Monday, October 23, 2017

Amani is Four Months Old

it feels like forever yet it feels like time just fly by. i feel guilty at times, hoping everything would just speed up and that amani would be sitting and eating and walking and going to school. i should be thankful that she's sleeping through the night and easy with naps during the day.

i'm a bit worried about amani's strength especially her head control. although she can hold up her head, she cant seem to push her head up when in lying position. while not comparing to amira, she does seem more relaxed and not as active as kakak.

while not confirming the fact, i feel amani's inactiveness is due to her heaviness. we have changed her formula hoping that she would be more lean and be more active as a result. i initially planned to change her formula once she reaches the 6 months milestone but i'm doing it earlier as she's been very inactive and i was getting worried.

amani's been toning down her cries. she used to a lot, like almost every single time she's left alone and tired and hungry and just every time. but she's better now, only keeping her tears for when she's tired and sleeping. she's been drinking at the same time everyday, very on schedule, and i've prepared myself to be ready for her feeding so that her cries would minimise.

amani is drinking usually 4 bottles a day. each time a full 9oz bottle. she does wake up for night feed but only occasionally, maybe around 1-2 times every fortnight and usually around subuh time.

amani's super alert now. her eyes would widen when she hears her abangs and kakak and she would follow their movement whenever they are around her. she would smile at them, laughs when they peek-a-boo with her, responds when they call out her name.

her teeth finally made their appearance after 4 months of waiting just under her gums. when she was discharged from the SCN, the pediatrician asked to monitor her teeth. if they cut the gums early we would have to see whether they needed to be cut as they may pose a risk to her. after 4 months of feeling her gums daily, they finally cut her gums. we'll have to wait for her check-up next month to see what the doctor recommends.

i cant wait for her to turn 6 months so that she can start eating. i'm super excited to give her all the fruits and veggies like i did when amira first started eating.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Happy Second Birthday Amira

masyaAllah...time really flies. seems just like yesterday when i was all in denial, and going through the motion of the 9 months check ups, and planning around all sorts of school events, and of course, the delivery and the back to square one and the nightly feeds and the firsts. and now...she's two. sunshine, my screaming partner, my pot-pet friend, my little coach potato, and mini me, whether i like it or two. two lovely years watching this little on grow up right in front of my eyes, planning her daily activities - which is basically just eat, sleep and run around the house - watching her develop and develop further, watching her move from frozen to peppa pig to moana to dora and now to baby shark.

she is such a joy. she's the little baby sister to her abangs and she's the big kakak to amani. she runs and jumps and counts and play lego and sings and carries pinky pie and elmo and scribbles and then she screams and cries and stomps her feet and falls down for a nap before starting her run-jump-count-play lego-sing part II.

amira is so on schedule. she wakes up at the same time everyday, does the same thing when she wakes up, eats breakfast at the same time, waits for the van with abangbee at the same time, waves bye bye and makes a sad face as the van drives off everyday, plays with abang long everyday, naps at the same time everyday and ends her day falling asleep at the same time every single day.

she's now eating a whole range of food, she not a fussy eater at all. she's talking a whole lot, sings like a broken record, picks up new words and new tunes (she's even singing the lite fm jingle in the car), dances to many songs, and loves jumping up and down in soapy (muddy) puddles after her bath.

amira's stopped taking formula and bottle. she's been off milk for almost a month. but she shows a bit of jealousy when amani's takes her afternoon bottle. she's pretty ok with morning and early evening and even nighttime feeds but that afternoon naptime feed, she gets a bit moody seeing amani getting her bottle and she doesnt get any. sometimes she quietly takes amani's bottle after she is done with her feed but just hold on to the bottle, not doing anything else.

amira's talking about school. she says she wants to go to school. i would love for her to join a playgroup but at the same time i'd miss her so so much, so i guess it can wait a bit. i'd like to take my time and survey schools and choose a good one as amani will soon follow suit and i'm not one to change halfway through. now she insists on bringing her lunchbox everytime we send asyraf & ariff to school every afternoon, just to have the feel of going to school.

amira's cake this year (baked by the wonderful juzcakes baker) has a picture of moana and maui. she's very into moana at the moment, and it kinda suits the daddy & daughter birthday combo. we didnt have time to grab her a birthday present but she got a lego set from pappy and she's super happy with it.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Amani Turns Three Months

she's so big. she really is! she...the premature, smallest at birth, baby really big.

size wise, her 3-12 months baby socks looks tight on her. her 3 months clothes are kept away bit by bit. her bathtime is not longer in the basin as she's been hitting the water tap. i have to start bathing her in her tub. i've been putting that off as my back & legs cant take it - the basin is much easier.

development wise, she now has her meals 5 times a day. each time is about 6.5 oz. except for her first meal of the day where she takes more than 7oz. she has her bottle at around 10pm before sleeping through the night and asking for her first bottle at 10am the next day. she regressed a couple of times where she wakes up for an early morning feed but generally she's been really good. i do my chores mainly in the morning and its nice to have a quiet house during that time.

amani is interacting more now. she smiles when we talk to her, pulls her sad face when we tell her off, follows kakak's and abangs' movements when she lies down in her rocker. the smiling bit is what i love most. she's not a very smiley baby. she frowns and cries most of the time but now she's responding really well to us and its lovely to see her so happy, even if it is just for a few minutes.

she's not been exercising much. my fault really, i'm just not up to exercising with her. she only moves her head and kicks her feet generally. amira was already holding her head up when she was amani's age, but amani pushes her head up for mere seconds at a time.

because amani gets her full day quota of sleep before noon, she's very fussy and grumpy after lunchtime. she wants to sleep but she's not tired, she cant move much and she doesnt really like the tv so she's really moody except when she's being held. i cant do much work in the afternoon and early evening because i have to be in front of her all the time. it gets pretty frustrating and i cant wait til she's old enough to interact with amira so that i can run to the kitchen or fold the clothes before dinner time.

amani's best friend is of course her kakak amira. they sleep at the same time at night, wakes up at the same time in the morning (although amani would continue her sleep until lunchtime), naps at the same time in the afternoon.

amani went for her triple antigen + pneumococcal jabs recently. i was pushing myself into the doctor's clinic to see how much she weighs. and there she was...a whopping 5.7kg at 3 months. she basically puts on 1kg each month, as weights 2.7kg at birth. looking at her, i'm guessing most of her weight is centered at her cheeks and thighs.


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