Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Change Will Do You Good

i cant seem to be able to do any work over the last couple of months. it used to be really easy for me to do household chores - vacuuming, mopping, wiping, dusting, cooking, laundry-ing. now all i can do is laundry (and that's only 3 times a week) and cooking (never on weekends though). i've been getting really lazy. i was actually wondering how this happened? my conclusion (ie shifting the blame off me) is that amir is just too hyper for me to handle all on my own.

its true though. his naptime had decreased from twice to only once a day. and it has gone shorter too!! i'm lucky if i get an hour to myself in the morning. he refuses to sleep in the afternoon so i have to put aside my work to entertain him. my cooking also has taken a back seat. who would look after him when i cook? i've tried bringing him down to the kitchen with me, but he can only stay put in his high chair for a short while. plus, its boiling hot in the kitchen! so what to do...what to do...

i came up with a brilliant plan today. put him in his playpen and put the playpen behind me while i do my work. now why didnt i think of that before?? the playpen have been sitting quietly in his room for 4 months now. ever since he mastered shuffling, he refused to be kept in the playpen. ok, maybe its because i'm not there, so if i'm around maybe he'll play nicely in there. here i go. not adviseable to manouvre the darn thing in my condition (a blog about that will be written soon) but hey...i need to get some work done here. so there i was...pushing and pulling with all my might. it moved...halfway through the doorway...three quarters out...a little bit more...and then...thud, thud. uh oh...what's that?? ahhhh great...the wheels cant go through. dognabbit!! so there it is...the hardly-used playpen, stuck in the doorway, with my son it it. least he can see me. lets see how long this can last before he starts screaming (not too long - only managed 2 minutes).

so...brilliant plan #2...i gotta get myself a maid!


Hot Mama said...

Hmm, good idea by putting him in the playpen. But can he sit still without asking for your attention?

I guess it quite difficult to do few things at the same time, cooking-taking care of baby etc.
i Wonder if men can also do multi tasking?

Anonymous said...

hey mummy, u've done a good job trying to sooth ur little terror and at the same time have ur-time writing this blog!!!

what if one day u work and i have my time at home with my little terror...i would love to try that out :-)

Nae said...

give him some or your pots and pans and senduk....the noisier the better. that should keep him occupied for..say, 10 minutes? alaaa....just let him watch elmo for the hundreth time lah...:D

eiseai said...

hot mama & multi-task dont go hand in hand. hubby automatically slows down the car, when he starts talking while he's driving. sometimes he doesnt even realise that the car's not moving :D

u wanna stay at home with your little terror?? be my guest...i doubt u can put together his bottle of milk ;P

you're right...elmo is my saviour. anything's better than barney right??


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