called the maintenance guy to repair our broken window but he could only come after friday prayers. hubby slept while i played with amir. after prayers the guy came. he left a little after 3. we contemplated on where to go. alaaaa...lets just go to eastin. eastin is one of our favourite hotels. the room & toilet is very clean and comfy, the breakfast buffet is great and the price is reasonable. so off we went...

amir went exploring as soon as we got into the room...

tired but he was on a mission...

sampai dalam toilet nak explore...

it was raining, we swam for only 15 minutes. he was really cold, so i gave him a warm bath as soon as we got up...

he fell asleep before 7pm. ahh...hubby and i can eat in peace.

since we were already there, hubby said 'jom...makan best sikit malam ni...". i ordered the chickend set. ok lah. tasted like chicken chop.

hubby had salmon set. he was a bit cheesed off because it was wayyy smaller than how it was pictured on the menu. it was still filling, but they should have shown the real picture. both sets came with salad or soup. i ordered mushroom soup and hubby ordered onion soup. the mushroom soup was to die for. they also came with a dessert. it was coffee cake of some kind. sedapppp. even hubby like it.

after we had dinner, amir woke up & wouldnt go back to sleep. it was after 11pm. we switched off all the lights, hoping he'd sleep but he wouldnt. i put him on my lap and played with his hair. barulah he started to sleep again.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Day Off

i've not even been working a month and already i have been on medical leave. heh...not that i was lazy or anything (work has been ok the past few days) but i really wasnt feeling well. i didnt suffer from morning sickness during my first pregnancy (only mild nauseasness - didnt even throw up) and was feeling really ok during this pregnancy (except for the tiredness), but since monday i was really feeling eecky. as though i want to throw up but i cant. mostly i feel that way after i've had my meals. i think i can put my finger on the problem - i have not had proper meals in terms of the food and the timing. i eat lunch really late, and breakfast really early, and dinner whenever i've reached kelana jaya / taman tun and in between i dont munch on anything. so its the angin building up in my stomach thats causing me this eecky feeling. from now on i'll munch on things so that i dont get that "want to throw up" feeling.

anyway, i got a medical leave today. the doctor was really nice, he was talking about the morning sickness and craving that people have during pregnancy. then he started asking me what i craved, i joked that i didnt crave anything - my husband did. then he started telling me about how he craved ikan air sungai for 4 months when his wife was pregnant and how he would throw up while his wife was feeling fine. he went on to say that he was on a lot of medical leave, and his wife would be working. then he said that it was all worth it because his son is extremely close to him, and he concluded that maybe the closeness came from the closeness he had with his wife by sharing her "morning sickness". i thought that was really sweet.

hubby was on medical leave too. he had slight food poisoning from eating something at work. amir was also feeling under the weather, he had a temperature. it was nice to be home with the boys. we went to taman tun, as that's the only clinic i know that's under my company's panel clinic list. we finished early so hubby said lets jalan-jalan. we went to 1 utama for a while until amir looked a bit lembik. he slept as we got in the car. when we got home the three of us slept - more like the 2 of us, amir wouldnt sleep (tak sedap badan probably).

the day passed by really slow, we just sat around watching tv, playing computer and went off to mcd for a late lunch (went after 4pm!!). amir finally slept on the way to mcd so we decided to just eat in the car so that he can continue sleeping. by that time his temperature had gone down. we stopped by giant for a while, just enough time for me to grab minced meat and cheese. i made baked pasta for dinner (alamak...didnt take a picture pulak). i had a plate for dinner, hubby tak makan since he's still full, and the rest i packed in tupperwares to bring to work tomorrow.

my dear hubby, all of the sudden, from out of nowhere, is hooked on mind games. not the sir alex's "mind games" but computer games. for the past 4-5 days, he's been playing minesweeper non-stop (and hogging the computer at home!). then today he started playing sudoku. donno what came over him. he usually doesnt like these kinds of games because he wont be able to concentrate and finish them (ada je benda distract him). but today, since 7.30pm, he was playing with the sudoku puzzle from the star. at 10.30pm, this was what the puzzle looked like...

i'm really proud of him. its nice to see him finish what he started, especially games like this (which, like i said, he's not really into). this is more of my kind of game, that's why i'm so proud of him. even i am too scared to do the puzzle (remember mock??)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Third Entry For the Day

...and mock wonders where i get my inspiration to write. amir was extra active today. i donno what he ate. maybe its the packets of gardenia cream rolls that he's addicted to. he would not stop walking. even i had to take time out for 30 minutes (i wanted a longer nap but anaconda was screaming in his cot).

hubby put him on the chair to stop him from walking around. he got a bit scared since the chair is pretty high for him. i get tired just looking at him toddling about, i wonder how its going to be once he starts running.

My Sunday Dinner

i donno why mat sallehs term the lunch they have on sundays as "sunday dinner". i was rummaging through the freezer yesterday, checking the stocks and reminding myself that i have this and that. i have not cooked during the weekdays since i started working, we get home quite late most days and hubby doesnt want me to spend time in the kitchen more than necessary (ie just enough time to prepare amir's night feeding). found minced beef that i bought to make shephard's pie (tapi still tak buat).

i finally made it today. boiling the potatoes took a long time. the beef and the actual baking took less than an hour. hubby wasnt too keen on it at first because he generally doesnt like pies. i also made mushroom gravy so that its not so dry.

hubby's reaction after he had it was..."sedappppp". he took extra gravy, even after he finished the pie, he still took the gravy. he said he'd put the gravy in a cup and drink them all. hmmm...the gravy took less than 2 minutes tapi itu yang dia puji lebih-lebih pulak.

kept some for afterwards. i'm sure i'll be hungry again around 6-7pm. more than half gone, even though only the 2 of us ate...

A Much Slower Weekend

as it wasnt a 3-day weekend, hubby and i decided to take things easy. we actually have made some plans (seafood in bagan lalang, visit hubby's brother in cheras) but when the weekend finally arrived, we scrapped all plans and just lepak-ed.

saturday started really late, by our normal standard. we woke up past 8am (missed subuh, unfortunately). our little alarm clock was sleeping soundly between us, he missed his save ums. i suggested to hubby to try out a place in kota damansara. after her endless plugging, i thought we'd give hot mama's brother's place a try. i was craving for nasi dagang. unfortunately, they didnt have nasi dagang so i had to settle for nasi lemak. i was salivating at the lauk pauk (daging goreng, ayam goreng, sambal tumis udang) but since they didnt go with nasi lemak, i had to give them a miss (the udang did but i saw it after they put chicken on my nasi lemak). we took our time with breakfast as the place a very quiet. amir was happily chasing the cat and once he got bored, was busy playing with the menu (hot mama, if you see a menu kena gigit, amir punya kerja lah tu). then my aunt from taman tun sent me an sms asking us over for lunch. we were nearby so, ok food :-)

she made my favourite, sup tulang. after lunch i lepaked on the bed with amir and my 7-year old cousin, watching barney, emperor's new groove and the alphabet cd. hubby went off to play snooker nearby. lepak punya lepak, we didnt realise it was almost maghrib. stayed there for dinner and finally made our way home around 9pm. the day passed by just like that.

today's weather is great. sejuk and windy and cloudy. hubby fought his nasi berlauk calling and we had roti telur at the nearby mamak. then we went off to giant to get some groceries. i wanted to get some stuff for my shephard's pie. we were in and out from there very quickly. as we were parking we saw a lady with some of the giant security officers, i think she lost her car, so we did not shop in comfort. sorry nae...i really didnt see you!!

got home and reminded hubby that he needed to mend his pants. i do not and will never sew, so all mending is done by my ever-reliable hubby. he doesnt mind, so yeay...

p/s that mushy blog up yet??

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Its Late...

and i'm still at work!! today's been an ok day compared to the previous two. i had to man the office as the other admin was on leave. i was running around like a headless chicken. it was bad enough i didnt know the people and the procedures around here. to add to it, i had to book rooms and get signatures and send folders and despatch items to people and places i have never heard of before. but after all the stress, it was a good learning experience. at least within the space of 2 days i was able to familiarise myself with the place.

i'm alright with this place. i just wish it was closer to home so that i dont have to endure the 35-45 mins lrt ride with strangers blowing their cigaratte-laced breath in my face. i also miss amir like mad. he's adjusted himself well at my aunt's place. he loves it there because my 7 year old cousin loves playing with him. my aunt and bibik carries him around, so he's a bit 'manja'ed there. at home he'll be forced to walk.

its past 6pm now...the lrt should be less packed (still packed but less) so i better make my way back. plus my baby's waiting for me...

Monday, May 01, 2006

How I Love Thee...

...long weekends!! i've forgotten how much 3-day weekends mean to people who work. it was a blissful weekend. hubby & i rested to the max on saturday. no, we didnt sleep the morning away. ever since amir was born, we've never woken up past 7.30am. amir is our alarm clock, he'd wake me up for subuh. unfortunately, i'm not one of those who can take a nap during the day, so getting up early isnt all that great (while naughty little amir would be napping for 2-3 hours come mid morning). anyway, hubby & i are early risers, by 9am we'd be in the mamak, having out roti telur & bawang and teh tarik. on saturday, we took amir to the babysitter's house, saja nak nyakat him. hubby told me to look out for his reaction once we reach the 1utama junction and particularly when we got to the honda showroom. sure enough, when we got to those places, amir was already fidgeting in his seat and whimpering.

we lepak-ed for a bit at my cousin's (cum amir's babysitter's) house. told my youngest cousin we were going to 1utama. he had that puppy dog eyes look...and we caved in. "dboy want to follow amir or go to kuantan?" (he goes to kuantan every weekend.) sure enough, he said..."i want to go to utama" (he refuses to speak malay for some reason). so we took him, promising his father we'd have him back by 2.30pm. we went to friday's, had cravings for buffalo wings. the roti telur & bawang hasnt been fully digested, so hubby & i just shared starters. as promised we sent dboy home and then went back. hubby & amir slept once we got home. it was too hot for me, so i read the papers instead. i made roast chicken and salad for dinner as hubby & i didnt feel like rice. in fact we havent had rice for a week now. habislah, anak aku keluar kang jadi mat salleh. we had early dinner, then stayed in bed, watching all the premiership games on espn.

sunday started with a crash, literally!! one of our bedroom windows was faulty. the window's "i-donno-whats-it-called" was not screwed in properly, that thing that connects the window to the window sill. told hubby about it and he said...ok lah, i buat nanti. nanti of course never came. when i opened the window to let the morning breeze in, it fell off its hinges and broke the window below it. thank god i was not standing right in front of it. the window was hanging by only 2 screws. it didnt break, surprisingly, but the frame below it was shattered. hubby gave me that "omigod...what did you do" look. cepat-cepat i went to take my shower. when i came out of the bathroom, he had already taken the window, put it on the balcony and taken away all the shattered glasses.

we went for breakfast and came back thinking what should we do with the glass-less windows. the maintenance people wont be back for 2 days. hubby decided to buy some plywood. i told him to use cardbox box, easier. we thought it over, and went to get some boxes at the nearby shop (the kedai selling plywood was closed anyway). hubby decided to cover the bottom window frame and try to install back the window. wow...he really did manage to do it!! my very own tim the toolman taylor, though he looks more like bob the builder (hehehehe...jgn marah). so that problem was solved. but the weekend hasnt ended, obviously the problems too havent ended. that night, the air-cond just stopped working. it stopped just like that. we were perspiring the whole night. amir couldnt sleep, hubby couldnt sleep and i couldnt sleep.

its not a surprise that this morning we woke up past 8.30am. ter-miss subuh. we went to do our groceries early. afraid that it'll get packed if we got there late. went in and got out within an hour. we saved a lot too. since i've been working, i havent cooked at home, so we didnt buy a lot of fresh products. bought a couple of trays of chicken and some veggies, more for my sandwiches. came back home, hubby & i felt extra energetic. we cleaned the whole of the upstairs. hubby cleaned the air-cond (about time too!!) no wonder it stopped working last night. the filter was so dusty, it didnt look like a filter anymore. i vacuumed amir's room & our room, after hubby finished cleaning the poor excuse of an air-cond. then we went downstairs. i prepared the food to cook for dinner, while hubby vacuumed the floor. amir was happily eating his potato bread (the boy has put on some serious weight, alhamdulillah).

then we went back up. i went to clean our bathroom while hubby took the car to the car wash. amir was still eating. i was shivering while waiting for hubby to come back. we didnt have lunch and we did so many things. once he got back, he accompanied me in the kitchen while i cooked a simple meal for dinner. white rice, ayam goreng kunyit (which is the best type of ayam goreng), sambal telur & kailan ikan masin (i'm more of a kangkung belacan fan, kailan ikan masin is hubby's favourite). we ate dinner early since i was darn hungry, not only that i also wanted an early night. i managed to slip in a round of laundry while hubby bathed amir.

so there...i think my 3-day weekend was used positively. how come my previous weekends were not this eventful? anyway, cant wait for the next 3-day weekend. we may be going off for a couple of nights. its been a long time since we had gone off, just the 3 of us. it'll be either cameron or kuantan. cameron would have strawberries while kuantan would have juicy prawns. decision...decisions...


the value of marriage is not that adults produce children but that children produce adults - peter de vries

grown-ups never understand anything for themselves and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explainning things to them - antoine de saint-exupery
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