Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Amani Turns Three Months

she's so big. she really is! she...the premature, smallest at birth, baby really big.

size wise, her 3-12 months baby socks looks tight on her. her 3 months clothes are kept away bit by bit. her bathtime is not longer in the basin as she's been hitting the water tap. i have to start bathing her in her tub. i've been putting that off as my back & legs cant take it - the basin is much easier.

development wise, she now has her meals 5 times a day. each time is about 6.5 oz. except for her first meal of the day where she takes more than 7oz. she has her bottle at around 10pm before sleeping through the night and asking for her first bottle at 10am the next day. she regressed a couple of times where she wakes up for an early morning feed but generally she's been really good. i do my chores mainly in the morning and its nice to have a quiet house during that time.

amani is interacting more now. she smiles when we talk to her, pulls her sad face when we tell her off, follows kakak's and abangs' movements when she lies down in her rocker. the smiling bit is what i love most. she's not a very smiley baby. she frowns and cries most of the time but now she's responding really well to us and its lovely to see her so happy, even if it is just for a few minutes.

she's not been exercising much. my fault really, i'm just not up to exercising with her. she only moves her head and kicks her feet generally. amira was already holding her head up when she was amani's age, but amani pushes her head up for mere seconds at a time.

because amani gets her full day quota of sleep before noon, she's very fussy and grumpy after lunchtime. she wants to sleep but she's not tired, she cant move much and she doesnt really like the tv so she's really moody except when she's being held. i cant do much work in the afternoon and early evening because i have to be in front of her all the time. it gets pretty frustrating and i cant wait til she's old enough to interact with amira so that i can run to the kitchen or fold the clothes before dinner time.

amani's best friend is of course her kakak amira. they sleep at the same time at night, wakes up at the same time in the morning (although amani would continue her sleep until lunchtime), naps at the same time in the afternoon.

amani went for her triple antigen + pneumococcal jabs recently. i was pushing myself into the doctor's clinic to see how much she weighs. and there she was...a whopping 5.7kg at 3 months. she basically puts on 1kg each month, as weights 2.7kg at birth. looking at her, i'm guessing most of her weight is centered at her cheeks and thighs.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Amir's UPSR 2017

6 years of primary school has come down to this - 4-days of exams. its been a rollercoaster of a journey for us and amir. amir's pretty ok in the earlier years. getting Bs and band 6 for his core subjects, As for his agama subjects, Cs for the artsy fartsy subjects. then he started to go down, bringing home Cs and Ds especially for maths and science and english writing.

its not easy getting him to open his book and study. he dives immediately into the activity and exercise books. he's not able to answer most questions as he doesnt have the info that one gets by reading the text books. he likes express revision books and notes that i print out but that is only useful if one has the basic info. its frustrating getting him to understand that.

we sent amir to a few revision camps. the bh didik camp is pretty good. amir took home some useful tips and how-tos.

nearing the exam, however, around the time of the second and third trials, he slowly picked himself up. he's doing consistent revision and exercises during the day (still not reading his text books, though) and going for nightly tuition classes. his trial results were much better compared to the results he brought home during year 4 and 5. if only he kicked off the attitude earlier on, maybe he'd be able to bring back As instead of Bs. but oh well...he needs to learn to buck up on his own.

the day before upsr commenced, i asked him to just go through briefly, go through notes for penulisan and for pemahaman. i asked him to stop reading at night, to read the yassin and do solat hajat first. if he has the time, then go through quickly and then get a good night's sleep.

the morning of the exam, i woke up early. i prepared breakfast for him even though he'll be getting breakfast in school. i went a biy overboard and prepared breakfast according to the exam of the day. for BM day, i made nasi goreng. for english, i made scrambled eggs and grilled burger buns and for maths day, i made tuna puffs. i didnt prepare breakfast for science day since i dont like science., actually its because they'll be getting food after the last exam so amir just had a light breakfast before his science paper.

the school had last minute prep on the day of the exam. amir also had some of the tips i got from fb pages and online to go through before making his way to the exam hall.

there's really not much we can do for amir, except pray, provide books, notes and tips as well as a good learning environment. he needs to learn and study and do revision and exercises. i wish he did more and concentrated more and learned harder, but he did not so hopefully whatever results he gets, he will take that with open heart and strive to be better in his secondary school phase, insyaAllah.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Amani's Second Month

time seriously could not fly any faster. i'm so tired and have been doing countdown to amani's month-birthday religiously. it has been...xx more days to her second month, xx days til she sleeps through the night, xxx more days til she can sit up, xxx days til she can taste her first food.

to my surprise, amani's journey to her second month have been pretty full of development. if i was going back to work, i would be all relaxed and happy. the biggest gift she gave me was foregoing her night feed. ya Allah...words cant describe how happy she made me when she slept through the night.

i have mentally prepared myself for 6 months of night feeding, the abangs and amira would generally stop night feeding once they started weaning (all except asyraf because he's just asyraf). i was even prepared for later than that seeing that amani was feeding every single hour never know right, what if she just has a big appetite.

once amani turned 6 weeks, almost 7 weeks, however, she slowly adjusted to the night and day feeding time. she would spread her feed to once every 5 hours, although her daytime feed would maintain at once every 3-4 hours. she would have a bottle at 11pm, and wake up after 5am for her next feed. that gave me the opportunity to prepare abangs lunch boxes every morning.

i was already a zombie and falling asleep while feeding her at night, so to move from hourly night feeds to just one feed is wonderful. then she was a bit fussy from the late night 11pm feed so i moved the feed earlier to 10pm. that gave me to chance to go back to my normal bedtime. i predicted a 3am wake up call but it never came. i would wake up and look at her, shake her a bit and waited. but she continued sleeping and finally woke up for a feed at 5.30am. that carried on for a few days before i can actually say...ok, this is good. i was afraid it was a fluke but alhamudillah, its been 2 weeks without night feed. thank you baby girl.

i believe the main reason for amani sleeping through the night is her weight. she's put on quite a bit of weight and is able to consume a full 4oz bottle and that would last her for hours. she's also gotten used to the cold aircond-ed room. she loves to be swaddled as she goes to sleep but wont be woken by the swaddle blanket being kicked open.

its so lovely to hug and snuggle amani now. she's a big fluffy baby and lost the wrinkly skin appearance she had that first month. i've had to keep her newborn clothes back into the storage box and take out the 3months clothes for her to wear. its of course still loose but i'm guessing it wont be for long.

we shaved off her hair recently. she looked a bit uncomfortable as the days got hotter and have been perspiring quite a bit. her hair did not smell very good and i was itching to wash her scalp. she was quite ok during the shave and looked so fresh after all the hair was gone.

amani's still the screaming amani. if she's not sleeping or feeding or held in someone's arms, she'll be screaming. and she screams loud! that's another countdown i'm making...less of screaming and crying and more of interacting. hope stage that comes soon...

how amani spends her days...


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