Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Under the Weather

i noticed amir's left eye was swollen on friday. took a picture of him and emailed to hubby to see his reaction. hubby said it doesnt look too bad but maybe we should go see the doctor later that night. we went to hubby's brother's house last weekend and 2 of his children had sore eyes. our first thought was amir got it from them. after dinner that night, hubby said the swelling's gone down. if it gets bad again, we'll go tomorrow (hubby puts the 'pro' in procrastinating...)

the next day, he went back to his mum's house and i was left alone with amir. seeing my little terror wasnt terrorising anything that day, i thought i'd go with my gut instinct and see the nearby doctor. so off we went. there was a lot of people at the clinic that day, so after giving amir's name, i went to the nearby mamak to get some roti canai.

seeing the doctor brought me good news (it wasnt sore eyes) and bad news (it was infected tonsils instead). apparently if the tonsil is infected, the water from the eyes cannot go down well & they'll pool behind the eyes - hence the swollen eyes. she gave amir paracetamol for his fever and antibiotics for the tonsil. i think he felt fine after taking the medicine and a long nap. he was happily playing in his room. later that night, it got really, really bad. he was screaming the place down and crying non-stop. he would kick and punch when i put some ice pack on his back and forehead. after a bottle full of milk he finally calmed down and only whimpered when felt the ice pack on his skin. the same scenario went on for 3 days. he would be fine during the daytime, yet really, really hot at night. i've been up between 2am till 4am every night since saturday. we brought him to his normal pediatrician to ask why hasnt the fever gone down. dr azizi prescribed a stronger antibiotics, cough syrup and volteron as he was really burning up.

i dont really like seeing amir this way (what mother would...) but amir hasnt been sick many times. the only other instance was when he had roseola when he was about 11 months old. that was really scary. he would just lie down on his front on the bed and watched the telly. blinking his eyes every now and then, with his 2 fingers in his mouth. he wouldnt acknowledge me or hubby or the ice pack on his back. he would be motionless for hours, crying only when he wants milk. its a torture seeing him like that as he's always been so hyper and so noisy. now my little fussy eater's totally gone off food. he's getting skinnier and skinnier...

i pray to God he would quickly return to his normal self and hope this doesnt occur too many times.


Hot Mama said...

Semoga cepat sembuh

Nae said...

oh dear.....poor little amir. lemme know if i can be of any help. hope he'll get well soon

eiseai said...

mr clingy seems to be on the mend. but the clingi-ness is getting stronger. maybe he doesnt want to be alone


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