Wednesday, December 14, 2005

New Year, New Stuff...

my new 'stuff' last year was a house. got my keys in november. my new 'stuff' (not that i consider him a 'stuff') was little amir. for next year, getting myself a new car. finally!! i finally sold off the old one 2 weeks ago. it was a stressful sale, believe me! first of all, to get someone to buy the car was difficult. people wanted to pay less than what its worth. and when i agreed on the price, another party would say i'm being cheated cos the car is worth much more, so i backed out from the sale. but by backing out, i was still stuck with the car. not that i didnt need a car, everyone needs a car. but that car was coming up to its 8th year. it was literally on its deathbed. spent a lot on maintaining it, dont think i can afford to help it see the new year.

thought about it alot, finally agreed to hand it over to an agent to sell it. maybe they can cover a wider market & haggle for a higher price, not to mention do all the JPJ stuff. waited 1 month, no news, thought of getting it back. i mean, i do need a car. grocery shopping, taking amir to the clinic, taking amir to 1 utama, doing all those housewifey errands. but then the agent convinced us he has a buyer. the story went on for almost 4 months, finally transferred title, got payment etc last 2 weeks. now on the lookout for a new car.

hope to get the car by next week. we're submitting the docs today. got so many things to get. with a baby in the car, it'll be full of his stuff. my old car was really plain & empty. in another words, it was clean. i never left anything in there. even took out my radio when i leave the car. for this one, has to be different. sometimes during a journey, i'd go...darn it, forgot to bring amir's toy, or wish i brought along a pair of socks. with him in the car, there has a be extra socks, extra clothes, blankie, toys (lots and lots of them), his sunnies, his cap...the list is endless. think i'll go over to mothercare this weekend and get those organisor that we put behind the front passanger's car. then i'll be able to put all this extra stuff. our next car has to be an MPV. people always say its a waste of space if you have only 1 child. oh please, its NEVER a waste of space. you'll always find something to store in there. and then thinking of balik kampung for raya. amir's bathtub, his bumbo chair, his exersaucer, his pampers (we would bring the whole packet of 72pcs), his clothes and EXTRA clothes, his foodstuff, and then of course, mummy & daddy's overnight bag. imagine if we have two. just the carseats would take up the whole back seat.

maybe that's why malaysian dont use car seats. we dont have just 1 or 2 children, oh no. malaysian have 4-5 kids. imagine 4-5 car seats in 1 car and then the maid and then the barang2.
no wonder cars like avanza & naza ria is everywhere. they come out by the thousands during cuti period. speaking of cuti, apparently january is a good 'cuti' month. almost 10 days of break. not that its important to me, i'm on call 24 hours a day.

back to the car seats, its really about time JPJ make it legal to have all children in a car seat. i see lots of parents risk their children in all sorts of ways. either standing in the front seat, or standing in between the 2 front seats, or standing on the back seat, looking at other cars, or worse, standing at the window with the window open. omigodddd...i just cant accept that. here we are talking about hands-free and third brake lights, but what about the children?

Saturday, December 03, 2005

First Attempt At Blogging

blogging pun salah type, typed bligging. so much for first attempt. i actually wanted to do this months ago. stopped working in april, baby kecik lagi...he slept most of the time. rumah kat area baru, so blogging ni i thought would be a great way to pass my time. jodoh with streamyx belum sampai. weird man, dah pindah 10 months baru dapat phone line. then of course had to wait for internet port and what not, baru lah boleh join back the world of internet surfing. dulu i always switch from writing report to surfing with just 1 click. siap tak pegi lunch cos i loved to surf. my credit card companies loved that too...every month, ada je purchases from victoria secret lah, amazon lah, tm lewin lah, mothercare lah. maybe that's why they increased my credit limit...damn them!!

anyway...dah 12 months masuk new house, 2 months dapat phone line...finally, i got my internet connection. cooking dinner took a back seat yesterday as i exercised my not-so-nimble fingers on the keyboard. dah lama tak chat online. first person i looked husband!! hahaha...kesian pulak kat dia. dah lah all these while i bombarded him with smses & mmses of amir & 'what time u coming back' & 'what do u want for dinner' & 'dont forget to pick up the laundry'. boleh jugak dia tak layan kalau dia nak, but now...dah ada yahoo msger ni, habis lah dia. i'd probably inform him of every single thing amir does. kurang sikit phone bill, i hope!!

my thoughts is all over the place at the moment. it doesnt have to be in an orderly form does it? its ok to have your thoughts here and there kan? i mean you could be thinking about world peace and how to help tigers from being extinct, when all of the sudden you go...alamak, asam jawa dah habis!! of course its normal, its called multi-tasking.

so...back to my 'thought for today'...where was i...yeah, memang lama nak start my blog. share my thoughts of being a new mum (its the best job in the world-except for the no income bit), of running a house, of being a (currently) fulltime housewife, of trying out new food, of which kitchen cleaner is the best...all those. due to circumstances beyond my control, i couldnt start earlier. now ni, banyak sangat dah things that has happened, milestones that i could have shouted about, new recipes that i have tried (and they worked!!) that i could have shared tapi its not so big news anymore that if i write them down pun, tak seronok.

i'll try my best to stick to one 'thought for today' and not campur it with something totally irrelevant to the topic in hand. it wont be easy cos as i'm writing this, i'm thinking...kalau makan ice cream dgn pringles sedap jugak kan?

i hope blogging would be great fun for me. i always did have a lot of things to membebel about. and most of the time i say a lot of things i should have not and cant really take them back. so with blogging ni, i hope i can re-read what i wrote and, that's not a good thing to say.
first attempt at blogging (not bligging ye) is ok so far. tomorrow is an off day, its sunday. hubby's day at home, takkan nak layan computer je. so yeay to me (patting own back since no one is here- at the moment anaconda ('anakanda' english-ised) too demam to layan mummy, asyik tidur je. bangun makan sekejap, take his meds then tidur balik.)

my final thought for today...where is that ice cream??


the value of marriage is not that adults produce children but that children produce adults - peter de vries

grown-ups never understand anything for themselves and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explainning things to them - antoine de saint-exupery
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