Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Picky Eater

taking my cue from ninuk's latest entry...

my son is really very easy to take care of. he loves water, so bathing him is not problem. he loves lying down on his changing table, so changhing & dressing him is easy(but i have to put in an extra minute of massaging). he loves his car seat, so taking 3 hour journeys are not a problem. he loves his stroller, so i can bring him out all by my loneself. he sleeps at 9 everynight...and wont wake for anything, so we can easily slip into a late night show with him in tow (he 'watched' his first movie at 9 months). he loves the tv, so i can get some me-time either sleeping or surfing the net. he loves the vacuum cleaner, so i dont need to clean in a hurry. he can fall asleep easily on my lap, so i can hang out with friends and not leave him at home (my friends are amazed at this!!).

but of course, no baby is 'easy'and in amir's case, he is the worst eater ever!! he will not eat or try anything other than his nestum. i first started feeding him a week after he turned 4 months. he was drinking bottles and bottles of milk. he could down 10oz in an hour. he'd wake up 3-4 times a night for feeding. hubby and i decided to give him food, to fill up his tummy since he's never seem to be full with just milk. so we gave him rusk with milk, so that he's familiar with the taste and wont reject the food. it went ok...we managed to get in a few spoonfuls and he actually found our 'omigod, omigod' to be very funny. over time, we moved from rusk to gerber 1st to heinz baby cereal, to gerber 2nd to heinz breakfast muesli, to gerber 3rd and to the much-loved nestum. now his choice of meal is limited to nestum 'wheat and honey' and biskut tiger. occasionally he would be given french fries, much to his pleasure (and against dr azizi's advise).

its very frustrating. i have tried again and again to feed him home-cooked meal, be it porridge, potato chicken, pasta, pies, cakes, our dinner lauk with rice. u name it, i've tried it. but he just wont eat. his rule to eat any home-made food is "i will eat when you eat". that means he will only eat at dinner time. i seldom take lunch, even if i do its usually a sandwich that i eat in front of the computer.

his weight has moved steadily...unfortunately its moving downwards instead of upwards. when i carry him, i can feel his bones sticking out from his shoulders and his ribs. its not how a baby is supposed to feel. a baby's supposed to be soft and cuddly and huggable, not poky and hard and boney. that's exactly how amir looks. oh man, i cant count the number of 'amir...dont your parents feed you??' statements i've gotten over the last few months. what kind of statement is that anyway? what mother wont feed their children. but i guess, its easy for people to say bad things before they say good things. of course when we try to explain, "nooo...he's very hyper. he eats a lot but he uses all his energy playing." what do we get from that...nothing!! usually we wont even get to finish the "n..."

ah well, they've made up their minds, who cares. no matter what people say about amir's lack of appetite at least he makes it up by being able to sleep in his cot without the f-ing buais, and he doesnt go around with a silly pacifier in his mouth. and he does not make a fuss when put into his car seat and when mummy is in her 'retail theraphy' session.

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Nae said...

Just pretend to be deaf je le when people start talking. Adam yg chubby tu pun invoked a lot of unsolicited remarks. Sabor je lah


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