Friday, March 31, 2006

You're It!!

thanks to nadia. i wouldnt have seen it too if i hadnt had so much time on my hands & strolled down till the blog entry (hubby & amir are asleep - both with infected tonsil)

Four jobs I have in my life:
1. receptionist at Tourism Malaysia, London (i loved this job!!)
2. accounts officer at a bank in KL (hate it!!)
3. waitress at Kendels, Manchester (saw some really famous footballers :) )
4. TAS associate (it had its moments)

Four Movies I can watch over and over:
1. beyond the promise land (is that a movie - in past glory)
2. the saint
3. bugsy
4. clueless (still have that 'as if' in me...)

Four TV shows I love to watch:
1. CSI las vegas
2. football focus
3. friends
4. pocoyo (amir's favourite at the moment)

Four places I've lived in:
1. Damansara (have lived in many parts of KL but i can only remember damansara)
2. Canterbury, Kent (absolutely loved it there...would love to live there permanently)
3. Sheffield (didnt really like it there...very industrialised)
4. Bukit Jelutong (my home sweet home)

Four places I've been on vacation to:
1. London, England (was my weekend home for 2 years but is still a wonderful place. uncle zuhuri's house was just fantastic)
2. Gold Coast, Australia - honeymoon. first place hubby didnt break a sweat at all ;)
3. Los Angeles part 2- i loved this holiday cos it was just me and my dad (and his entourage, but eh who cares)
4. LA part 1 - first disneyland visit

Four Places I'd rather Be in:
1. my bed but right now hubby taking half & amir taking the other half
2. Mothercare in The Curve
3. the labour room
4. in the pool, with my water baby

Four of my Favorite food: (this is my favourite subject ever!! they should have a subject on this for SPM, i'd ace it for sure...)
1. salmon sashimi - at Keyaki in Pan Pac on sunday mornings (great brunch)
2. nasi dagang - but the kelantan version
3. roast beef with mustard sandwich from Subway - my labour food
4. thin crust pizza with pepperoni & onion from Domino's

Four Websites I visit daily:
1. yahoogroup & yahoo mail
2. The Sun
3. The Star
4. Man United

Four Victims to Do this tag:
1. nae
2. rina
3. ninuk (tho i think she'd be too busy)
4. first time ever i cant think of a fourth answer....

it was nice to reminisce.

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trueblue said...

Oh My God....I feel so guilty. I've been ignoring emails from 'Salina_Isyam' all this while thinking its some spam mail. I'm sooo sorry.
Tiba2 tadi tergerak hati nak bukak because it said something about being tagged. And I never knew you have a blog...Sorry sweetie..
Anyway, its great to read you're doing well with hubby and Amir.
Take care dear..


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